When Sequential Circuits finally went belly-up, their research and development into vector synthesis was picked up at Korg. The Wavestation incorporated the 2-dimensional vector joystick of the ProphetVS which allowed the user to alter and animate sounds. Korg added to this a second break-through form of synthesis: wave sequencing, by which short segments of sampled audio waveforms could be played one after the other and cross-faded into each other for some complex and unusual tones, pads, textures and rhythms. Programming is not exactly easy but this great digital synth is capable of lush ambient sounds and strange effects. It has the obligatory lowpass filter, though it is non-resonant and digital sounding.

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Korg Forums A forum for Korg product users and musicians around the world. Moderated Independently. Wavestation PDF manual. View previous topic :: View next topic. Hi, I own the original Legacy Collection was a promo with my Extreme. I'd love to have a PDF version of the manuals. I've searched all the sites I know of, including this one, but haven't found it.

I did get the EZ start Guide, but I'd love to have the reference manuals. Back to top. I never thought to look there. I need a new brain.

Now, where did I put it is the question. Hey Troy Did you find it? Not yet. I've been busy at work and haven't felt like playing with the computer at home the last few days. Sorry, I didn't mean to pester you, but if you can't find it I'm sure I can email them to you. I appreciate it. I'll see if I can find 'em this weekend. Found them and a whole lot of other great documentation.

Don't know why I never looked there. Just installed the VSTs and, since the autostart menu didn't offer, didn't look further.

Would there be a problem with posting them here? I'm surprised this great stuff isn't available via the KORG web site. Also found some additional sound banks. Wonderful stuff.

Thanks for asking the obvious question. Who knows how long I would've gone without looking there. Oh, wow! There are performance notes for all patches, too!!

We specifically don't post this documentation on our regular public site, we post it on korguser. For obvious reasons Regards, Jerry. The Wavestation manuals are online with the Digital Edition downloads, but they do appear to be missing from the original KLC downloads. So if you only have that and no access to the DE downloads, you probably can't get at them It's hard to tell for me, as I have both and hence access to all the downloads, but there are no manual downloads in the KLC 1.

The reason for that might be though that the original KLC was never sold as a download, only as a boxed version. So people who have a license should have the CD. All times are GMT.


PDF Manuals






Korg Wavestation Player's Manual


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