We engineer trays for specific applications per OEM guidelines using 3D solid modeling, structural analysis and environmental qualification testing. For avionics that require cooling, our trays support convection airflow, forced-air cooling and fan cooling:. What We Do. Business Aviation.

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Test and Development Chassis Platforms designed for lab use, product development, or demonstration applications. Elma Electronic offers a comprehensive portfolio of AdvancedTCA backplanes, chassis, embedded computing products and handles. Elma offers excellent craftsmanship, reliable products and cost-effective prices. Elma offers standard systems for physics applications that can handle even extreme peak loads. Elma's Industrial Computing products are based on the Intel processors, providing excellent computing performance and outstanding power conservation.

Elma leverages proven embedded computing technologies to create the ideal platform for your project's needs. Our Gateway products are designed to bring intelligence and secure connectivity to the network edge for managed Internet of Things IoT endpoints.

Includes voltage, system, and shelf monitoring and management boards. Design and functional verification is essential to the successful launch of an Embedded Computing System. Power and Cooling are critical elements effecting the performance and operational life of an embedded computer.

Many different models, including touchscreen panels for direct entry of operator commands, are also available. Elma's routers are designed specifically for the harsh, rugged environments often found in the energy, defense and utility industries. Elma Electronic provides Integrated Rack Level Systems featuring Dell, Cisco, Themis and other rack mount products installed, cabled, tested, integrated and ruggedized to suit your requirements.

Elma has been a leader in design innovation for over 50 years. We use advanced design software and equipment to perfect your design. We can utilize our vast resource of experienced designers and engineers from facilities all over the world. The result is a superb design solution, completed to your specifications in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Our contract manufacturing service combines the best of German engineering and Swiss precision.

ELMA can offer fully integrated and application-ready customised hard- and software. Do you need some changes to make a standard system platform ready for your project? Or do you prefer a tailor-made platform? All right! Lets do it. How does a chassis like this behave when exposed to vibrations and impacts?

What kinds of vibrations, dynamic torsional loading and static stress occur in the rack structure? When it comes to quickly optimizing diametrically opposed requirements such as these, FEM simulations are often the first choice. Thermal analyses can significantly reduce development processes. Critical configurations can be detected already during the design phase — even before the first prototypes are built. Our signal integrity analysis and simulation services ensure efficient cost-effective design solutions that work superbly the first time, every time.

Single board computers from Elma and our valued partners include the latest in Intel processors including multi-core options over a wide environmental and form factor range.

Single board computers from Elma and our valued partners include the latest in Freescale processors including multi-core options over a wide environmental and form factor range. Rotating drives offer a reliable yet economical option for certain applications requiring the highest capacities.

SSD technology enables board level products that offer features like fast and secure erasure, wear leveling and endurance monitoring in both single level cell SLC and multi-level cell MLC versions. Elma partners with designers of Altera FPGA based boards and IP products to bring our customers the best choices for developing a system that meets every operational requirement. Elma partners with designers of Xilinx FPGA based boards and IP products to bring our customers the best choices for developing a system that meets every operational requirement.

Ethernet switches and Layer 3 routing engines from Elma have the successful track record in critical applications you can rely on. The latest in Nvidia and AMD graphics processors provide not only leading edge graphics capabilities but also the highly parallel general processing capabilities required for high bandwidth signal processing applications. Elma offers a comprehensive range of AdvancedTCA backplanes. Elma has the most extensive lines of CPCI backplanes in the industry.

AXIe is an open system modular instrumentation standard based on AdvancedTCA which delivers high performance instrumentation for various industries such as aerospace, physics, semiconductor test.

VITA These backplanes standardly come in Low Profile format. In the VME, a signal is driven from slot 1, goes to the middle slot and then radiates out to all other slots.

