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Ngi hng dn khoa hc: 1. Nguyn Quc Dng 2. Phan Trng Giang. Tc gi xin chn thnh cm n cc Thy c gio Phng o To i hc v Sau i hc, cc Thy c gio cc b mn ca Trng i hc Thu li tn tnh gip v truyn t kin thc trong sut thi gian tc gi hc tp ti trng. Xin by t lng bit n su sc ti PGS.

Cui cng tc gi xin gi li cm n ti gia nh, cc bn cng lp, cc bn ng nghip ng gp kin, ng vin, c v cho tc gi trong qu trnh hon thnh lun vn. Qu trnh o to:. Nguyn Cnh Thi. Ngi hng dn: PGS. Nguyn Quc Dng TS. Trnh ngoi ng bit ngoi ng g, mc : Ting Anh 5.

Qu trnh cng tc chuyn mn t khi tt nghip i hc :. Xc nhn ca c quan cng tc Ngy thng 10 nm K tn, ng du Ngi khai k tn. CHNG MNG T Tnh ton n nh tng th PH LC Tuy nhin vic xy dng cc cng trnh y cng gp nhng kh khn nht nh, nht l vic xy dng cc cng trnh trn nn t yu. Trong vic thit k v xy dng cc cng trnh trn nn t yu cng s dng mt s bin php sau: Thay t yu ca nn c bng lp t mi c tnh cht tt hn ; Gia c nn bng cc tre, cc trmv mt s ng dng cc cng ngh tin tin nh: X l nn bng bc thm; m ct; Cc ct; Cc ; Cc b tng ct thp Tuy nhin qua cc bin php trn bc l mt s gii hn nh: Hiu qu thp, khng tn dng c kh nng lm vic ca t nn, thi cng ph thuc vo iu kin thi tit.

Hin nay trn th gii cng ngh Jet-Grouting to cc xi mng t ang c ng dng rng ri v c gi tr v nhiu mt. Vit Nam ta, vic ng dng cng ngh ny vo x l nn cng trnh t c mt s kt qu nht nh. Chnh v vy, thit k x l nn m bo c tnh kinh t v k thut th ti Xy dng mi quan h thc nghim gia cc ch tiu c l ca vt liu xi mng t phc v tnh ton x l nn t yu l thit thc v khng th thiu trong giai on hin nay.

Vic nghin cu v ng dng cc mng-t thi cng bng cng ngh Jet- grouting l yu cu cp bch. Vic la chn cc ch tiu ny rt kh khn, do ban u khng c nhng cng trnh v nghin cu c th v vn ny. V ngun gc, t yu c th c thnh to trong iu kin lc a, vng vnh hoc vnh bin. Ty theo thnh phn vt cht, phng php v iu kin hnh thnh, v tr khng gian, iu kin a l v kh hu Vit Nam chng ta thng gp cc loi t yu sau y. Trong thnh phn khong vt ca bn bin thng cha nhiu khong vt st thuc nhm ilit v mnmnilnit. Trong bn nc ngt th c nhiu ilit v kaolinit.

Theo kt qu nghin cu v a cht, tng trm tch ny ch yu l trm tch tam gic chu, thng gp cc min ng bng. Do cc iu kin a hnh, a cht nn chiu dy tng trm tch k th t rt dy, t hng chc mt.

Trm tch k th 4 y thng thy vng thung lng cc sng v thng l loi ph sa bi tch. So vi vng ng bng Bc b, tng trm tch k th 4 y khng dy lm. Tuy nhin, cc trm tch y cng rt a dng, c loi trm tch bi t tam gic chu, c loi trm tch bi t ven bin. Vng duyn hi Min trung thuc loi trm tch pht trin trn cc m ph cn dn v n chnh l bi tch trong iu kin lng ng tnh.

