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See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Jan 22, SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Draupadi the fire born princess. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this document? Why not share!

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Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Draupadi the fire born princess 1. It was a magical age called Dwapara Yuga, when the gods and their children took mortal form; when men and women lived extraordinary lives and became the legendary heroes that people would tell stories about.

It was a time when people looked up to Kshatriyas, the warrior class, as their protectors. But filled with greed, many of them misused their power to terrorise those they were meant to protect. To amass wealth, they fought their noble brothers, killed them mercilessly, and showed no respect for life. The earth was heavy with sorrow for their evil deeds.

It was during this age that a prophecy foretold of the destruction of these evil warriors. To cause this destruction and fulfil the prophecy, one woman arose from the sacred fire. I am that woman. My name is Draupadi. Born in an age when women were appreciated for their patience and sweetness, they say that my thoughts burnt bright as flames, and my words were sharp like fire-tipped arrows. Perhaps it is true — I would like to think it is. But you, dear reader, may decide for yourself.

For here is my story Like all good stories, it begins at the end. The mountain wind is bitterly cold, and I am clad in simple cotton.

Shivering and freezing, on the icy cold Himalayan slopes, I can hardly feel my feet I can only stop when my body collapses. I can only stop when I am dead. Ahead of me walk five glorious men. They are the Pandavas, the greatest warriors that ever lived. Their strides are big and their bodies strong. I struggle to keep up In the howling wind, their presence fades, and I am all alone. All my life I have been surrounded by people. Yet, strangely, I have always felt alone.

But what does it matter now, if my last hours on earth are spent in solitude? His presence never fades. The wind suddenly softens, and I am grateful. The mere thought of Krishna brings blessings. As I trudge along, my entire life flashes before me, and I am stung by questions as I remember.

Why did I, a fire-born princess, live such a lonely life? Why do I walk to my death with five men? Have I fulfilled everything I was born to do? To answer these questions, I must recall every instance of my life. I must tell you about the river goddess Ganga and her son Bheeshma, about a blind king and a widowed queen His words were the only ones that calmed my fiery soul.

My thoughts fly to the most sacred of rivers, the Ganga He was worried that the throne of Hastinapur would rightfully pass to Devavrata after Shantanu died. Devavrata was born of Ganga and King Shantanu of the Kuru dynasty that ruled the kingdom of Hastinapur. When Devavrata was still very young, Ganga left him and Shantanu to return to her river abode, and the king grieved for many years.

One day, while hunting in the woods, Shantanu met Satyavati, the beautiful daughter of a fisherman, and fell in love with her. Devavrata persuaded his father, the king, to marry Satyavati and make her the new queen. Invoking the gods as witness, Devavrata renounced his right to the throne of Hastinapur forever. He also vowed that he would never marry and would never have children of his own. From the heavens, they gave him a new name, Bheeshma, the one who took inviolable oaths.

Bheeshma remained a loyal caretaker of the throne, lovingly tending to his half-brothers. Satyavati had two sons with Shantanu — Chitrangada and Vichitravirya.

But tragedy struck twice. His halfbrothers died young. In an ancient age, when gods and mortals walked the earth together Draupadi is in love with Arjuna, the Pandava prince.

Evil waits at every corner, and a great war looms ahead. Her only comfort is her friend, Krishna. Will the impulsive Draupadi brave the humiliation destiny has written for her? Must she lose everything she has loved?

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Draupadi: Fire-Born Princess: Campfire Mythology Line (Campfire Graph

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Draupadi: Fire-Born Princess

This graphic-novel adaption of the Indian epic poem Mahabharata focuses the major events of the myth—a dispute between two gods-blessed sets of cousins that spans generations and eventually culminates in war—through the lens of Draupadi, a princess created from fire for the express purpose of marrying one of the cousins. Far from a subservient wife, however, Draupadi is more like the flames that bore her; her fiery spirit is key to her survival as her husband bets her in a dice game, she endures a thirteen-year-long exile, and she watches her loved ones go to war. The family tree provided at the story's opening is immensely helpful in determining the roles of various characters, particularly as the epic poem introduces many players at once. The color-saturated panels, the muscled men, and Draupadi's lithe form are all classic comic-book hallmarks, but the vibrant art is often overwhelmed by text boxes relaying repetitive information. Indeed, the whole endeavor is somewhat overstuffed, as any one episode from Draupadi's life could have been a graphic novel by itself. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.


Draupadi: The Fire Born Princess

This is a story with a princess, a lying king, a cheating lord, a period of exile, a lesson in what matters in life, a family that argues and cheats, and a mystical element that gives magical weapons from the great beyond. It is a fascinating story that comes straight from the deepest tradition of Indian literature and philosophy. This book showcases why the graphic novel format has become one of the leading and best ways to help tell a story. Whether you read it on a Kindle or hold the book in your lap while sitting near a sun-filled window, there is such a personal nature to the story telling and art that you can never escape it. Using the sequential art form to tell the story of a national epic helps brings the action and drama right in front of us. Taken directly from the ancient Indian epic known as The Mahabharata, which also holds philosophical scriptures and is considered the holy book of Hinduism, this is the story of a determined woman who does her best to come to terms with her own demons and live in the world around her. While a woman holds center stage, it is a tale that crosses gender lines as those around Draupadi contribute to her growth as she does to theirs.


Draupadi: The Fire-Born Princess


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