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Embed Size px x x x x Encircle the letter of the correct answer. Which statement do you approve of? We should never hurt or harm anyone. We should hurt those who have hurt us. We should avoid people so we will not get hurt.

We should never talk to those who have hurt us. Why should we always control our emotions? So we can express them carefully without hurting nor harming others. So we can think of ways that can help us become popular. So we can harm and hurt those who have hurt us. So we can express them anytime. Which of these should we keep foremost in mind? Do what is right and good for everyone. Do what can be beneficial to you. Do whatever you like anytime.

Do all you can anytime 4. Who among these will you choose as a friend? Rose she is honest, kind, and quiet. Why is it important to choose our friends? They have a great influence on the kind of person we can be. They can provide us the fun and amusement we like. They can give us the help we need. They can help us solve our problems. What do you consider most in choosing a friend? The clothes he wears and the things he has. The kind of person he is.

The games he can play. The help he can give. Your classmate asked you to go with him to their house after school. When you told him your mother might not allow you to go, he advised you not to tell her. What would you do? Follow his advice. Do not go with him. Tell your mother what he said. Tell your other classmates what he told you. Your classmate, Ric, insists that you allow him to copy your answers during tests.

What will you do? Tell your teacher about it. Never talk to him again. Do as he asks you. Ignore his request. Your friend, Don, makes fun of your other friends. You have repeatedly told him not to do it. He does it anyway. Let him do what he likes. Slap him the next time he does it.

Pretend that you do not see what he does. Tell him you will not go with him anymore if he continues to do it. Are you a good friend yourself? Yes, I share everything I have with my friends. Yes, I influence my friends to do good and be good. Yes, I join my friends in whatever activities they like.

Yes, I am always cheerful and do whatever they like. What do you believe in? We should love ourselves more than others. We should love others more than we love ourselves. We should love God and others more than we love ourselves. How can we show our love for God? By caring for others. By caring for ourselves. By caring for those who care for us. By praying and going to our place of worship.

How do you regard a place of worship? As a place where people gather. As place where people can do what they want.

As a sacred place where people can communicate with God. Which of these is a right of a child? Right to be given money b. Right to be loved and cared for c.

Right to be given toys for leisure d. Which is not a right of every child? The right to shout when angry b. The right to choose what to believe in c. Someone takes your classmates letter and reads it. Is your classmates right violated? Yes c. Maybe d. It depends If your parents are Filipinos, you automatically become a Filipino. Is this a right? Yes, if you were born in the Philippines. Your neighbor, Chesca, always cries for being severely punished by her mother. Pretend you do not know. Report it to the authorities.

Help her to run away from home. Tell her mother to stop doing it. Your friend, Sonia, does not go to school. She is made to work for her familys needs.

Help her with her work b. Tell your friends about it. Look for people who can help her. Find a family where Sonia can work as a maid.

Nina does not want to be disturbed. She wants to be left alone in the park. Stay with her until she talks to you. Call all your friends to talk to her. Never talk to her again. Leave her alone.


Veron Eliseo La Palabra Adversativa Observaciones Sobre Enunciación Política.

Embed Size px x x x x Encircle the letter of the correct answer. Which statement do you approve of? We should never hurt or harm anyone. We should hurt those who have hurt us. We should avoid people so we will not get hurt.


The seeker's guide elizabeth lesser pdf

Email: jesmabar gmail. I would like to consider the process that technology has undergone to go from being a mere instrument to becoming a cause, as a constitutive dimension of our cultures and societies, while politics suffered the inverse process, leading to disfiguration and reconfiguration of political beliefs. Hannah Arendt, when thinking about times similar to ours, referred to them as dark times Arendt, in a book of the same name in which she shows us how poorly Christianity and Marxism have prepared us to live with uncertainty. This gives rise to how ill prepared we are for the change that we are now experiencing as well as to the intellectual trend towards a nostalgia that is markedly apocalyptic, defeatist, and fatalist. In light of this trend, which today is the majority in the intellectual world, especially in Europe, I think that we Latin Americans are perhaps better positioned to expound on the array of changes we are seeing, since our hybrid historic memory allows us to call on the processes to the contradictory set of those who brought them about and also to the other memory that, as Walter Benjamin said, destabilizes the present Benjamin, , removes us from the synergy of the present. This is where we can encourage the future. But to do this, we need not only memory, but also the analytical capacity to work with the complexity that breaks in on the present, opening up to futures that, as they are unclear and uncertain, do not demand that we throw ourselves in as actors or resign ourselves to be their victims.


veron second periodical examination


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