Theo cc ti liu nghin cu v a cht, trong vng ch yu cc thnh to trm tch. Vit Nam ta xy dng nhiu cng trnh trn nn t yu, in hnh l cc h thng iu. Ngy nay, do tc pht trin nhanh chng ca nn kinh t - x hi, cng tc xy dng i hi khng c php ko di thi gian thi cng, vic chn tuyn cng trnh nhiu khi khng trnh c vic phi t trn t yu. Bi ton cn t ra gii quyt khi xy dng cng trnh trn nn t yu l: - ln tuyt i v chnh lch ln: ln tuyt i c gi tr ln v ko di, nhng chnh lch ln gia cc b phn ca kt cu mi l vn quan trng.

Nhiu trng hp do chnh lch ln lm ph hy kt cu, gy nt, v Bi ton phi gii quyt l tnh ton tnh sc chu ti ca mng, n nh ca nn p, n nh ca mi dc, p lc t ln tng chn, sc chu ti ngang ca cc - S liu u vo phc v thit k x l t yu l ht sc quan trng, bao gm: phng php kho st, phng php th nghim v thit b th.

Nhng vn trn ch l quan tm bt buc khi tnh ton x l nn t yu ni chung, n cng l vn ht sc quan trng khi x l bng cc XM. Ty thuc vo vt liu kt dnh v phng php trn m n c phn thnh cc loi khc nhau. Theo thit b trn, c 2 kiu l phng php trn kiu tia Jet Grouting v phng php trn cnh c kh Mechanical.

Theo vt liu trn, c kiu trn t va v kiu trn kh phun xi mng kh. Trong thc t nghin cu v sn sut cho thy cht lng ca vt liu XM trn t tt hn nhiu so vi trn kh. Chnh v vy, trong Lun vn ch tp trung nghin cu XM trn kiu tia Jet-grouting. Ban u cht kt dnh c nghin cu l vi DLM. Nm , phng php trn t s dng cht kt dnh l xi mng CDM ra i. Vic nghin cu sau Nht Bn c thc hin mt cch bi bn nng cao hiu qu gia c.

Bao gm 3 vn : 1 Cc nghin cu l thuyt phc v cho thit k. V d nh nghin cu v kh nng chu ng t Inatomi v nnk, , v tnh cht ca xi mng- t Honjo, , kh nng chng ho lng Hirama v Toriihara, ; Suzuki v nnk, , kh nng chu rung ng Inatomi v nnk, , kim sot h o Tanaka, ; Matsushi ta v nnk, ; 2 Cc nghin cu ci tin thit b thi cng. V d nh ca Nishibafashi, Cc nghin cu ny tp trung vo phng php pht p sut cao, cng ngh to ra ct XM c hnh dng khc nhau; 3 Cc nghin cu v kim sot cht lng nh ca Mitsuhashi v nnk, ; Zheng v shi, Ngy nay, phng php ny ang c s dng nhiu v c nhiu ci tin thit b nng cao nng sut thi cng.

Bao gm: 1 Mc ch, thit k v thi cng bng phng php trn su do Vin nghin cu v pht trin Cng ng Thy xut bn; 2 Hng dn thit k, thi cng v kim sot cht lng do hip hi XM Nht bn xut bn; 3 Hng dn thit k v qun l cht lng x l nn mng nng v su cc cng trnh xy dng bng phng php trn su do Vin qun l t ai v C s h tng hp tc vi Vin nghin cu kin trc xut bn.

Tip cn vi cng ngh x l t yu bng cng ngh trn su t nhng nm Nm , c s dng x l nn cc khu cng. Hin nay, Trung Quc trn c s thit b ca Nht Bn ch to c thit b ring v c mt s ci tin so vi thit b gc. Ti chu u, vic nghin cu v ng dng bt u Thy in v Phn Lan. Thit b s dng theo kiu trn c kh vi cht kt dnh l vi. Th nghim u tin ti sn bay Ska Edeby.

Nm , mt t th nghim cao 6 m, di 8 m c xy dng Phn Lan s dng ct vi t, nhm mc ch phn tch hiu qu ca hnh dng v chiu di ct v mt kh nng chu ti Rathmayer v Liminen, T nhng nm v n nhng nm , cc cng trnh nghin cu v ng dng tp trung ch yu vo vic to ra vt liu gia c, ti u ho hn hp ng vi cc loi t khc nhau. Trong thi gian ny, nhiu loi ph gia khc nh thch cao, tro bayvvv c nghin cu lm cht n cng ho nhanh hn.

