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Inc "Wizards". All Rights Re sen ced. You must atlix uch a notice to any Open Game Content that you Use. No terms may be added to or subtracted from [his License except as described by the License itself. No other 'terms OJ: condtrtons may be epplted to a You represe. You Jgtee nOE to fndJcatc compatibi..

Ii b a work. You may use any tluthari Copy of this Lice. All sublicenses shall 5utvive tbe termination of thi5 License. Wizatds of tb. Lnqutstrors, and Ishlkee , characters, countries and empires, creatures, races, spirits, geographic. III Reference Dccuruenr e. Melf 01" Mcrdeakalne. Chapter Tbree. Tbe entire chapter, Cbepccr Four: The names of the item creation feats in me: "Item Crearlou Feats" section] and the entire chapter. Chapter Five: 'rbe description of me arrtfscr "Kaius ".

F MAT. L AS OP. Some of the aforeJIlentinned 1'I:erns, howeverl conta. The name 'Doji', howeve. J:;-e of SlJcb gnodie.. The remairlder of these OGC pardons of rbl. A copy af this LicE' Ad:venfurcs is Entertainmenr Group. The lone man I. Kiyoshi drew wnfidence fro'm the sound; it proved the kami were still with him.

On this, his first lone assignm. A loud snap echoed from the fO'rest ahead, dry tW'igs breaki. He focused his senses as he had been taltght, letting his mortal senses falL away a. He II1Hhed his senses further, extending them deepey.

He sensed the soft earth and waler of the forest floor. He sensed a hint of fire deep withm the hearts of the trm, the spark of rife.

At last he found what he was searching for, a twist in the elements, an aberration of the nururu I hc:wmony of life. He sensed the raw corruption of the Shadowlands Taint He sensed it m01Jing closer.

I tire of this chaSE. H end it. The tattered kimono of a Scorpion geisha barely concealed her thin bod. Her eyes were ,unhen and shadowed.

She rested. A plume of yellow smoke danced CI"Yound her fingertips. Wirch Hunters and the Jade Mttgistmtes," Ki. Kiyoshi had been. I dtd not deserve what he did to me,". The world seemed to warp aroLtI1d her haena. Hidden bloody steam empted from her fingers. Where the steam touched the bark of a nearby tree the wood wtthered. The only t-rutlt lies in power, and now I have power! There is no difference between us, save that 1 hClVe powe-r and you do not:' The girl reach.

As the jade stone at the tip of the staff arced th,roHgh ,;he air it I. I pray for your soul, Umeka, if the dark beasts of Jigoku have not a. The 5p"inn'il1g green rings of light sudden 11 rock. Umeha qUickly slashed.. Ki:yoshi stClggerca to his feet first. A trichle of blood streamed down. Umeka crawlcd to her hands Q. She 51nearcd her bleeding hand across her chest. In moments she wore a glittering red suit of blood armor.

The h. He saw H, a dozen feet away, I. She slashed at flimwith her knife. He caught the blade with his bare hand, grim. K'iyoshi spoke a short word of pmyer: The. Hey head snapped back, and he pushed her away wiJh a muttered curse. She looked up at him, grinning behind her tmmpClrent blood a-rmor, unharmed by his a. From the Simplest spell to the most powerful artifact, all magic is powered by the kami: elemental spirits with their own thoughts, desires, and quirks.

This book features not only a wealth of new spells, magic Items, and prestige classes that deal with Rokugani magic, but also gives a variety of new options and ideas for dealing with magIc for DMs and players alike.

Those who prove capable of communicating with the kami are treasured commodities of the clan, and are always given the finest education. The birth of shugenja follows distinct bloodlines for the most part, and each Great Clan has at least one family that is strong in magic. Occasionally shugenJa are born outside of these families. Shugenja are rarely born outside the samurai caste.

When this does happen, it is usually the result of ronin intermingling with peasants or samurai who cannot keep their affairs discreet. Individuals with the gift of magic are usually offered training with a shugenja school, possibly one of many small ronin schools scattered about the Empire.

Those who possess the ability to command the kami but do not enter shugenja training are almost nonexistent. When this happens, it is usually a result of ignorance of one's true potential rather than a conscious act.

The gi. An individual who knows he possesses magic and does not seek training in its use is essentially turning his back on the kami, a disrespectful and blasphemous act. A55InG Unlike most other spellcasting classes, maintaining one's abi1- ities as a shugenja requires an- extraordinary amount of focus. The kami are not jealous masters; they are in fact rather indifferent toward mortals much of the time.

Knowing how to please them, how to hold their attention, is a demanding and ever-changing art, It is their very indifference that requires a shugenja to focus so intensely. By turning his own attention to other things, he loses the attention of the naturally fickle and enigmatic kami, As rare asmnlticlass shugenja may be, they are not entirely unheard of.

Depending on their class, a multiclass shugenja can fulfill a variety of roles. The following section briefly details the likelihood of different possible combinations, and their role within the Empire.

It is too absorbed in the physical and detached nom the spiritual for their taste. Occasionally Kuni shugenja take levels as aIighcer so that they might become more capable defenders of the Carpenter wall, or Moto sbugenja become. Those who embark on such careers are viewed with respect and admiration by their kin, but are met with disdain by shugenja of "purer" clans.

These shugenja usually focus upon the wrathful spirits of earth and fire, and are as dangerous as the powers they represent. They generally lead eventful, ifhrief, lives. Most shugenja look upon the role of ranger with similar distaste, with the exceptions found most often among the Unicorn. Both of these clans have a close connection to nature. For these individuals, learning the skills of a ranger is seen as a broadening of one's awareness of the world rather than an abandonment of it.

Rangers in Rokugan normally do not have spe llcasring abilities unless they originate from certain clans or races. Shugenja may not take levels as a samurai This is not due to any disrespect between samurai and shugenja. Quite the opposite is true; samurai and shugenja fulfill two very different roles in the Celestial Order, roles that must be kept distinctly separate.

Even the kami recognize this. Those born to samurai families with the power to call upo. In a way, they already possess their own command over the kami that dwell within their blades.


Magic of Rokugan: Legend of the Five Rings

A sourcebook of spells for Oriental Adventures. It is worth noting that while it looks like any of the other dual system supplements for both Oriental Adventures and Legend of the Five Rings, it only provides mechanics for the former, not the latter. Publisher's Blurb: The magic of Rokugan is unlike that of other campaign worlds - each spell, each magic item has a life of its own. Each bit of magic contains a spirit with its own will and desires. Magic of Rokugan not only introduces a great number of new magic items and spells usable with any d20 System campaign, but also contains many new optional rules for "awakened" magic items.


Magic of Rokugan

The magic of Rokugan is unlike that of other campaign worlds - each spell, each magic item has a life of its own. Each bit of magic contains a spirit with its own will and desires. New item creation feats and shugenja prestige classes are also included. Fans of the Legend of the Five Rings collectible card game or role-playing game will certainly recognize many of these updated items, but there are a number of new surprises as well.


Magic of Rokugan: Oriental Adventures


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