When I first got it, the pistol grip's grip on the ball head was really tight. I've been buys and haven't been able to play with it until today. Is there something I'm missing? Is there another way to increase the pistol grip's grip on the ball head? Is this an inherent problem with these that I'm unaware of?

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When I first got it, the pistol grip's grip on the ball head was really tight. I've been buys and haven't been able to play with it until today.

Is there something I'm missing? Is there another way to increase the pistol grip's grip on the ball head? Is this an inherent problem with these that I'm unaware of? I found some older posts on other sites and they had the solution I'll try to post tomorrow a picture of the exact Allen bolt that gets tightened. Since mine didn't come with a manual, this next bit of information is for those out there in the same boat The Springs inside is lubricated with silicon lubricant.

If you completely clean the ball of all greesy material you will see significant improvement in friction. You can open up the head, clean and put it back.

You need help of another person to hold the springs while you snaps the covers back. Thanks to the OP and thanks to the replies. I have the same problem. Turns out that cleaning with isopropul alcohol the head and tightening the bolt really helped. I had problems the head supposedly was heavy duty but couldn't hold my 5DII,even with a "light" lens,like the sigma mm macro but now that it works well it is really a very good head.

Thank you so much for sharing your fix with the rest of us. I recently rented this exact unit and was having the same issue. I assumed that the behavior was due to excessive misuse but now it works perfectly!

Thumbs up! Yes they are good heads. I have two that are in like new hardly used condition that I am selling if anyone is interested. With the box and manual, in fact one has seen no use at all and the second only used two-three times total.

I am selling because I want to get geared heads for macro use instead. I have a thread going in the for sale forum if anyone is interested. I'm willing to deal on these. Thanks so much to jmanx and britten for your suggestions. Especially thank you to jmanx for the helpful photo and the exact Allen wrench size.

Had the same looseness issue with a used head from eBay and gave the seller quite a bit of e-mail trouble about getting a non-working item. Now I have a working item and an eBay seller to apologize to. I also never realized that the friction know was only for the handle resistance.

I always felt it made no difference - to the ball friction! This head had sat idle for something like 3 years. When I pulled it out, there was little friction to the ball. This post solved it for me. Hallo, look at these 2 pics, does anyone think the tension knob with red indicater, has some-thing to do with the tensoin on the handle!!!? This is also the tensoin on the ball! I disassembled the Manfrotto RC2, for same allready mentioned reason. Best Regards Henry.

Very interesting. I had based my comment about the tension wheel applying to the handle on the earlier comment jmanx. From your pictures, it looks like the friction wheel has everything to do with the ball, not the handle.

Unless there is some additional friction at the far pivot point at the top of the handle that the wheel affects. That looks more like a stopping point, though. I still feel no discernible difference in the ball tension when I use the friction wheel.

Maybe it is just my unit. I get significant difference in tension when I adjust the previously identified screw even a little bit. It would make much more sense to have adjustment through the wheel for on-the-go changes. I have two different Manfrotto grip heads and both wouldn't hold. I just fixed the RC2 with the included allen wrench. They had told me I needed to send them in for repairs.

Now on to find a slightly smaller Allen wrench for the old grip head. I'm so happy. I have the older model grip head and a 2. This adjustment actually controls the amount of lash free play in the ball lock mechanism which in turn controls how far open the release lever is in its free position. The screw turns most easily when you are squeezing the release lever which unloads the ball lock mechanism.

Correct adjustment is to have the free position of the release lever short of its full travel where it is stopped by the little ears on the left end of the release lever in the 1st image in this link.

This ensures the full force of the large spring pushing the release lever out is transferred through the lever's mechanical advantage to the ball locking plate, the light colored piece in the linked image. It is this large spring that provides essentially all of the locking force on the ball. In an attempt to reduce the squeeze effort of my head I have substituted weaker springs for the release lever spring.

Unfortunately the ball would slip under load and I had to return to the original stiffer spring. BTW these heads are easily disassembled but watch out for flying parts. As another poster said reassembly is better done with 2 pair of hands. This is the solution I was looking for. Thanks so much for posting.

Joystick now working perfectly! Ive had this grip [? I went as far as ordering a Giottos midi ball head and although i love its construction and feel, i do NOT like the Arca-Swiss plate and could go on and on about that. Plus, haha, my cousin has one of these grips he uses with a spotting scope for hunting and BOY will i look like a genius when HIS grip starts loosing its grip and he doesnt know how to fix it. I was sure that I had done something wrong and needed to buy a new one! More money for glass I too thought for sure my Manfrotto ball head was dead after 20 years and the spring just had lost it's ability to lock the ball.

I cleaned the head with alcohol and paper towel without disassembling putting ball in 90deg position and small rotations while cleaning. I then tightened the 2. The Fujifilm X-T4 brings image stabilization, faster shooting and a bigger battery to the X-T series. It's not without its shortcomings but we found it to be an excellent stills and video shooter. With its unusual form factor can the Tourbox aid the editing process? Will its price and variety of tactile controls appeal to photo and video editors who would like to streamline their workflow?

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Submit a News Tip! Reading mode: Light Dark. Login Register. Best cameras and lenses. All forums Accessories Talk Change forum. Started Sep 19, Discussions. Manfrotto RC2 Joystick head very loose, even on full friction? Sep 19,


instruction manual 322rc2 head

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to download a user manual for a manfrotto rc2 tripod head as I just bought a demo model from a calumet store couldn't find box. Many Thanks Derek Murphy. Derek, I doubt very much you will find a downloadable pdf. The "user manuals" are pretty basic - my RC2 manual consists of ONE foldout A4 page with illustrations and a few short paragraphs of text - but you can certainly try contacting Manfrotto directly to see if they can supply you with replacement instructions. Michael R Freeman , Jul 27, What's to know? Ask away

642-998 DCUCD PDF

Manfrotto 322RC2 Joystick head very loose, even on full friction?

If you own a Manfrotto tripod heads and have a user manual in electronic form, you can upload it to this website using the link on the right side of the screen. The user manual lists all of the functions of the Manfrotto RC2 Grip Action Ball Head RC2, all the basic and advanced features and tells you how to use the tripod heads. The manual also provides troubleshooting for common problems. Even greater detail is provided by the service manual, which is not typically shipped with the product, but which can often be downloaded from Manfrotto service.

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