V d, cc nghin cu ca Nieminen , Viitanen, , Kujala, hoc ca Holin v nnk Do kh khn trong bc thit k ban u, Kukko v Ruohomaki da trn kt qu ca th nghim trong phng vi loi hn hp v 21 loi t xy dng mt m hnh ton d on cng khng nn cc hn ca XM theo t l nc- xi mng, hm lng mn, v t l ht mn.

Nm , s tay Ct t vi v xi mng vi, hng dn lp d n, xy dng v kim sot cht lng do Vin a k thut Thy in thc hin. Ra i trc nhng do vic ng dng trong thc t rt chm, mi n cui nhng nm 80, vic ng dng M mi bt u vi cc thit b thi cng ca Nht Bn. Sau lan ra cc lnh vc khc. Trong tiu chun ny, nhiu ng dng trong cc lnh vc Xy dng, Giao thng, Thy li c gii thiu mt cch kh t m.

Qua nghin cu v qua cng trnh thc t, cc chuyn gia trong lnh vc cho rng vt liu XM b nh hng bi mt s yu t sau: - t ti ch - Ngy tui - Cht kt dnh - Hm lng xi mng - Ph gia 1. Mt s cc kt qu nghin cu lin quan n cng ngh ny v tnh cht vt liu XM, cc yu t nh hng nh loi t, t l kt dnh, nhn t thi gian H Cht, TS. Minh Ton, tuy nhin c 2 nghin cu trn u c thc hin trong phng th nghim. Do , kt qu nghin cu mang tnh nh hng l chnh.

Ti cng trnh ny, nhng nghin cu c bn nh th nghim hm lng xi mng thch hp, o c, quan trc ln sau khi thi cng cng trnh c thc hin. X l nn cho bn cha xng du ng knh 35m, cao 4m Cn Th. Cho n nay nhiu d n s dng phng php trn c kh , ang v s c trin khai trong cc lnh vc Giao Thng v Xy dng. Phng php trn kiu tia xm nhp vo nc ta mun hn. Vic nghin cu c bt u t nm Cho n nay, cng ngh ny c nhiu ng dng thc t trn c 3 lnh vc Xy dng, Giao thng v Thy li cho mc ch chng thm v x l t yu.

Cng trong thi gian ny, cng hon thnh vic x l nn cho cng. Hi i v k sng Kin Giang - Qung Bnh. Mc d c mt s ti nghin cu, mt s lun vn thc hin ti trng i hc Thy li v mt s ng dng bc u, tuy nhin hin nay i vi vic thit k cc XM thi cng bng cng ngh Jet grouting cn gp mt s kh khn:.

Ph thuc ln vo kinh nghim ca ngi thit k. V th, cng vi mt s liu u vo vic la chn cc ch tiu ny nhiu khi khc nhau. V vy, lun vn t vn nghin cu tnh cht cc XM thi cng bng cng ngh Jet Grouting Vit nam lm c s cho vic la chn bn v cng phc v vic tnh ton thit k. Nng Hidroxit Canxi trong nc lm R R.

Cng khng ct ca xi mng - t tng ln t t theo thi gian, ch yu do kt qu ca phn ng puzlan ho. Hydroxit Canxi trong t s phn ng vi puzlan Silicat v nhm to ra vt liu xi mng ho. Hnh 1. Trong thi k ninh kt, va xi mng mt dn tnh do v c dn li nhng cha c cng. Trong thi k rn chc, ch yu xy ra qu trnh thu ho cc thnh phn khong vt ca clinke, gm silicattricalcit 3CaO. SiO 2 , silicat bicalcit 2CaO. Al 2 O 3 , fero-aluminat tetracalcit 4CaO.

SiO 2 mH2O. Al 2O 3.


14TCN 84-91 PDF

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