Sustainability Report. Economic, Environmental and Social Responsibility. For an appropriate interpretation of the information contained in this Sustainability Report, please refer to the Guide to the Report on pages The commitment of the Group.

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For an appropriate interpretation of the information contained in this Sustainability Report , please refer to the Guide to the Report on pages This year for the first time — following separation of the tractor, truck and construction equipment activities —. The facts and figures on the following pages demonstrate.

We also invested more in training and safety and strengthened ties. No less important was the recognition from others, which confirms our continued commitment. For the third. In addition, Fiat brand cars have been recognized for the fifth year in a row for the lowest average. CO 2 emissions among the best-selling brands in Europe.

We also remained leader in the natural gas vehicle. The Sustainability Plan presented in the pages that follow provides all the details. It reports results achieved and,. For us, this is the essence. This is the first year that we are reporting on the results of the integration between Fiat and Chrysler, and our.

The integration process actually began from the moment we initiated our partnership and it has been a very natural. Sustainability is an integral part of how both organizations do business. Expanding the scope of analysis and reporting to include Chrysler Group and, at the same time, adopting the.

We took on this challenge because we firmly believe that continuing to set the bar even higher — not just in our. Far from making us complacent, the excellent results we have delivered so far have actually spurred us to set. For the third consecutive year, Fiat S. Europe Indexes, which only admit companies that are best-in-class in terms of economic, environmental and. As further evidence of stakeholder confidence in our approach, the level of our free float shares held by Socially.

That side of our organization is a rather private side seldom reported on in the press, but it involves people at every level,. I want to thank all the men and women in our Group for their professional and personal contribution, for the dedication and.

On the environmental front, the Group continued to develop and apply concrete and affordable solutions for reducing fuel. The union between Fiat and Chrysler has enabled us to strengthen our focus on sustainable mobility by leveraging each. Fiat is a recognized leader in high-efficiency engine technologies, while Chrysler Group, with the.

In Europe, Fiat has been confirmed for the fifth consecutive year as the leader among the best-selling brands for cars with. In the United States, Chrysler Group will begin production in of a fully-electric version of the Fiat for the North. Fiat Powertrain has continued development of solutions to lower the environmental footprint of vehicles. Application of second. Efforts to meet the highest international safety standards have also been widely recognized.

Eleven Chrysler Group vehicles. Centro Ricerche Fiat continued its research on innovative solutions for reducing fuel consumption and improving vehicle. Magneti Marelli continued its significant contribution to development of automotive systems and components that optimize. Significant advances were also made once again this year in reducing the environmental impact of production processes.

In addition, we devoted significant resources to development of our employees, including personalized training programs and. Looking to the future, the integration with Chrysler will offer extraordinary opportunities in terms of professional growth, new.

The continuing impacts of the global economic crisis — and the current difficulties in the Eurozone, in particular — have been. At the end of , a new company-specific collective labor agreement was signed for Fiat Group employees in Italy, which.

For the Group, it represents a modern instrument that offers the flexibility and. For employees, it preserves all existing rights and. In the US, the Chrysler labor contract was also renewed for another four years and the terms of that agreement ensure.

As you read on, you will find more information on these and other initiatives, together with the ambitious targets that we. Our vision for the future comes from the courage and determination to put ourselves to the test each and every day and. Fiat Group believes that sustainability is not an objective in and of itself, but rather a journey of continuous. The desire to continue growing in harmony with people and the environment is embodied in the Sustainability Plan.

Assessment of Board of Directors performance independent assessment of Board performance. Commitment: Continuously update the risk management system to remain aligned with best practice. Commitment: Promote use of low environmental impact technologies and encourage eco-friendly behavior by customers. Commitment: Develop a conflict mineral-free policy to improve mineral traceability and promote ethical sourcing.

Training kit distributed in all plants in Italy distribution of the training kit to all plants. Development of updating requirements started extension of the platform to include Chrysler.

Limitation of external noise produced by plants Guidelines for the design and purchase of new. Commitment: Promote continuous improvement through the direct participation and contribution of workers. Results of the people satisfaction survey performance of a people satisfaction survey. Fiat Group Encouragement of proposals from employees 1. Fiat Group Provision of online training on sustainability delivery of the revised course on sustainability. Commitment: Continue internal and external certification process for the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Commitment: Minimize ergonomic risk in the workplace taking into account factors such as age and gender. Commitment: Improve knowledge base of the sales force and promote customer awareness of the environmental and safety-related features of products. Design and offer of targeted training courses Approx. Commitment: Improve skill level of network technicians in diagnosis, repair and maintenance of fuel-efficient engines. Commitment: Support dealer network in developing skills to manage challenging market conditions.

Commitment: Promote decentralized training solutions to facilitate course participation, reducing time, costs and environmental impact of travel. Commitment: Promote environmental responsibility throughout the dealer and authorized service network. Commitment: Promote a culture of sustainability among employees managing supplier relationships.

Support of supplier sustainability awareness 2, suppliers trained on responsible working. Fiat Group is an international automotive group that designs, produces and sells vehicles for the volume. The Group has increased its global reach through its. The Group carries out industrial and financial services activities in the automotive sector through companies located in around. For many years, Fiat S.

Corporate Governance Code for listed companies issued in December with amendments adopted to. Over time, Fiat S. Chrysler Group. Nevertheless, the two companies remain distinct legal entities with separate governance. Fiat Group actively participates in the fight against all forms of corruption, fully complying with national and international laws and the. To ensure the highest standards are met, these principles have also been included in. Compliance with business ethics standards, including in relation to corruption, is checked through regular audits, based on the annual risk.

Over a five-year period the audit cycle will cover all consolidated. All Chrysler Group functional areas are subject to analysis on an ongoing basis to detect risks related to corruption both through audits. General Counsel OGC. It contains 39 general questions and up to area-specific questions to ensure full awareness and compliance. In the event an issue is identified, the OGC will work with the Business. Additionally, Chrysler Group has a written Conflict of Interest policy prohibiting officers, employees and their family members.

The Chrysler Group Business Practices Office interprets the policy, issues advisories, oversees investigations and reports non-compliance. A company is judged not only by financial results but also by how this success is achieved. The long-term health of an organization is highly correlated to its ability to respond to the. Sustainable growth is, in fact, built on responsibility. Trust in the Group is generated through. Among them, an asset owner is identified as a SRI if at least one of these conditions is met: it adopts SRI principles in its investment.

The analysis also covers green, social and ethical mutual funds operating worldwide. A fund has to meet all the following conditions in order to be eligible for the.

They do not. However, the data is not completely comparable, as this report includes some life insurances and. Headquartered in Orbassano, Italy, with approximately 1, employees, the CRF draws on a broad array of. The CRF has achieved significant results over the years, with 2, patents granted and patent applications filed. Of those numbers, the CRF was granted about new patents and filed 40 new patent applications in alone. Technological solutions can bring significant benefits for the environment only if they are.

The vehicle fleet average and related trend are presented here only for informational purposes.


2011 Fiat SpA Sustainability Report

The tripartite EU agency providing knowledge to assist in the development of better social, employment and work-related policies. The economic crisis caused major restructurings, plant closures and job losses. The government, local authorities and social partners reacted by launching an extraordinary programme for , in order to support workers in difficulties. The measures concerned dependent employees, excluding self-employed workers, and marginally affecting quasi-subordinate workers. The government in office is a centre-right coalition headed by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Administrative elections were held on 6 and 7 June , simultaneously with the European elections.


2011 Sustainability Report - FIAT SpA



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