Digital products are restricted to one per purchase. Become a member. This Standard establishes a uniform relationship between shaft size and key size for parallel and taper keys retaining similar basic sizing as found in the withdrawn B This Standard covers the size, type and tolerances of parallel and taper keys and keyseats, and their relationship to shaft diameters and bore diameters.

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ANSI C ASME B1. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. On August 24, , the. There is no change in their index identification or technical content. A n y part of this standard may be quoted.

These were consolidated with the shafting standards in the publication, Standard Shafting and Stock Keys. A revised i s s u e was published in and withdrawn in as it w a s not being sufficiently supported.

However, a separate standard on Woodruff Keys, Keyslots, and Cutters B17f was reaffirmed in In i the USA Standards Committee B17 was reactivated and a subcommittee developed and established this stan'dard based on current industry standards. Jennings, E. Davis, Rex Chainbelt Inc. Flewelling, Massey-Fergusson, Inc. Key Size Versus Shaft Diameter. Key Dimensions and Tolerances. Depth Control Formulas.

Key-Keyseat Assemblies. Alignment Tolerances. Chamfered Keys and Filleted Keyseats. T h i s standard covers the size, type and tolerances of parallel and taper keys and keyseats, and their relationship to shaft diameters and bore diameters. The s i z e s and tolerances contained in this standard are intended for single key applications only. Key strength and steel analysis entering into the makeup of stock for keys is not within the scope of this standard.

Shaft diameters are listed for identification of various key s i z e s and a r e not intended to establish shaft dimensions, tolerances o r selections, This standard recognizes that there are two c l a s s e s of stock for parallel keys presently used by industry.

One is a broad negative toleranced bar stockand the other is a close plus toleranced keystock. Each is combined with appropriate keys e a t tolerances to establish assemblies, respectively, designated a s C l a s s e s 1 and 2. Taper keys are established for C l a s s -2 assembly only. Tolerances are shown in Table 2. This may also be written a s shaft keyseat or hub keyseat when describing the exact application.

Hub keyseat has been sometimes referred to a s a keyway. Square keys are preferred through 6x-inch diameter shafts and rectangular keys for larger shafts. Sizes and dimensions in unshaded area are preferred. Ali dimensions given i n inches. OOO OOD Tolerance does not apply, See Table 2A for dimensions on gib heads.

A l l dimensions given in inches. ASME B The distance from the bottom of the hub keythe opposite s i d e o f the hub bore is specified by dimension T. For taper keyseats, T i s measured a t the deeper end. E Square 0. O49 1. O89 1. All dimensions given in inches. See Tables 4 and 5 for tolerances. T h i s fit applies only to parallel keys. Since the degree of interference is not readily standardized for these applications, no specific values are included.

However, it is suggested that the top and bottom fit range shown for parallel- keys in Table 5 be used, 6. OQ3 0. O05 Rectangular key widths. AU dimensions given in inches. Keys must be chamfered or rounded to d e a r fillet radii.

Values i n Table 7 assume general conditions and should be used only a s a guide when critical s t r e s s e s are encountered. Their Bolts. Chucks and Chuck Jaws Spindle Noses and Arbors for Milling Machines Single Paint Tools and Tool Posts Press Tools Designation and Working Ranges of Grinding Machines Straight Cut-Off Blades f0. Carbide Blanks and Cutting Tools Rev B5. T a p s Cut and Ground Threads Woodruff Keys Binders for holding standards are available.


ASME B17.1

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