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Is it too radical to suggest that the body and mind can be affected directly by M morphogenetic field as a vector of therapeutic information? Este prea radical sa ne gandim ca mintea si corpul pot fi direct afectate de un alt vector al informatiei terapeutice:impulsurile energetice similare celor generate de propriul creier transformate in modulari ale campului M morphogenetic? Even if the pollutant is filtered the water molecule cluster still remains in an unnaturally large cluster due to its lasting electromagnetic frequency influence on the water, this frequency keeps the water molecules in the same unnatural structure, as they were when the pollutant was present, despite its absence.

This is the pollution no one considers. Water pollution comes in many forms, chemicals, farm run-off, Thermal, frictional and electromagnetic. Pollution saturates water with unnatural amounts of substances and electromagnetic influences, that all leave their influence in the form of frequency on water, reducing its capacity to dissolve and transport nutrients, food and oxygen and also to clean the cells within our bodies.

In the larger environment waterways no longer function as they should, because pollutants cause unbalancing of ecosystem nutrient and energy cycling.

As water becomes over polluted it can no longer clean or regenerate itself, it is simply too full of the frequency influence of pollution, causing larger than natural water molecule clusters.

If water cannot dissolve and transport oxygen effectively it can become anaerobic. If this occurs in any environment, it also may become anaerobic. Water is a crystal. A crystal is programmable just like an electronic mini-chip and has the ability to retain memory. Thus, water also has the ability to retain memory. Water responds to our thoughts, emotions and words like a conscious sentient being. Water also responds to the written word, photographs and music.

To some people these may seem like bold statements that are a little far from their reality … however, all of these statements have been scientifically proven with ample research and documentation. To demonstrate this, let us take a look at the research of Dr. David Schweitzer , Dr. Masaru Emoto and Dr. Johann Grander. David Schweitzer In Dr. David Schweitzer succeeded in photographing images of thoughts that had been impregnated in water.

Thus, demonstrating that water was capable of acting as a liquid memory system that could store information.

This made it possible to photographically research the impact of positive and negative thoughts on the fluids of the body. Schweitzer shares his experience … quote. I thought that, since blood cells were suspended in water, it might be possible to discover further details about water itself.

Schweitzer developed a fluorescent microscope using a light temperature of nm which presented the greatest probability of monitoring this somatide activity particles of light in water. He observed that these small light bodies could be directly influenced by positive and negative emotions … however, they would respond with greater luminosity in the presence of positive thoughts. Mirahorian: Metoda de Relaxare prin Pilotare Auditiva este o cale antica pentru trezire, reamintirea adevaratei noastre identitati, vindecare, slabire, scadere in greutate, cresterea performantelor artistice, mentale, sportive , invatare rapida si acces la Banca de Date a Universului Mirahorian: Guided Relaxation an ancient way for awakening, recalling or remembering our true identity, healing, weight loss, increase in artistic, mental and athletic or sports performances, superlearning and access to the Data Bank of the Universe.

We use the Grander technology in our water revitalizing system to produce the highest quality pure living water. It produces higher dissolved oxygen to provide more energy. The restoring of this natural information has the capacity to rectify the fundamental problems of our drinking water, and to restore the structure of water molecules damaged by pollution, addition of chemicals, processing and transmission in pipes.

The Grander process changes the inner structure of water and returns the water molecules to a highly ordered state, making the water more stable. The information water passes structural information through its field to other liquids nearby. Remove all harmful frequencies emitted by pollutants and to reduce their negative impacts to our body. To reduce the size of water molecules clusters thus enhancing their permeability into our body cell.

Increase the level of dissolved oxygen in water and accelerate the breakdown of biodegradable wastes. How is the water revitalized? The Blue Water is never subjected to any kind of disinfection during the bottling process. The water has been shown to remain pure regardless of storage conditions e. These unique keeping properties are only possible through the Grander process.

Enhanced solvent power: practical experience in thousands of applications has shown that the use of revitalized water enables the reduction in quantity of detergents whilst maintaining cleaning effects. This allows the clear conclusion to be drawn that revitalized water has more solvent power. Pendant This pretty piece of jewelry is filled with pure, precious Grander Information Water and has a harmonizing effect on the body.

