A major advantage of the add-ins is the conversion of hidden hyperlinks and easy conversion of bookmarks. You can create high quality PDF files i. To preserve the original design of the document to be converted, you can also embed all used fonts. After searching about 11 different PDF convertors, I finally found a simple one that does exactly what I need! So many free convertors either won't bring your fonts along, OR worst of all , don't let you define the page size, for custom publishing situations.

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What are you talking about…. Already used? Sergio 18 de maio de - Rating Excellent! Juliano 2 de dezembro de - Rating Poor! Muito esquisito. Nunca tive esse problema com o PrimoPDF. Description Felipe Vieira Karas. Generate PDF files inside any application capable of printing inside Windows. Creating PDF files is a great choice not only for sending them, but also for preserving the original authorship of documents, images from the hands of malicious people.

In addition to being easy and simple to use, the program is free and opensource and can be used on both personal computers and commercial use. The installation and usage options are complete and bring clarity to the user, who knows exactly what is happening throughout the process. In addition, the program asks you every time when you will modify PDFCreator as the default printer, which does not compromise other functions of the computer.

In addition, the program sends the generated files via email, which facilitates their storage. Highlights that are worth it Those who have already been interested in the ease and speed of use of PDFCreator will like even more the various options that the program brings to the creation and storage of the files.

In addition to saving and emailing not just documents, but any file capable of printing, PDFCreator protects your files with encryption, preventing any "spy" from snooping and modify what you have created. Another great option of the program is how to save the files. These can be automatically saved in folders and still labeled with the user name, computer name, date, time and more.

That way, the files will always be organized and ready for any last minute queries. To complete and make you quieter with just one program, PDFCreator has the option of running on terminal servers without the need for extra large configurations. Just install by this option and start using. Installation To install the program you need to follow a few steps and keep an eye on the options that are presented during the process.

After downloading the file and clicking to run, choose the installation type Default and Server , that is, only for your computer or a terminal. Then uncheck the Toolbar installation option for Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Do not forget to uncheck it, otherwise your search engine will be modified and the Bar will appear during navigation. Choose the components for the installation in the next step. If you have already chosen Portuguese as the installation language, you do not need to change anything in this step. However, if you have more knowledge, the installation on your computer can be customized. To finish, create an icon on the Desktop only for your computer or for other users and clear the menu entry options in Explorer and the Quick Launch Bar and complete the installation.

Our opinion about PDFCreator. In addition to being easy and simple to use, the program is free and opensource and can be used on both personal computers and those for commercial use.

The installation and usage options are complete and bring clarity to the user, informed about what is happening during the process. Be the first to rate this product! Interest over time.

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