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Page 1 of 14 Total Record : Article Per Year 5 Year. Contact Name -. Contact Email -. Journal Mail Official -. Editorial Address -. Location Kab. Journal of Agromedicine and Medical Sciences. JAMS Website. Core Subject : Health,. Health Professions. Jurnal Agromedicine and Medical Sciences AMS adalah jurnal berkala empat bulan Februari, Juni dan Oktober yang berisi berbagai artikel dalam bentuk penelitian, tinjauan sistematis dan laporan kasus dalam bidang kedokteran dengan fokus pada ilmu-ilmu kedokteran dasar, kedokteran klinis dan agromedis.

Arjuna Subject : -. Articles Documents. Obstacles to AChE will cause the formation of excessive free radicals in the body causing oxidative stress and causing lipid peroxidation in body cells, including hepatocyte cells in the liver.

Pregnant women have a change in detoxification activity in the liver due to exposure to xenobiotic substances during pregnancy causing a decrease in cytochrome P 1A2 CYP1A2 which will cause an increase in free radicals and can damage liver cells. Coconut water contains antioxidants that can neutralize free radicals in the body. While folic acid can encourage improvement in morphology of liver cells. The purpose of this study was to determine the hepatoprotector effect of coconut water and folic acid on the histopathology of the liver of pregnant female wistar rats induced by carbamate.

The design of this study is true experimental with a post test only control group design. The sampling method used is simple random sampling. The number of samples in this study were 28 rats divided into 4 groups K aquades , P1 carbamate , P2 carbamate and coconut water , and P3 carbamate and folic acid.

At the end of the study rat liver was taken to then become histological preparations. The conclusion of this study is that giving coconut water cannot prevent liver damage due to carbamate induction, while folic acid has been shown to prevent liver damage due to carbamate induction, from liver histopathology. Keywords: carbamate, coconut water, folic acid, liver histopathology.

Toddler is the highest group suffering of diarrhea. Diarrhea is the second leading cause of death on toddler. This research aims to analyze the effect of risk factors of recurrent diarrhea on toddler in Sumberjambe Health Center Jember Regency.

This type of research is observational analytic with case control design. The sample is 50 cases and 50 controls. The sampling technique used consecutive sampling method. The research was conducted in December to January using a questionnaire.

Data analysis using Chi Square test and Logistic Regression test. Chi Square analysis results are child? Logistic Regression analysis results are child? The conclusions of this study are child? The suggestion of this research is that it needs to research other risk factors and mothers are required to give exclusive breastfeeding. Keywords: risk factors, recurrent diarrhea, toddler. Jember Regency has the third highest prevalence of leprosy and Umbulsari sub-district is the district with the highest cases.

Knowledge, attitudes and practices are the three domains that determine human behavior. This study aims to understand the knowledge, attitudes and practice of patients of leprosy. This research is a descriptive study conducted at Puskesmas Umbulsari in November The population and sample of this study were all leprosy patients who lived in the working area of??

Puskesmas Umbulsari from January October and who were still in treatment with a total of 14 people. The data obtained are primary data from interview using a door to door questionnaire and secondary data from the Puskesmas register book. The analyzed data are displayed in tables and narrative form. The results and conclusions of the behavior of leprosy patients in this study from the aspect of respondents' knowledge about leprosy are mostly good Keyword : attitude, knowledge, leprosy, practice.

Indonesia has a prevalence that varies between 2. This infection can cause blood disorders such as leukocytosis, eosinophilia, and changes in hemoglobin levels. The purpose of this study was to describe the leukocyte count of coffee plantation workers that infected by STH.

This research was an observational descriptive study, using a cross sectional design and was conducted at the coffee plantation in Silo subdistrict. Stool examination was conducted by the concentration method sedimentation and flotation to determine the presence of STH infection, while for leukocyte count, we used the differential count method.