All Elma Electronic VME backplanes are designed to maximize performance, minimize noise, and to give the customer the most reliable, cost-effective product possible. Elma Electronic offers Contract Assembly and Build-to-Print services for various boards, adapters, monitors, and system accessories. Elma Electronic has extensive experience in a wide range of rigid flex backplanes. Elma Electronic offers a VPX cabling system both deployed applications and test environments.

Customized versions of the cable header shrouds can be designed for VXS systems. The test cards aid in verifying the enclosure meet the power requirements and in locating hot spots. The Power Interface Boards are separate boards for the power section of the backplane. They are used to facilitate pluggable power supplies, headers, and utility connectors.

When dust or moisture ingress is a problem, then Optima's F series cabinet is the solution. Military and Seismic environments require proven performance. Optima Stantron offers a wide variety of air conditioners, blowers, fans, and other cooling accessories. We offer a wide array of drawer, shelf, filler panel and writing surface options are available for your Optima Stantron products. A variety of general hardware accessories are available including screw kits, cage nut kits, clip nuts, cable hangers, cable ties, etc.

A full range of power options ares available including duplex, individual and isolated grounded power strips that increase versatility in the design and integration of Optima-Stantron rack systems.

Optima Desk Systems are part of a unique packaging system designed to provide your industrial control or laboratory environment with an integrated look. The Frontier Console is a fully functional console system available in two widths: 22" and 27" 19" and 24" rack-mount , and two depths: 25" and 30". The Optima EH-case is the newest member of the E-case family except that it is constructed to provide a dust-proof or moisture resistant design.

Optima ES Cases are ideal for when the need is for an equipment case plus portability. Easy, economical solution to multiple packaging requirements. Just ask Elma offers every possible configuration for front panel and face plate kits for mounting to Eurocard and other slot-based PCBs. Elma has handles to fit every conceivable requirement. The following sections cover all the different options available. Cassettes and Modules for multiple or ganged Eurocards, for single Eurocards with high profile components.

All services around enclosures and components: customized front panels, newest printing technologies and much more! Elma is the premier supplier of BCD, Hex and Gray coded switches in the world today, supplying all segments of the electronics industry.

With the broadest range of long-life, rugged, panel-sealable encoders available today, Elma has the right incremental encoder for your application. World-renowned switching feel and ingenious design makes Elma range of rotary selector switches the obvious choice of audio, industrial and medical product design professionals.

Robust solid-aluminum design RoHS compliant , glossy anodized surface, scratch resistant, electrically non conducting and available in many colors. Precise quality knobs, secure collet mounting, wide variety, lots of accessories, custom colors on request. Elma brings back the look that sounded so good with our classic and vintage Audio Knobs. We know what "mission-critical" means. We are ready for your project. In the field of industrial automation, Elma products convince with durability, ruggedness and reliability.

Systems can also be delivered application-ready on request. In the demanding transportation sector not only failsafe performance but also vibration and dirt resistance of our products are decisive features. Our varied possibilities to test our designs even before producing the first real prototype, offers planning security and saves time and money. Elma knows how to bring these two factors together. Processing highest amounts of data is a speciality of Elma. Our expertise in cooling and remote access enables you to get the maximum performance from both your system platforms and from your project.

We know the edge of what is technically feasible - and we most propably know how to displace this edge. Elma collaborates in this field with renowned research institutes. Test and Measurement applications require very sensitive technology.

Elma's know-how gained from the most challenging research projects allows us to offer excellent products for test and measurement. Elma offers solutions for high-end consumer products as well as for professional equipment.

Elma products meet highest quality standards. Custom engineered deployed solutions for defense programs and industrial applications. Elma has over 50 years of experience in system-, enclosure- and rotary switch business.

Learn more about our history here. Guide pins allow ease for blind-mating insertion. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn More. Americas English. Contact Us. CompactPCI Elma offers excellent craftsmanship, reliable products and cost-effective prices. MicroTCA Elma offers standard systems for physics applications that can handle even extreme peak loads.

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