If you never heard. I was always a little embarassed in calling it a 'book', as short. Actually I never took any medical or biology courses in high school or in college. I do believe that the USH, yes, even the old one, is still the best practical text on steroid. Let me confess that I.

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It wouldn't be too much of an overstatement to say that talking to Dan was an epiphany of sorts. This is the man! Although we spoke at length on various topics, the crux of our conversation was about, what else? I took full advantage of every moment to pick Dan's brain on the subject that he almost single-handedly brought to the forefront of the bodybuilding community.

As many Testosterone readers may already know, Dan has written countless articles and several books, including the well-received diet bible, "BodyOpus. Although there are a few inaccuracies in USH, it presented an innovative, brutally frank, and often brilliant blueprint of steroid descriptions and their applications. He also offered what was, at times, a "crudely humorous" yet startlingly eloquent philosophy concerning the use of performance-enhancing substances.

To this day, there is hardly an iota of information written on the subject of steroids that hasn't in some way stemmed from Dan's original observations. At one point during our conversation, I stopped being an interviewer and became a fan. You can't really blame me, though, as it was a chance to get a first-hand account of history from the guy who literally "wrote the book. He said, "I simply took the subject of drugs out of the doctor's office and placed it on the kitchen table.

When Muscle Media abandoned its hardcore stance and attempted to succeed as a "fitness" magazine, Dan's irreverent opinions were silenced.

But that's all over now! Dan is free to speak his mind. NM: Dan, I understand that you've been working on some new material. Any hints on what's up? DD: To tell you the truth, I'm not sure what the hell I'm doing next. I've had offers, but nothing is certain at the moment.

I would just like to replace the income I was making at Muscle Media. DD: I'm not sure you guys can pay me enough! Not to work exclusively, at least. But I can do some articles as long as I'm not tied up. You guys need to sell more products! I know Tim and TC are against being too aggressive with the sales, but that's what you need to do to make a lot of money.

Lots of products and lots of advertising. That's what Pump is doing. They'll sell anything they can! NM: Well, we are trying to be a bit more selective in what we promote and to whom we promote it. DD: I don't doubt it, but marketing towards an educated readership can be financially limiting.

NM: Now that the Muscle Media reign is over, any thoughts about what's going on over there? DD: Muscle Media started out as a great catalog, but now it isn't even a magazine. It's more of a newsletter to service their transformation contest. Their readership is down from almost a quarter of a million to about sixty thousand readers.

Most of them are contestants in the contest and that's how they get people to subscribe. NM: What do you think is starting to hurt them? Is it the promotion of too many products? DD: That's interesting, because I've been there from the beginning and my thoughts are that it doesn't matter if they win that miniature battle between Ironman and Muscle Mag.

The emphasis should be to beat the big guys. That means outselling Muscle and Fitness. DD: I think so, but I will be the first person to say that it is almost impossible to find another , somewhat sophisticated hardcore readers like Muscle Media originally had.

In an effort to broaden the appeal, they went for a bigger piece of the big pie. Unfortunately, you can't gauge success on the qualit y of your readership. It comes down to who has the biggest numbers. I don't want to pretend to know exactly what's going on in their heads, but I feel Bill Phillips and Kal Yee ruined a great magazine by trying to make the new version "classy" looking—but it was at the expense of all the excitement that was part of the original Muscle Media.

I guess it doesn't matter too much because EAS supplements are doing very well. NM: Speaking of supplements, what's your opinion of the attempt on the part of the supplement industry to ease their way into selling what are essentially drugs? A case in point would be injectable prohormones. Derek is selling a Syntrax Innovation product that is made to be an injectable.

He's marketing it as a cosmetic—a topical solution. If it just contained an eye dropper and he still kept it sterile, it could be considered a "food product" and wouldn't attract as much scrutiny as it's going to now in its present state.

As a matter of fact, he may actually turn it over. NM: Will the sublingual prohormones slated to hit the market be more effective? DD: More than the oral ones, yeah. I don't think prohormones work very well when taken orally. Women do well on them, but that's about it. The higher progesterone helps in the conversion. Of course, a sublingual prohormone wouldn't be nearly as effective as an injectable version. Taking it in a nasal spray may be every bit as effective as injecting it. Using cyclodextrin for a nasal spray traps the steroid molecule in a water matrix, making it soluble.

