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You create a Web site with membership and personalization enabled. You must use an existing CRM database for storing the membership information. You need to implement the Membership Provider. What should you do? You create a Web application. You need to deploy the Web application to multiple Web servers. You must achieve this by using the minimum amount of custom code. You are creating a Web setup project for a Web application. You are developing a Web application.

The Web application uses the following code segment to connect to a database. When you run the Web application, you receive the following error message. Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.

You create a Web Form. CustomerPart contains a drop-down list of customers. OrdersPart contains a list of orders that a customer has placed. You need to create a static connection between CustomerPart and OrdersPart.

When a user selects a customer from CustomerPart, OrdersPart must update. Which four actions should you perform? Choose four. You are creating a Microsoft ASP. NET Web site. The Web site includes a page named Page1. The code- behind file of Page1. You need to deploy the Web site.

You also need to ensure that the code for Page1. The Web site includes user management pages. The pages are stored in a folder named UserMgt in the root folder of the Web site. You need to ensure that only users who belong to the administrator role can access the pages.

You need to ensure that file system security permissions can be used to restrict each user's individual access to Web pages. Which code fragment should you use? You are developing a Microsoft ASP. The control is defined in the same Web site project. After adding the markup for the control to the Web Form, you receive the following error message: "Unknown server tag: 'uc1:WebUserControl1'" You need to resolve the error.

You are creating a mobile Web Form that dynamically displays news items. The Web Form must enable pagination in case a user's device does not display the full text of a news item. Which code segment should you use?

You need to retrieve a list of all the roles that a logged-in user is a member of. Which two methods should you use? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. NET membership provider. You create a Web page that contains the following code fragment. Which code fragment should you add to the LoginStatus control?

You write a class to interact with a database. The class uses a SqlConnection instance. You need to detect when the state of the connection has been modified. The application has a page named Report. The code-behind file for Report. The rest of the application remains the same. You need to ensure that the code-behind file of Report. The Web site has a Web page that contains the following code fragment.

You need to ensure that the following requirements are met: The font style of Label1 is italic and its foreground color remains red. The foreground color of Label2 is blue. Please check your mailbox for a message from support exam-labs. Simply submit your e-mail address below to get started with our interactive software demo of your free trial.

Microsoft Exams. NET Framework 2. Microsoft Exam - MS. Top Microsoft Exams. Showing of Questions. Question 1 - Topic 1. Modify the connection string in the Web. Add new a SqlMembershipProvider to the Web. Create a custom Membership Provider inheriting from MembershipProvider.

Create a custom MembershipUser inheriting from MembershipUser. Show correct answer. Show comments. Comments for Question 1 - Topic 1. Please log in first to leave a comment. Question 2 - Topic 1. Use a Cab project to deploy the Web application. Use the Copy Web tool to deploy the Web application. Use the Web Setup project to deploy the Web application. Comments for Question 2 - Topic 1. Question 3 - Topic 1. Comments for Question 3 - Topic 1. Question 4 - Topic 1.

In IIS, deny anonymous access. In the Web. In IIS, allow anonymous access. Comments for Question 4 - Topic 1. Question 5 - Topic 1. Add the ConnectionProvider attribute to OrdersPart. Add the ConnectionProvider attribute to CustomerPart. Add the ConnectionConsumer attribute to CustomerPart. Add the ConnectionConsumer attribute to OrdersPart.

Define an interface specifying the methods and properties that are shared between the Web Parts. Comments for Question 5 - Topic 1. Question 6 - Topic 1. Use the Copy Web Site tool. Build the Web site and save the results to a local folder. Deploy the local folder to the Web host by using an FTP tool. Use the Publish Web Site tool, and then save the results to a local folder. Comments for Question 6 - Topic 1.

Question 7 - Topic 1. Add the following code fragment to the Web. Comments for Question 7 - Topic 1. Question 8 - Topic 1.


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