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Students and employees wishing to use disability parking must apply for those privileges through a state Department of Motor Vehicles DMV. The Utah DMV can issue disability parking placards even if the vehicle is registered in another state. Placards are valid only when the person to whom the placard is issued is either in the vehicle or being picked-up or dropped off. Placards misused in this manner will be seized and returned to the issuing state and a citation may be issued.

A valid state placard or license plate for persons with a disability does not authorize parking in areas designated for emergency use red curbs , outside marked parking stalls, nor in specially designated stalls, such as Service, Official, Police Service, X stalls, Departmental stalls, etc.

We are currently updating our campus accessibility maps for your convenience. Several maps are listed below, along with a key to interpret the maps. The stall is located on the left. This bathroom is for employee use only, but may be utilized if for disability related reasons. Joseph K. Nicholes Building , , James E. Talmage Building , , ,,. Search Box. You are here Home. Maps of Disability Features by Building We are currently updating our campus accessibility maps for your convenience.

Reuben Clark Building , , Joseph F.

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Brigham Young University Campus Map

BYU's buildings exceed in number and cover the university's acres 2. The Observatory Complex is located on the west side of Utah Lake. These contain all of the male and female apartments for the program. The central building has rooms used for student activities, dinners, and Sunday church meetings. Residents of these apartments agree to speak only their apartment's assigned language during the school year while in the apartment. Students are accompanied by a native resident throughout the year to enhance the experience. Chipman , David John , Thomas N.


I am looking for a building on campus but don't know how to find a campus map. Could you help me?


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