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SG Body Reflector Muting. Datalogic and the Datalogic logo are registered trademarks of Datalogic S. Purpose of this document Intended readers Informations for the use General description of the safety light curtains Appearance and interface Package contents Main functions and new features How to choose the device Controlled height Minimum installation distance Typical applications Safety information Precautions to be observed for the choice and installation of the device General information on device positioning Minimum distance from reflecting surfaces Distance between homologous devices Active and passive orientation Precautions to respect during the use of deviating mirrors Controls after first installation Side fixing brackets Rotating brackets Bottom fixing brackets Vibration dampers Mechanical muting arms mounting Mechanical arm mounting retro-reflex Important notes for installation Minimal connection Complete connection list Complete dip-switches configuration External relays connection EDM control connection Muting arms or Muting function inputs connection Override connection Earth connection Standard configuration Reset function EDM function Muting function Muting timeout selection function Muting low-pass filter function Installation mode of Muting sensors Override function Activation of the Override function Override input mode function Override restart mode function Override status Alignment function Light curtain alignment procedure Correct muting arm alignment procedure User interface Diagnostic messages Active unit side General information and useful data Product disposal Side fixing bracket Side fixing bracket mounting Rotative fixing bracket Rotative fixing bracket mounting Bottom fixing bracket Bottom fixing bracket mounting Column and floor stands Protective stands Test Piece Laser pointer Connection cables Safety relay SE-SR Muting Arms Read this section carefully before implementing the instructions given in this manual and starting up the.

These instructions for use are addressed to the manufacturer technicians or staff operating the. Scope of this document excludes information about use of the machine the safety system is installed. The instructions for use given herein are addressed to designers, manufacturers and persons in. They are also. In particular, the applicable industry standards shall. General information about accident-prevention protection by means of optoelectronic safety devices.

The device, consisting in one active unit inside a sturdy aluminium profile and a passive unit. The active unit is composed of two types of optic groups: emitting and receiving units. The infrared. The passive unit is composed of a sturdy aluminium profile containing pre-assembled and pre-aligned.

The active unit is equipped with the command and control functions. The connections are made. The device consists in 2 units: the active unit and the passive unit. The active unit, according to the. During installation, an user interface facilitates the alignment of both units see section 7 —. Some parts or sections of this manual containing important information for the user or installing.

Notes and detailed descriptions about particular characteristics of the safety devices in order to better. The information provided in the paragraphs following this symbol is very important for safety. This manual contains all the information necessary for the selection and operation of the safety.

However, specialised knowledge not included in this technical description is required for the planning. As the required knowledge. T-shaped models are available with integrated Muting sensors for bidirectional Muting , L-shaped.

By means of Muting arms accessories, linear models can be converted into T-shaped models and L-. The linear models, presenting a specific connector allowing easy connection of the Muting sensors, is. Sensor positioning has to be carried out by the operator, respecting the precautions listed in the. There are at least three different main characteristics that should be considered when choosing a. The resolution of the device is the minimum dimension that an opaque object must have in order to.

The following table shows the values of the optic interaxis I , the resolution R and the optic diameter. As shown in Figure 1, the resolution depends only on the geometrical characteristics of the lenses,.


SG Body Reflector Muting.pdf - Datasensor

We dedicate ourselves to provide every day the best service to our customers and partners, and today is no exception. Datalogic offers a complete line of type 2 and type 4 safety light curtains for machine safeguarding and access control in dangerous areas, with basic and advanced functions, such as integrated Laser Marking Systems. RFID Systems. OEM Barcode Readers. Healthcare Pharmacy Hospital - Labs Pharmaceutical. Other Solutions.


Datasensor SE-SRT Series Manual

SG Body Reflector Muting. Datalogic and the Datalogic logo are registered trademarks of Datalogic S. Purpose of this document Intended readers

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