Sometimes we might have trouble finding where you are located. Having your current location will help us to get you more accurate prayer times and nearby Islamic places. Here are some things you can do to help fix the problem. Excellent app! Actually, in my opinion, the best one!

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El ojab wek'ek' oj je yaw je yok' tinani', yutol ey mimej sya'ilal chi sbey sjul je sattaj. Ja' sk'uxtajil ch'en tu' chi tx'oxon el je cam c'ulal yin ch'en. Jaxca chi yun s'a' junoj tzet yetal yu k'ak', quey tu' oj yun can el je mimanil yu.

Tuxa chi jul slawubal yul yiban k'ianl ti', jal pax je be'omal tu' caw ey oc yin je c'ul je yambani. Chi a yaw eb tet Dios tinani', catu' chi yalon a je mul eb.

Jix able tzet jix yal eb yu naj Yaaw eb ey ec' satcan. Tu' c'al chi etex el je yu. Laan jex jaxca junoj no' wacax chi bak'echbi. Janic'xane tiempoal chi yak' je na'bal oj, catu' chi ak'le cam oj. Pero ma c'al spajtze sba eb e ex. Ila eb mulnawom tinani', chi smaj eb yelol yawo, ja' ton sat awo tu' ey tzet chi oc yu eb. Chi jul babel nab, masanta' c'al chi lawi ec' nabil k'inal, pero chi yak' miman c'ulal eb, catu' chi yechbanen eb yelol yawo.

Tec'an che yute je ba, yutol tuxa chi juli. Yuxan, techa ojab je yu jaxca eb tu'. Ey bey jix je yab sk'aneal naj Job, tol tec'an jix yute sba naj yet jix yaben sya'il naj. Je yotaj pax oj, tzet utbil jix yun yel oc naj yin xa slawubal yu naj Kaawil. Jix ok' sc'ul naj Kaawil tu' yin, catu' jix yilon oc sc'ul naj yin naj.

Man comon oj che loctej sbi Dios a satcan, ma sbi junoj xa mac txequel, ma junoj xa tzet yetal bey yul yiban k'inal ti'. Quey ojab c'al tu' che yute k'anab je ba, yet watx' c'am tzet chi tit je yiban, yet chi sna'on oc Dios je yin. Ta ey jex pax ey jex oc yin tzala c'ulal xin, bit'ne wej junoj je watx' k'ane tet Dios. Ja' jex anciano jex ti', txalan nej yu eb. Che yaon can oc aceite olivo yin eb yin sbi naj Kaawil, yutol quey tu' yalon naj Kaawil.

Ja' naj Kaawil oj ak'on can wa'xoj sc'ul eb. Ta ey junoj spenail jix el yunen eb, oj jo'le q'uey yiban eb yu Dios. Catu' txalan nej je yu jun jun jex, yet watx' oj wa'xoj je c'ul. Ja' eb watx' sbeybal, Caw ey tzet yetal chi wa'xi can el yu xa eb tu'. Yin masanil sc'ul jix txali, yet watx' c'am xa chi yak' nab.

Nan scan jabil ma xa yak' nab bey jun lugar tu'. Ja' to yet tu' jix yaxbi pax a jun lugar tu' junel xa. Yu watx' tzet che yun tu', oj ak'le q'uey jantaj spenail.


Brand New 3Bedroom Apartment in Furn El Chebbak with Beirut city view

Size: Square Meters. Big Saloon. Dining room. Big Balcony, where you can install curtain glass and benefit from an extra room. Spacious Kitchen. Four bathrooms.


Belly Dance Orient. Vol.45.

The video should highlight the urban lens diversity, density, dynamics of these communities, the vulnerability and poverty facing the children and their families with a highlight on how host community, refugees and foreign workers live in cities; their struggles to survive amidst an already vulnerable community. Additionally, the video should demonstrate how WVL holistic development interventions impacted the lives of children in these areas. The video must include general footage for the city inside and out , interviews from local communities, diverse community members old and young , local representative from the municipality to highlight both needs and offered solutions that show impact. The video will also have key figures and statistics inserted. The selected videographer will handle the development of the video.


Prayer Times in Chibak

In recent years, many gradient materials have been studied. The metal materials with gradient microstructure mainly include: grain size distribution gradient, twin density gradient, dislocation density gradient, solute or precipitate density gradient, or combinations thereof. There are many studies of gradient nanograined material, but few studies of the dislocation density gradient. In fact, the dislocation density gradient structure is ubiquitous. The Taylor relation is only applicable to reveal the relationship between dislocation density and plastic flow stress, without the description of its dependence on dislocation density gradient. Discrete dislocation dynamics DDD has its advantage in describing plastic deformation in terms of dislocation motion and dislocation interactions. In this work, Three-dimensional discrete dislocation dynamics 3D-DDD simulation was performed to investigate the compression behavior of single crystal copper micropillar with dislocation density gradient structure.


1008241 WVL I Call for Tender I Video on urban programming in Beirut.


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