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For advertising space in the newsletter, contact heraldcons gmail. Project RO. Air Force T-7A Programme For the searching and the identifying specific circumstances it is recommended the expert advice provided by Herald Insights. Adunarea Generala a Actionarilor pentru aprobarea rezult The initial BelugaXL — featuring a livery with distinctive whale-type smile — was delivered for operation in December, and it entered service earlier this month.

The aircraft also can carry the A XWB's largest fuselage section with room to spare. Bell Helicopter Textron Inc. Latest offerings include newly certified Instrument Flight Rules IFR solution, modern avionics suites among other new standard equipment, delivering most technologically advanced aircraft to the market Anaheim, CA January 28, — Bell Textron Inc.

As we continue to invest in new technologies, Bell is growing our aftermarket service offerings and global presence. The following enhancements are available for new commercial aircraft and retrofittable across legacy commercial aircraft. Bell Jet Ranger X: The Bell delivers unmatched cost of operation and is the most mission adaptable aircraft in the short light single market.

The Garmin GH NXi Flight Deck is now standard equipment for production aircraft or available for retrofit on existing Bell s, delivering enhanced situational awareness and reduced pilot workload. HUMS monitoring covers drive system, engine, rotors, and it provides estimates of remaining useful life to help bring predictability to maintenance needs. The new Avionics come with several enhancements, most notably being nearly three pounds lighter per display unit, lower power consumption, expanded route mapping with five levels of declutter and a two-second power-up time.

Bell Relentless: The first production-representative Bell , fitted with an oil-andgas interior will make its first Heli-Expo debut. The Bell has made significant strides in flight test activity, completing major development testing requirements.

The program is transitioning to certification flight testing. The Bell delivers a generational leap forward with fly-by-wire which greatly increases safety through reduced pilot workload and enhanced situational awareness.

Navy has been crucial in developing this system that will help commanders build a better common operational picture. Designed to operate in a manned-unmanned teaming concept, Triton provides an unblinking eye over massive swaths of ocean and littoral areas, enabling manned aircraft such as the U.

Northrop Grumman solves the toughest problems in space, aeronautics, defense and cyberspace to meet the ever evolving needs of our customers worldwide. Our 85, employees define possible every day using science, technology and engineering to create and deliver advanced systems, products and services. Saab started assembly production on January 10, of its section of the T-7A aircraft, the advanced trainer developed and produced together with Boeing for the United States Air Force.

Louis, Missouri. Boeing is the designated prime contractor for the T-7A advanced pilot training system acquisition by the U. Air Force. Saab and Boeing developed the aircraft with Saab as a risk-sharing partner. The team will benefit from a significant workshare and a high degree of technological cooperation and will offer Germany an excellent reliability in maintaining and using this platform. Parcella stressed that it was important "to build a strong German industrial team early on and to capitalize on the know-how of the German teammates for the STH project.

For the industry, this means the creation of many new, long-term jobs for highly qualified employees and an important transfer of know-how," he said. In addition to the core team, other companies in the German defense industry would ultimately benefit from the procurement project. We have developed into a highly effective unit," Schmidt added. Looking at lifecycle costs, mission requirements and capability, the CHK will deliver better long-term value than its competitor.

Its avionics and digitized flight control systems are designed to accommodate future software upgrades, and its internal payload capability may be increased substantially in the future with relatively simple modifications. An integrated sensor system enables the aircraft to predict and prevent problems at an early stage and thus drastically reducing the maintenance effort, which is a key element for high availability rates of the fleet.

Additionally, the CHK is equipped with air-to-air refueling fully interoperable with Lockheed Martin's KCJ tanker aircraft, which the Bundeswehr is planning to operate, and which is already being used by France. Due to the design of the cargo bay, the CHK easily accommodates the same air transport pallets, enabling fast cargo handling between it and fixed-wing transport aircrafts such as the CJ and the AM.

This means that the helicopter can be used particularly in areas where these aircraft cannot land. Due to its versatility, the CHK can be used for the tactical transport of personnel and material as well as for disaster relief, humanitarian missions, medical evacuation medevac or combat search and rescue CSAR operations.

For example, no other heavy-lift helicopter in the world can transport more water to fight fires and simultaneously carry material and personnel. The CHK can move personnel and equipment more quickly, safely and effectively than any other helicopter -- meaning operators would not need as many aircraft to execute a mission.

It will be safer and easier to operate, which will protect the pilots, the crew and the cargo, also providing value. This is a lifesaving capability in degraded conditions and allows precise control inputs when delivering an external load. The companies are in advanced talks with representatives of the state government, local companies and the airport operator. About Lockheed Martin Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company that employs approximately , people worldwide and is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services.

Founded in , the group today consists of two operational components: Rheinmetall Defence and Rheinmetall Automotive. As Europe's leading defense and security technology systems supplier, Rheinmetall Defence stands for longstanding experience and innovation in armored and logistics vehicles, weapons and ammunition, air defense, electronics and simulation.

As an aviation-certified company, Rheinmetall Aviation Services intends to provide key services such as maintenance, repair, training and program support in Germany for the Heavy Transport Helicopter project, making it the Bundeswehr's main point of contact. About the German CHK Team Sikorsky formed a German industrial team at an early stage of the project and ensured that the expertise of the local teammates was directly incorporated into the bid.

