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The list represents highlights from the last fifty years of library acquisitions at Columbia University. Related titles in Arabic, English, French, and German listed here consist of literary works in translation, literary criticism, biographies, or studies in Fula culture, history, and language.

The home page lists dictionaries, glossaries, grammars, phrasebooks, beginner readers, textbooks, Internet resources, and related library research tools. Part of: African Studies at Columbia. Abubakaar, Paamanta Demmba. Beldi Maasina. Bamako, Mali : Togouna Edition, Ba, Oumar. Paris : L'Harmattan, [] p. Niamey, Niger : Edition Albasa, c Coulibaly, Samba. Deftere heblo kismal golle rewle jowtiide e faggudu. Diallo, Amadou Oury. Paris : Harmattan : Organisation internationale de la francophonie ; [Dakar] : Institut fondamental d'Afrique noire, c Dewle Fulbe.

Lam, Aboubacry Moussa. Sawru ganndal : yoo tuubaako artir jabbere mum. Mukoshy, Ibrahim A. A Fulfulde-English dictionary. Ibadan, Nigeria : Hebn, Sammba Gelaajo Jeegi. Ndakaaru : Associates in Research and Education for Development, Diallo, Abdourahmane.

Ndikkiri joom moolo. Colin, [c] p. Dictionnaire de Fulfulde Fulfulde dictionary , trainee's book. Washington, DC: U. Niamey, Niger: Peace Corps, [] ; p. Berlin: D. Reimer, Diall, Gouro and Bory Traore. Gaden, Henri. Dakar: Institut fondamental d'Afrique noire, [i. Leroux, Paris.

Gajdos, Martina. Wien: Afro-Pub, c Kah, Fari Siilat. Saggitorde fannuyankoore : lekde e pudi. Saggitorde fannuyankoore : taariindi, demal, ngaynaaka Pulaar--Pulaar--Farayse. Labouret, Henri. Dakar: I. Mohamadou, Aliou. Nassirou, B. New York: Hippocrene Books, Noye, Dominique.

Illustrations de Christian Seignobos. Geuthner, c Osborn, Donald Zhang, David J. Dwyer, and Joseph I. Donohoe, Jr. A Fulfulde Maasina --English--French lexicon : a root based compilation drawn from extant sources followed by English--Fulfulde and French--Fulfulde listings.

Guidiguis: Mission catholique, [? Rabier, Denis and Wali Dicko. Koudougou, Burkina Faso: Editions du Sedelan, Nouakchott, Mauritanie: Institut des langues nationales, Departement de la recherche, c Seydou, Christiane.

Avec la collaboration de D. Taylor, Frank William. A Fulani-English dictionary. Oxford : Clarendon Press, A Fulani--Hausa vocabulary. Oxford: Clarendon Press, Tourneux, Henry. Paris: Karthala, c Vocabulaire peul du monde rural: Maroua--Garoua, Cameroun. Berlin: G.

Reiner, Arensdorff, L. Manuel pratique de langue peulh. Paris: Librairie P. Geuthner, Bah, Abdu Manuel de langue peule : dialecte du liptako Dori, Haute--Volta. Paris: Publications orientalistes de France, c Burkina Faso. Ouagadougou : [Dewte suudu baaba], Cairo : Kawtal janngoobe Pulaar, Frankfurt : P. Lang, Banjul, the Gambia : W. International, Pulaar learners' reference grammar.

African language learners' reference grammar series; no. Madison, Wis. Parlons pular : dialecte du Fouta Djalon. Paris: L'Harmattan, c Moumouni, Seyni. Guides pratiques des langues nationales. Ndiaye, Mamadou. Manuel d'exercices structuraux du pulaar. Collection Langues nationales. Maroua, Cameroun: Mission catholique, Piindi ganndal : tiidtinirde taro, binndande taro, ekkorde celluka.

Dogdu aadama almudel. Teen yooliima. Janngen fulfulde. Le gaawoore: parler des Peuls Gaawoobe Niger occidentale. Louvain ; Dudley, MA: Peeters, Stennes, Leslie H. A reference grammar of Adamawa Fulani.


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Toggle navigation. Publisher: peeral. However, in many instances dialectal synonyms are indicated under the abbreviation SynD. The speakers of this dialect are scattered throughout Guinea and they can also be found in the neighbouring countries like Senegal, the Gambia, Mali, Guinea Bissao, Sierra Leone and Liberia. Furthermore, due to a strong migrational tradition in this community, they can be found in almost every bigger western city nowadays. The total number of the speakers is estimated at 2. Send-to-Kindle or Email Please login to your account first Need help?


Dictionnaire Pulaar-Fran├žais


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