The energy rod is filled with Grander Information Water and has a revitalising and harmonizing effect on all beverages. The energy rod is suitable for use in glasses, cups and medium-sized jugs. The energy rod is filled with Grander Information Water and has a revitalising and harmonizing effect on all beverages To revitalise a beverage, simply stir several times for about 20 seconds with the rod; a change in taste is usually immediately noticeable.

Wooden energy boards The wooden energy boards contain a spiral copper tube, filled with Grander Information Water. Jugs of water, juices and alcoholic drinks and bowls of fruit all benefit from the revitalization effect. The boards are also effective in refrigerators to enhance vegetable freshness Wooden energy boards. The boards are also used adjacent to reverse osmosis water tanks. The Austrian naturalist Johann Grander developed a natural means to revitalize water.

Grander practical applications-p1 description of the wide field of applications…Johann Grander water revitalization living energy. Grander practical applications-p3 showing the wide field of practical applications…Johann Grander; water revitalization; living water; energy. Grander practical applications-p5 showing the wide field of practical applications…Johann Grander; water revitalization; living.

Grander practical applications-p6 Grander practical applications…Johann Grander water revitalization living. Holygrailsfantulgraal's Blog Just another WordPress. Articolul incearca sa actualizeze cercetarile asupra revitalizarii si structurarii apei realizate de.

Wolfgang Ludwig Dr. Masaru Emoto Dr. Johann Grander Dr. Viktor Schauberger Alexander Gurwitsch. On planet earth water is the single most important substance. If you do not have water you do not have life. It is the driving force behind all the various environments and ecosystems that make up our world. It is the factor in regulating all weather systems.

It keeps the temperature of the earth stable. It has the ability to clean, absorb, and transport any other substance. It regulates our whole metabolism, millions of complex bio-chemical processes occurring every day. It is not always the amount of water or even the purity that governs your health, it is the quality of the water.

Thousands of years ago water had certain characteristics in respect to oxygen content, surface tension and solubility.

How close to this ideal water do you think your current drinking water is, if it is tap water, bottled water or treated by ozone, chlorine, fluoride, reverse osmosis, distilling. How natural is the water once it has undergone all these different treatments? These are man made treatments to simply try to kill all living things in the water or to filter out all things from the water, hardly a natural approach.

Vladimir K. Mohorn, Wilhelm has invented a device for conveying damp or salts, e. The research of Dr. Schweitzer has also demonstrated an important increase in the luminosity of the Bio-Photon activity in water that has been subjected to a revitalization and restructuring process. Masaru Emoto Thanks to the work of Dr. Emoto developed a method to freeze water samples and then photograph the resulting crystalline formation, using a microscope x amplification.

Each of these samples revealed different levels of structural organization. However, he did not stop there … Dr. Emoto took his testing to a new level. He exposed samples of water to different types of music and tested the resulting crystallization. Beethoven, Mozart, Bach all produced beautiful crystal formations. He also exposed water samples to various pictures and prayer, with resulting structural organization taking place in the water. This is truly a wonder to witness …and it provides many people in the alternate health area with positive feedback for their work.

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Regulile practice ale antrenamentului antic de aliniere Yoga care conduc la cunoasterea experimentala a Sinelui,la autocontrol, vindecare, acces la puterile divine si la Eliberare din starea actuala de ratacire,ignoranta,neputi nta si suferinta. Adobe Acrobat Reader, este gratis la adresa indicata de autor. Sutra 4. R: Puterile supranaturale siddhis pot fi obtinute prin nastere janman , droguri aushadhi , incantatii mantra , asceza tapas si transa samadhi ;. Spielberg ilustreaza aceasta activitate ]; E: birth, previous births,incarnation of high level entities see: YS 1. Spielberg is an illustration of this activity using the genetic reservoir of human species on Earth, to create supersoldiers for the wars with highly advanced civilizations;.

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The frequencies emitted by the device are between 0. The programmed therapeutic magnetic pulses generated by Qi MAGEN belong to twelve vibratory classes of human beings and homeopathic remedies [see: Boyd's emanometer ], and to the twelve acupuncture meridians. That's why Qi MAGEN replaces homeopathy, presopuncture , reflexology or electro-acupuncture and also the therapeutically invasive or polluting methods of therapy like chemo-therapy and needle acupuncture. As a result, the field of application of the device is much larger than devices from previous generations which were based on a single function. Qi MAGEN is successful in the treatment of bone synthesis, in Diabetes [both type 1 and type 2], as it can trigger cellular regeneration and the cell's production of the gene responsible for insulin production.

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