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Infectious Disease. Medical Exams. Medical Terminology. Occupational Therapy. Passive Care. Physical Therapy. Spinal Anatomy. Air Traffic Control. Interior Design. Massage Therapy. Pilot License. Business Law. Civil Procedure. Constitutional Law. Contract Law. Corporate Law. Criminal Law. Intellectual Property. International Law.

Property Law. Computer Programming. Computer Science. Graphic Design. Information Technology. Management Information Systems. Culinary Arts. Art History. Other Fine Arts. Knowledge Rehab. National Capitals. People You Should Know. Sports Trivia. Tarot Cards. Who Is It For? How many levels of division of maintenance concept is the Naval Aviation Maintenance Program NAMP founded on that classifies maintenance by complexity, depth, scope, and range of work performed?

Which maintenance level primarily includes inspecting, services, lubricating, adjusting, and replacing parts, minor aeronautical equipment? Which maintenance level is performed by designated maintenance activities responsible for supporting units operating aircraft and aeronautical equipment?

What are two types of aircraft maintenance performed within the naval establishment without distinction as to levels of maintenance?

What are considered the authority for the issue of specific items of Support Equipment SE? Which instruction contains maintenance functions and policy for guided missiles, aircraft guns, and targets, bomb assemblies, rockets, jet assisted takeoff, and pyrotechnics? What is defined as all equipment required on the ground to make an aeronautical system, support system, subsystem, or end item of equipment, operational in its intended environment?

Support Equipment SE. How many different ways is Support Equipment SE categorized as? Which maintenance level is performed at or by Fleet Readiness Center FRC sites to ensure continued flying integrity of airframes and flight systems during subsequent operational service periods? Which type of inspection can detect defects with a high degree of accuracy and with no adverse effect upon the use of the part of system being inspected? Who has overall cognizance of the Non-Destructive Inspection NDI Program and is responsible for managing a program of research, development, training, and application of NDI techniques and equipment?

Which classes of ships are exempt from establishing and maintaining an X-ray Radiography Program? Which form provides a record of certification and recertification of Non-Destructive Inspection NDI technicians and operators? Which form shall be used by Non-Destructive Inspection NDI technicians and operators to record all NDI tasks, supervised work experience, and trial practice applications performed? Recertification of each NDI method is required once every how many years? Non-Destructive Inspection NDI operators are Navy and Marine Corps personnel, of which grade and above, who have successfully completed required training and may be certified to perform limited NDI task?

Task-specific training shall be provided in an amount that will vary with complexity of the Technical Directive TD or maintenance technical manuals directed Non-Destructive Inspection NDI tasks, but shall not be less than how many hours for the first aeronautical part, assembly, or structural feature listed? Non-Destructive Inspection NDI technicians shall maintain X-ray proficiency by performing radiographic image X-ray inspections at least how many times per month?

For activities authorized to perform open facility X-ray , all Non-Destructive Inspection NDI technicians shall participate in at least one open facility X-ray inspection either through normal workload or to maintain proficiency every how many months?

Non-Destructive Inspection NDI technicians with proficiency lapses exceeding 12 consecutive months, but less than how many years, require refresher training that must be administered by a Fleet Readiness Center FRC or NDI specialist to reestablish certification? Newly certified Non-Destructive Inspection NDI technicians shall require at least how many months of supervised work experience before assignment at an activity without any experienced NDI technicians?

Which program provides a unique application of reconnaissance and surveillance through the use of recoverable and highly versatile airborne systems? What authorizes maintenance actions during combat conditions that may provide less than percent restoration of an aircraft and its subsystems or components to original strength, mission capability, or configuration?

Which program provides the data required for the effective management of Support Equipment SE at all levels of aircraft maintenance? What provides coordination of technical data distribution and field engineering assistance and instruction for the maintenance, repair, and operation of Support Equipment SE?

Which program was established to permit achievement of required item performance, operational efficiency, logistic support, and readiness through effective management of item configuration requirements?


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Comnavairforinst 4790.2A


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