Then it's easy to be taken up in the mucous membranes. You do have to know which cyclodextrin to use, and the stuff is pretty expensive As far as injecting prohormones, people who have the balls to do it will do it no matter what. As long as it's a sterile solution, it's feasible. I'm sure it would be a lot cleaner than that "Pump-n-Pose" stuff [Synthol]. The only thing they have keeping that stuff sterile is a small amount of benzol alcohol.

DD: Quite! I think nor-androstenediol would probably be damn close milligram for milligram to Deca durabolin. DD: Sure, that particular compound [nor-andro] was looked into several years ago by Organon and found to have many intrinsic anabolic properties even before it gets converted to nandrolone.

I must say, I think it's time for some new steroid information. A new book. There are a few errors in mine, and there are errors in Phillips' book and the World Anabolic Reference, as well.

For example, because Primobolan is derived from DHT, people have made the mistake that it converts to DHT with all the side effects associated with it. That's like saying that Deca should turn into estrogen because it's made from sterified estrogen.

In reality, Primobolan shouldn't cause hair loss. As far as what works, what sucks, and how long something works—that hasn't changed very much, but it would be nice to specifically address some key issues that we got wrong when we were first involved in it. I cringe when I see some of the things I said in my old books. NM: You didn't really have a lot to work with, did you? Other than the limited data and your personal experiences. DD: The odd thing is that whatever research was available, we didn't trust it!

I know now that Winstrol tablets, at low dosages, perform better than Anavar at a similar dosage. All of the AIDS studies being done now just confirm what bodybuilders have known all along. NM: I understand that you're taking a more therapeutic approach to steroid use these days.

DD: I've been somewhat limited in that respect. I can't use Anadrol anymore because it swells my stomach up. I can't use Deca because I'm using Propecia for hair loss , which is a DHT blocker and, when combined with Deca, the Deca converts to dihydronandrolone DD: No, it shouldn't happen with Saw Palmetto because it is the enzyme [5-alpha reductase] that is being blocked. DD: It's interesting I think that is the reason for higher required dosages, not so much a "shut down" of receptor sites.

But you don't need that much D-bol—10 to 20 milligrams will work. My natural testosterone level is below nanograms, so I use a little cypionate just as replacement therapy.

DD: I haven't done a real cycle in some time. You know, I started weightlifting weighing pounds, and today I'm I think that proves that steroids are still your best bet for obtaining and keeping muscle. Once you build muscle, whether it's with steroids or not, you've built it. It's muscle. I wouldn't be surprised when Craig Titus gets out of prison if he still has plenty of muscle on him.

Even if he hasn't been training all that much, once he starts training seriously, it'll come back. After you build a foundation, even if you only used steroids for a total of a couple of months, it may be the best investment in building muscle that you will ever make. That doesn't mean you have to be married to steroids for the rest of your life.


The Backstory Behind the “Underground Steroid Handbook”

Those prophetic words, written by Daniel Duchaine in June of , introduced an page self-published pamphlet, titled The Underground Steroid Handbook. And why not? This new supply of practical knowledge was thrust into a vacuum and created a near-instantaneous increase in demand for anabolic steroids, especially Dianabol. Within a few months, orders for the Underground Steroid Handbook were shipped along with a price list for anabolic steroids.


Underground Steroid Handbook II

Daniel "Dan" Duchaine — January 12, was an American bodybuilder , author , and two-time convicted felon. Duchaine began competitive bodybuilding in his home state of Maine in ; however, after he had no luck describing himself as a "miserable bodybuilder" , he began using anabolic steroids that he persuaded his family physician in Portland to prescribe as a training aid. Obviously something wasn't working, and the doctors and the pharmacists couldn't really answer my questions. So I started looking into steroids on my own.


Dan Duchaine

It wouldn't be too much of an overstatement to say that talking to Dan was an epiphany of sorts. This is the man! Although we spoke at length on various topics, the crux of our conversation was about, what else? I took full advantage of every moment to pick Dan's brain on the subject that he almost single-handedly brought to the forefront of the bodybuilding community. As many Testosterone readers may already know, Dan has written countless articles and several books, including the well-received diet bible, "BodyOpus.


FBI file on controversial steroid guru Daniel Duchaine reveal his skill at evading the authorities

Posts Comments. All the arrows pointed in one direction — to a drug that was almost mystical in its powers, that could turn men into supermen, that could heal the sick, that could make just about anyone feel younger. They cut across age and class lines and were undeniably effective, yet they were still subject to whisper campaigns and unflattering propaganda. Steroids needed a champion, a spokesman, a zealot. Duchaine had used them to reinvent himself.

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