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There is no new theology. There are new books published every month. With Extracts from Dr. John Gill, Dr. Hart, etc. When 23 years old he retired into Yorkshire, where he became a preacher of independent tenets successively at Cliffe, or South Cliffe Chapel in his native parish, in Holderness, and at Beverley, where he taught a school.

On Dr. In , he became a preacher at Leeds, and in he was a lecturer under the vicar, Dr. Lake, and on St. After this he became a schoolmaster and private preacher at Clayton, Morley, and Hunslet, all in Yorkshire.

At Hunslet he took an indulgence as a Congregationalist in , and a new meeting-house was opened by him on June 3, He was excommunicated no less than four times, and when in or a writ Deut. In he had to conceal himself from the officers of the crown, who had a warrant for his arrest on the charge of publishing an elegy on the death of his friend John Partridge, another Nonconformist minister.

He died on December 26, , aged exactly 84 years, and was buried at Bunhill Fields Cemetery. Candid Reader, observe these few considerations: Although this small manual be very little in itself and substance, yet ought it not therefore to be despised; for,. We read how the mighty angel of the Covenant had a very little book open in his hand, Rev.

And that little book was not shut nor sealed, but it was open. It is the work of Antichrist to keep it shut. This little book hath cost me great study and labour to compose it, that it might contain the very cream and quintessence of the best Authors on this subject. Lest this overflowing deluge of Arminianism should bring destruction upon us, there is great need that some servants of Christ should run to stop the further spreading of this plague and leprosy.

Thus Moses stood in the gap, and prevented the destruction of Israel Psalms Ye have not gone up into the gaps, neither made up the hedge for the house of Israel to stand in the battle in the day of the Lord. With lies ye have made the heart of the righteous sad, whom I have not made sad; and strengthened the hands of the wicked,. While I was considering these things, the Lord stirred up my spirit to do as is done in common conflagrations, when everyone runs with the best bucket he can get, wherewith to quench the devouring flames, and to stop them, that they may not lay waste all before them.

When I had completed this short compendium I showed it to Dr. John Owen, Mr. Nicholas Lockier, and Mr. George Griffith, who all unanimously approved of it and wrote an epistle commendatory to it, subscribing it with all their three hands, which is too large here to insert, but the truth of the premises I do hereby affirm.

As a little map doth represent a large country at one view, which will take much time to travel over, so this book is multum in parvo, much in a little. Read it seriously without partiality, and the Lord give you understanding in all things. It hath ever been the lot of truth like the Lord of it to be crucified between right-hand and left-hand thieves.

While some men consider the Bible to be an imposition on the world, and treat salvation by Christ as mere priestcraft and deception, there are others who tell us they have Christ, and are one with Christ, and yet with audacious effrontery cry down the ordinances of the gospel, and consider the means of grace as too burdensome for a free-born conscience, and too low and carnal for a seraphic spirit.

There is as much beyond the truth as on this side. Truth hath evermore observed the golden mean. The Socinians decry the divinity of Christ and His satisfaction, as if His sufferings were exemplary only, not expiatory. And the Arminians do call the justice of God to the bar of reason; they dare confidently wade.

Hence Dr. What else can their doctrine signify which they call a prescience or foreknowledge in God, the truth of which depends, not on the decree of God, but on the free-will of the creature? This is to make the creature have no dependence on the Creator, and to fetter Divine Providence.

I could not hinder, I could not but consent to those fatal contingencies; and unavoidable Fate hath, whether I will or not, pronounced the inevitable sentence.

Reason must neither be the rule to measure faith by, nor the judge of it. Predestination is the decree of God, by which according to the counsel of His own will He fore-ordained some of mankind to eternal life, and refused or passed by others; for the praise of His glorious mercy and justice.

Some are vessels of mercy, others are vessels of wrath. In a great house are various vessels both for use and ornament; vessels of honour, and vessels of dishonour, 2Ti ; and the master of the house hath a right to, and can wisely use, all his vessels, even as he shall think proper.

What shall we then say to these things? It is called destination, as it comprehends a determined order of the means to the end; and pre-destination, because God appointed this order in and with Himself before the actual existence of those things so ordered. I have separated you to become vessels of mercy, members of Christ, and temples of the Holy Ghost, before all time, even from all eternity. I shall handle it accordingly in this following treatise, using the words Election and Predestination promiscuously.