A large part of the project's added value would thus be generated in Germany. The German-U. CHK team is the foundation for a successful STH program and guarantees high availability of the helicopter as well as reliable support and maintenance throughout the entire lifecycle of the helicopter.

BAE Systems Inc. His work has been granted patents and featured in books and academic journals. BAE Systems delivers a broad range of services and solutions enabling militaries and governments to successfully carry out their respective missions.

The company provides large-scale systems engineering, integration, and sustainment services across air, land, sea, space, and cyber domains. BAE Systems takes pride in its support of national security and those who serve. BAE Systems was awarded a contract from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA to develop the next generation of mixed-signal electronics that could enable new Department of Defense DoD applications including high capacity, robust communications, radars, and precision sensors, and lead to solutions that enhance situational awareness and survivability for the warfighter.

Recognizing that the DoD has performance demands that far exceed the capabilities of the commercial world in terms of speed, fidelity, capacity, and precision, DARPA created the Technologies for Mixed mode Ultra Scaled Integrated Circuits T-MUSIC program to enable disruptive radio frequency RF mixed-mode technologies by developing high performance RF analog electronics integrated with advanced digital electronics on the same wafer.

The next-generation capabilities that could be made possible with this program include a combination of wide spectral coverage, high resolution, large dynamic range, and high information processing bandwidth. These capabilities, which can cut through the electronic signal clutter, provide leap-forward performance that is mission critical as services rely on electronic sensors in highly congested environments. The new developments could be integrated into electronic warfare, communications, precision munitions, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance platforms.

Work for the contract will be completed at the company's facilities in Merrimack, New Hampshire; Lexington, Mass. The primary source of information on CETC is the bond report for the company. The remaining Jitter negatively impacts the bit error rate in a digital communication system. Component manufacturers generally only measure an oscillator's jitter under ideal conditions for product specifications.

When applied to actual systems, jitter is often higher than the specified components' jitter due to noise sources such as power supply noise that are intentionally minimized in a laboratory environment.

The lack of specifications related to external sources makes it difficult to select the best oscillator from a datasheet. With its industry-leading phase noise sensitivity, it is the instrument of choice for measuring ultra-low jitter devices like oscillators, clocks and phase-locked loops PLLs. With its built-in function and arbitrary waveform generator and the dedicated power rail probes, sinusoidal power supply noise with a defined amplitude is injected to the power rails of the oscillator.

We are excited to collaborate with Epson and together present this measurement technique to the whole industry. That's a huge transformation not just for the service, but for the whole government. This is a significant departure from previous satellite ground control programs.

Typically, companies would develop a system that collects and exploits data from specific types of satellites or sensors. FORGE changes this model as it's able to collect data from nearly any type of satellite or sensor, and then helps operators make sense of that data quickly. These applications allow the system to process specific types of data.

For example, an application could be built that would allow civil agencies to use the same satellite data to help detect forest fires, volcanic activity, agricultural changes, even surges in electric power consumption. Further departing from the traditional ground control development model, Raytheon built the prototype system in less than a year and it's capable of processing real data today. The company leveraged development work on several past programs, especially its Advanced Weather Integrated Processing System, to design the framework.

Raytheon also incorporated its deep experience developing applications using DevSecOps and Agile software development processes to dramatically speed development.

Raytheon will work with the Air Force over the upcoming years to further evolve and prove the framework's capabilities. Rheinmetall Automotive to supply pumps for electric vehicles The Automotive arm of the high-tech Rheinmetall Group has won a major 8-year order from a well-known international automaker to supply pumps for electric vehicles.

Rheinmetall Automotive will be supplying two versions of its electric water recirculation pump via its Chinese joint venture Pierburg Huayu Pump Technology Co. For Rheinmetall, the order marks another major success in the field of electromobility. In the meantime, the lifetime contract volume of all Automotive orders relating to emobility comes to around a billion euros.

They will be used in various battery-powered electric vehicles made by the globally operating OEM, which are destined for China and the wider Asian market.

Development of the components took place at the Pierburg plant in Hartha in the German State of Saxony. Pierburg GmbH is a subsidiary of Rheinmetall Automotive. The Group produces large numbers of these pumps at its locations in Germany, Mexico and China. Manufactured from a proprietary polymer that glows in the dark after being charged by a light source, Semco Glow-inthe-Dark GID tools by PPG are precision molded application tools for sealants, adhesives, and other paste materials commonly used in the aerospace industry.

Designed to be used in areas where limited light is available, such as aircraft fuel tanks center and wing or vertical and horizontal stabilizers, Vertical storage is a good way for manufacturers to sort notso-common multiple length products for quick visual identification and retrieval. Three sets of pins keep the components separated for protection and easy selection by an associate. The kitting cart allows the associate to handle the parts directly with no packaging to deal with, which improves the overall efficiency of the operation.

The continuous plastic shelf ensures that nothing falls through and the box design of the base, ensuring stored parts are firmly secured and that nothing will kick free out the bottom.

An upper and lower retaining strap ensures product is secure for long distance transport. X alin.


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Imputernicire Utilizare Masina in limba engleza


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