Commax Video Door Intercom Set: 4-button door camera with 4x 3. Free shipping. Be the first to write a review. It provides you vivid video quality through its "fine view" technology. Providing extra security and convenience for your family. Power Source.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Please carefully read this User's Guide in particular, precautions for safety before using a product and follow. The company is not responsible for any safety accidents caused by abnormal operation of the product.

Table of Contents. Please read this manual carefully before you use the product. Table of contents Greetings Warnings and caution Product Overview How to use Page 3: Warnings And Caution 1. Warnings and caution Please follow the things described below in order to prevent any danger or property damage. Warning No disassembly It may cause a serious damage or injury if violated. No touch Caution Must follow strictly. Shows plugging out the power cord It may cause a minor damage or injury if violated.

Page 5: Product Overview 2. Page 6: How To Use 3. If you press door release button, door will be released. Door release works only while talking and it is possible only when the door camera is interlocked with door release function. Page 7 Adjust the volume When you press volume key repeatedly on stand-by status, you can hear each level of ringtone and volume level will be pop up on the screen.

Ringtone of additional interphone is same with volume level of video door phone. Caution When the call volume switch is clicked for call volume adjustment, call sound will be heard from the handset 1 time for a user to check the sound. Page 8: Settings 4. Products settings need the following 4 buttons on the right of product. Page Installation 5. Installation 1. Installation Method of camera Note Do not install the camera where it is exposed to Direct sunlight Keep cleaning up its lens to capture good views.

Page Wiring 6. Wiring The wiring of this equipment is as follows. Camera connector polarity 1. Page Caution In Use 1. Turn on the power switch. Please contact your local agent for product maintenance when you have a problem in use of CDVK 3.

For your safety, power switch with a safety device must be used in your building. Page Package Contents 7. Print page 1 Print document 15 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


Commax CDV-70K User Manual



Commax CDV-70K Manuals


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