Predestination is also called a Divine decree, for in it is the determinate counsel of God, and the counsel of His own will, in bringing to pass such ends by such and such means. The Divine decree of Predestination hath various properties; it is eternal, unchangeable, absolute, free, discriminating, and extensive. The second reason is deduced from the simplicity of God, which is, God considered as one mere and perfect act, without any composition or succession. There can be no more a new thought, a new intent, or a new purpose in God, than there can be a new God.

Whatever God thinks He ever thought, and always doth and will think. Whatever God purposes He always purposed, and ever and doth and will purpose. He takes not new counsels, as man, neither draws up new determinations.

The third reason is taken from Christ. If Christ was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world as He is called, Re. We are elected in Him. Christ is the means. Now the end cannot be of a later date and determination than the means to that end; they have relations to each other. And if Christ be the eternal purpose of the Father, the act of electing in Christ must needs be His eternal purpose also. None can appoint God the time.

Every thing hath its accomplishment in time, which was decreed to fall out from all eternity. With God, the knowledge of things that shall come to pass must follow the decree of it; for things must first be decreed, and then foreseen in that being which they have in the decree; in this sense prescience presupposes predestination. God hath not an imperfect but a thorough foreknowledge of all future things; the means and the end; not only as they may be, but also as they shall be, by His Divine determination.

Whom He foreknew, not only with the knowledge of observation, but with the knowledge of approbation also; He foreknew them to be His. So it is predestination itself; and to grant an eternal prescience without an eternal predestination, is to break the links of that golden chain in Romans , Even suppose it be granted that the apostle speaks of a temporal election, or choice, in 1Co , etc.

The accomplishment of both these is granted to be in time, so may not be confounded with this eternal decree of God; these are but fruits and effects of that eternal decree. Then Satan cannot get beyond or between this love of God and us; for it was before the world was, and so before Satan was.

O wonderful! If so, believer, then thy saintship and sufferings have eternal glory wrapped up in them. All this comfort is lost in the contrary doctrine. This is made evident by sundry reasons, as:. The Divine decree hath an unchangeable fountain, to wit, the unchangeableness of God. He desires and He doth it; no created being can interpose between the desire and the doing, to hinder their meeting together.

Man is a poor changeable creature and changes his mind oftener than his garment, both from the darkness of his understanding and the perverseness of his will. He frequently sees something that he saw not before. But there is no such imperfection in God, all things are naked before Him, dissected, or with their faces upward.

He knows all His works their natures and circumstances as perfectly in the beginning of the world as He will do at the end of it. And He abides still in one mind when His dispensations are changed, for He decreed the change of them from all eternity. As the first Adam was the foundation stone in the decree of creation, so the last Adam, even Jesus, is the foundation stone in the decree of election.

God hath blessed us in Him, yea, and we shall be blessed. All those acts of grace are said to be in Christ, who hath blest us in Christ Eph. Christ is the first person elected. Christ was chosen as the Head, and we as His members; therefore are we said to be given to Christ. Now, so long as this foundation standeth sure, so long doth the superstructure remain unchangeable. The temple stood firmly upon those two pillars, Jachin and Boza, i. If the decrees of the Medes and Persians, which were but earthly writings, were unalterable Da , how much more the decrees of the great God, written in Heaven, must be unchangeable.

The sun may sooner be stopped in his course than God hindered of His work or in His will. The predestinated, called, justified, glorified ones, are the same Romans Therefore the purpose of God according to election must stand Romans God doth not decree the end without the means, nor the means without the end, but both together.

As a purpose for building includes the hewing of stone, and squaring of timber, and all other materials for building- work; and as a decree for war implies arms, horses, ammunition, and all warlike provisions; so here, all that are elected to salvation, are elected to sanctification also. God ordains to the means as well as to the end. God hath ordained that we should walk in good works Eph. Though we are changeable creatures, yet unchangeable love is towards us, that keeps faster hold of us than we of it.

It is infinite condescension that the great God should hold a poor lump of clay so fast in His Almighty hands, as to secure our interest to all eternity John ,29; 1Pe ,5. If the Divine decree be eternal it must be absolute; for nothing can be assigned before an eternal act, as the efficient cause of it.


Antidote Against Arminianism

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An Antidote Against Arminianism by Rev. Christopher Ness (1621-1705)

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An antidote against Arminianism: or A treatise to enervate and confute all ...


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