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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: User Manual. Founded on 20 years of leadership and innovation, the Cisco. The unique integrated systems architecture of the Cisco Series delivers. The Cisco Series comprises four new platforms refer to Figure 1 : the Cisco , the Cisco , the Cisco , and the Cisco The Cisco Series provides significant additional value compared to prior generations of Cisco routers at similar price points by offering. The routers offer embedded encryption acceleration and on the motherboard voice digital-signal-processor DSP slots; intrusion.

All rights reserved. Important Notices and Privacy Statement. Table of Contents. Integrated services router fips non proprietary security policy 31 pages. Integrated services router fips non proprietary security policy 25 pages. Cisco systems routers installing and upgrading fans 20 pages. The Cisco Series provides significant additional value compared to prior generations of Cisco routers at similar price points by offering With the Cisco Series, customers can securely deploy data, voice, and IP telephony on a single platform for their small-to—medium sized branch offices, helping them to streamline their operations and lower their network costs.

The Cisco Series provides the broadest range of connectivity options in the industry combined with leading-edge availability and reliability features. Page 4 With more than 90 modules shared with other Cisco routers such as the Cisco , , , , and series, interfaces for the Cisco Series can easily be interchanged with other Cisco routers to provide maximum investment protection in the case of network upgrades.

Integrated on the motherboard of every Cisco Series router is hardware-based encryption acceleration that offloads the encryption processes to provide greater IPsec throughput with less overhead for the router CPU when compared with software-based solutions. Page 6 IP Telephony Support—Features and Benefits The Cisco Series allows network managers to provide scalable analog and digital telephony without investing in a one-time solution refer to Table 4 for more detail , allowing enterprises greater control of their converged telephony needs.

Using the voice and fax modules, The Cisco Series offers many enhancements to help enable the support of multiple services in the branch office as shown in Table 5. Page 8 Page 12 8-port analog modem network module with v. Page 13 of Page 15 of 19 Cisco Important notices, privacy statements, and trademarks of Cisco Systems, Inc. Page Service And Support Cisco offers a wide range of services programs to accelerate customer success. These innovative services programs are delivered through a unique combination of people, processes, tools, and partners, resulting in high levels of customer satisfaction.

Cisco services help you to protect your network investment, optimize network operations, and prepare the network for new applications to extend network intelligence and the power of your business. This manual is also suitable for: Print page 1 Print document 19 pages.

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Cisco 2801 Datasheet

Cisco series of integrated services routers offers secure, wire speed delivery of concurrent data, voice and video services. The modular design of the cisco series routers provide maximum flexibility and allows you to configure your router to meet the evolving needs. Cisco series routers incorporate data, security and voice in a single system for fast scalable delivery of crucial business applications. The routers offer features such as hard ware based VPN encryption , intrusion protection and firewall functions and optional integrated call processing and voice mail.


Cisco 2801 CISCO2801-V/K9 Data Sheet


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