In , my wife Pamela and I started TwoMorrows Advertising in Raleigh, North Carolina, providing advertising and graphic design services to local and national accounts. TJKC quickly caught on, and things snowballed from there. In , we teamed with editor Jon B. And Jon B.

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LEGOk idsfesta. From the Editor Arvo: Auto Builders Minifigure Customization Q and A?!? CG or Not CG? Along with web design, she does some writing both at work and outside. However, her most recent focus has been with LEGO building.

Her large-scale models of Victorian homes Painted Ladies have been seen both online and at Brickworld and She started LEGO building in , to try to loosen up and learn to play. She was always craft-oriented and was an art major. I have colorectal cancer and I was home on medical leave. I could stand and build for a while at my drawing table, and then lay down again.

It worked great. Her research is for the facades of her houses - she does the but larger, which allows for more detail. I worked to get my windows just right. I wanted nice, narrow frames around them, and no gaps Coincidentally, I think it must be pretty close to Belville scale, well. I do windows, and then I start building. Oh, after windows is probably the color scheme and then the layout.

I also like the old discontinued light yellow,. Paul Boratko is a Technic builder of cars. His models have been online and at Brickworld , where they were shown with other outstanding models.

His are different, though — his models have working steering and transmissions! Door and hoods open to reveal detailed engines and interiors, and the cars can go into drive, neutral or reverse. In that time. You started building at the age of three with a super car what got you interested in that set, as opposed to a simpler town set?

Well, my father owns and runs an auto body shop where I currently work , so I grew up with an automotive background and always had a fascination with cars. My father also owns a Mustang GT Deluxe fastback and has attended various cars shows around the area, so I always got to see hundreds of muscle, high performance, and exotic cars when I was very young.

I played with some castle sets when I was younger, usually between the releases of the Technic sets. I was always tearing apart things around the house to see how they worked.

When was hooked. What is your goal when you build a car model? Is it detail, mechanics, or something else? My goals now are much different than they were 5 years ago. My main goals are to design a car that is not only recognizable LEGO designer route. I am doing this by cutting down on the part count, using pieces that are better suited for situations than others, and mainly having a lightweight but strong model in the end. What is the biggest challenge in building for you?

There is a mention on your black Gallardo about the lack of black parts.. I always try and do every suspension, transmission, and steering mechanism different from the last model that I did. Favorite sports car? And have you built it? I always liked the last generation of Pontiac Trans Ams. On your brickshelf gallery, you have a transforming car.

What as the inspiration for it? Someone actually e-mailed me asking if I was ever planning on expanding my limitations with building, and I always wanted to build a transforming car all out of Technic parts, and I had a TON of red parts, so I spent about a week tinkering around until I had something that actually worked pretty well and could be transformed without having to take anything apart and also in a timely fashion.

Any LEGO parts you wish existed? Yeah, I would love to see a long Technic Friction Pin with Stop Bush that instead of having the whole end a pin, the end of the pin was an axle. I could have used this many times. I would also like to see a 1 X 2 Thin Liftarm in Yellow. With all of the yellow construction sets out there, it blows my mind that this part does not exist in yellow. How long does it take to build a car?

How do you design a car - do you plan it out on paper before you build, or do you just build it? I just build. I normally start with the section that I think is the hardest part and work from there. Why studless over studded building? I prefer studless because to me it is more of a challenge, the end result is much cleaner and smooth, the models can be built stronger and with less weight.

People still seem to have an issue with studless building though. Death Race car, with working suspension, steering and 5 speed transmission. Weapons include saw blades, guns, and smoke screen guns. In addition, different versions of the Carrera model exist — including the arch-targa, one of our favorites. We wonder about the human fascination for cars.

In our case and for many others the different stages of life are. Nowadays, there are many models and manufacturers, it would be almost impossible to talk about only one favorite car. In any case, for aesthetic reasons or technical. For many years, LEGO building basically consisted of creating cars. Cars, cars and cars. There is always a story behind every one. There are great cars, and most of them deserve a tribute. This is our tribute to the Porsche The set of curves that draw the outline, especially those found in the front and rear of the car.

Slightly bowed, including the smooth lines that run along the side of the car. Where they combine and focus much of the color of the model. One of our favorite parts, In any case, as we said, the theme of cars is one that offers the original. The slightest defect can ruin a construction full of good details, so care must be taken to replicate the car, which we will create through the magic of LEGO! When we have built cars, we thought that the largest possible size would give us the best possible result.

In practice it is not true. There is an optimal ratio between the average size of the parts used wedge type, especially and the model, which provides a better and more attractive result.

Our latest models have been built according to this discovery. Personally we like this size much more than larger ones. Once we have decided the size to use, we began to build with what has become an established procedure, beginning with building the chassis.

Building this model, we enjoy the advantage of being two builders. Each of us separated the building to different split building often requires some planning, but it divides the labor, time and effort. We also used it to outline contours, proportions and placement of all the most relevant elements within the overall design. Although we know that the vast majority of items that contain this base will disappear with the evolution of the building, we like to work in every phase of construction, using resources, techniques and textures, as if they were independent MOCs.

In fact, they are. Let me show you some of the engineering that is in this model that make it so cool! I have worked here now for around 6 years. I did when I was much, much younger, I even how.

I still have the letter they sent me in return. Given the parts that have been made in recent years are there any of your earlier sets you would like to revisit now? Maybe I can turn that around a bit. Since then it has been fantastic to see the thousands of ways. Yes I do actually, not often, but now and again.

I organized a workshop a few years back and I brought all of my favorite car builders of the time from all over the world to Billund for a few days. So they know who they are! In the last few years there have been many more giving me a hard time, building Ferraris, Lamborghinis and many others in the 1. You also have to remember that all our models have to be a great building experience for you guys too, so we have to make sure we build in a way that makes it fun and easy to from putting in a massive amount of details.

Look out for the model, released later this year. We all work to the same basic principles and processes but of course we all adapt them in our own way.


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