The results of examination on feces samples showed Examination of leukocyte count showed, 17 workers with hookworm infection had abnormal leukocyte count i. All workers with double infection 2 workers had abnormal leukocyte count i. These results can be influenced by the chronicity of the infection or the intensity of the infection. Keywords: Chronic Kidney Disease, sodium, re-use hemodialyzer.

Patients diagnosed with Stage V CKD often needs kidney replacement therapy, one of which is hemodialysis. The cost needed for hemodialysis was considered as too expensive, forcing lots of medical staff in most countries using the method known as re-use hemodialyzer. Re-use hemodialyzer is a term for using the same hemodialyzer or hemodialysis machine for the same patient but on a different therapy session.

Soebandi Jember. Total of 19 samples chosen with inclusion and exclusion criteria. Collected data is analyzed using paired t-test.

The effectivity and quality of the hemodialyzer is thought to be the main factor for this result. There are factors that influence the feeding pattern in toddler, namely the level of maternal knowledge about toddler nutrition, maternal education level, household income, mother's occupation, and the number of family members. The purpose of this study is to analyze the factors that influence the feeding pattern in toddler at??

Kencong Public Health Center. The type of research that will be conducted is analytical survey research with a cross sectional approach. The sample of this study is mothers who have children aged 12 months to 59 months in the working area of??

The sample size in this study is 70 samples using stratified random sampling. The majority of the sex of the toddler in this study were male and aged months. The majority of mothers in this study are aged years, graduated from high school, did not work, have sufficient knowledge of toddler nutrition, and included to have sufficient toddler feeding patterns.

The majority has small family and the household income of the respondents was mostly below the regional minimum wage. The results of this study there are factors that influence the feeding pattern in toddler in the work area of?? Keywords: The feeding pattern in toddler, the factors that influence the feeding pattern in toddler. The attack of the Sitophilus Zeamais Motsch species becomes one of the obstacles in the process of storing corn. This study aims to develop the potential of plant biopesticides from grinting grass to control the warehouse pests of Sitophilus Zeamais Motsch.

This research is a laboratory based experimental study. The independent variables in this study were the gram weight of grinting grass extract and the number of Sitophilus Zeamais Motsch pests. The dependent variable in this study was the mortality of Sitophilus Zeamais Motsch.

Grinting grass extract is obtained using maceration method. Qualitative and quantitative tests were carried out to test the active compound content of grinting grass. Vegetable biopesticide toxicity tests were carried out using a completely randomized design.

The results showed that variations in the weight of grinting grass affect the content of chemical compounds present in the grass. Based on qualitative tests the active compound is evidenced by changes in color and deposition. While based on pest mortality tests, it was found that almost 50 percent of grinting grass extract can kill corn pests within a period of 7 days of observation with an extract concentration of ppm. The number of infections is influenced by personal hygiene.

Personal hygiene consists of the habit of washing hands, cutting nails, eating, defecating and ownership of latrines, and the use of personal protective equipment. This study used a cross sectional research design conducted at Widodaren Plantation with 68 people of samples. Stool examination was determined by kato-katz method, sedimentation, and floatation to detect the presence of Soil-Transmitted Helminth STH eggs, while personal hygiene was assessed using questionnaires.

Questionnaire and stool examination datas were processed using SPSS data analysis with chi-square method. The results of this study found 26 respondents who were positive for soil-trasmitted helminthiasis infection. The most frequent worm species obtained in this study were Ascaris lumbricoides So, it can be concluded that a bad personal hygiene factor has a significant relationship to the incidence of Soil-Transmitted Helminthiasis at Widodaren Plantation.

Keywords: Personal hygiene, STH, plantation. Exposure to noise that is too strong or too long will damage the auditory nerve. The type of material being grounded determines the amount of noise produced so that the potential for hearing nerve damage also varies.

This study aims to determine the level of noise produced by the milling industry and analyze the potential for hearing nerve damage in milling workers in Jember Regency.


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