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Sc Agriculture Notes. Quick Sam. As you are asking about the notes so I want to tell you that I am providing you the chapter wise important things to study. The data is posted below with marking scheme. Department Credit Hours Title of the course 1. Study and use of Articles: Pronouns and Prepositions. Sentence formation 2. Some common varieties of sentence structure including errors. Author : Dr. Letter and application writing 2.

Report writing. Synonyms and antonyms 2. One word substitution 3. Speech mechanism-speech event, production of speech, speech organs.

Phonetic sounds and symbols-pure vowels, diphthongs and constants. Accent in connected speech-rhythm, weak forms, intonation etc. Listening comprehension 6. Reading comprehension. Definition and scope of Agronomy.

Classification of Crops on Different basis. General principles of Crop production: Climate, soil, preparation, seed and sowing, post sowing-tillage, water management, nutrition, plant protection measures, harvesting, threshing and storage. Crop sequences and system with emphasis on mixed cropping and inter cropping. Nutritional management of crops including application of manures, fertilizers and bio-fertilizers.

Practical 1. Study of weather and weather forecasting. Identification of crops, manures and fertilizers. Framing of crop rotations and preparation of cropping schemes for varying agroclimatic conditions. Preparation of seed bed based on important inter-cropping systems.

Calculation of fertilizer requirement, fertilizer mixtures and unit values. Methods of fertilizer application. Definition of Soil, Components of Soil and their role in agriculture. Soil forming rocks and minerals, Development, of Soil profile, Soil formation, factors affecting soil formation, soil forming processes. Soil reaction and its measurements and significance.

Chemistry of clay minerals with special reference to Kaorinite, Montmorillonite and illite. Physical properties of soil and their significance. Chemical properties of soil, cation and anion exchange phenomenon and their importance in agriculture. Soil organic matter, humus formation and its importance in soil fertility, management and maintenance of organic matter in soils.

Soil of U. Elementary idea of soils of India, occurrence, characteristics, physico-chemical properties of chernozems, podzol and laterite soil. Basic idea of comprehensive system 7th approximation of soil classification. Occurrence, distribution and functions of Soil Microorganisms. Classification and use of Insecticide, Fungicides and herbicides e.

Practical: 1. Preparation of HCL extract of Soil 2. Determination of soil O. Determination of total nitrogen in soil. Definition, significance and historical development in genetics. Mendel's Law's of heredity and exceptions to the laws. Chromosomal theory of inheritance, meiosis and mitosis.

Linkage and crossing over - types, mechanism and significance, 5. Nucleic acid as genetic material - structure, replication, genetic code, transcription and translation. Mutation - spontaneous and induced. Chromosomal changes - molecular, structural and numerical.

Multiple factor inheritance and multiple alleles, blood groups in man and body coat colour in rabbits. Sex chromosomes and its determination in man and drosophila, sex linked characters. Cytoplasmic inheritance - plasma and nuclear, gene interaction. Preparation of temporary cytological slides mitosis and meiosis 2. Genetical problems on mono and dihybrid ratios with their modifications. Chi-square test and goodness of fit of Mendelian modified ratios. Practical record 5. Definition of probability, Additive and Multiplicative Laws of probability and simple problems based on them.

Definition, merits and demerits of Non-random sampling and Random Sampling. Concept of Standard Error. Basic concepts used in tests of Significance like Null Hypothesis, Degrees of freedom and Level of significance. Basic principles of Experimental Design. Uses of Natural and common Logarithms.

Exponential Series. Limits and Differentiation Without differentiation by first principles. Differentiation of algebraic, trigonometrically, logarithmic and exponential functions only, Logarithmic differentiation. Differentiation of products, quotients, function of functions, implicit and explicit functions. Practical Based on 1. Measures of Central Tendency 2. Measures of Dispersion 3. Tests of Significance 4. Attached Files B. Quote message in reply? Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait.

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Soil Science. Agril Botany. Extension Education. Agril Engineering. Agril Economics. Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry.


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Sc Agriculture Notes. Quick Sam. As you are asking about the notes so I want to tell you that I am providing you the chapter wise important things to study. The data is posted below with marking scheme. Department Credit Hours Title of the course 1.


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