He had already been writing for various publications of a socialist nature under the pseudonyms of J. Barzdyla, as well as others. After one semester at the business school, he decided to enroll at the University of Leipzig where he began his formal studies of literature with an emphasis on literary composition. By , it became clear that he was suffering from tuberculosis , and the disease had done considerable damage to his health.

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PubMed Central. Se observaron decrementos de publicidad en exteriores Fortuna Tessera, Venus - Evidence of horizontal convergence and crustal thickening. Structural and tectonic patterns mapped in Fortuna Tessera are interpreted to reflect a change in the style and intensity of deformation from east to west, beginning with simple tessera terrain at relatively low topographic elevations in the east and progressing through increasingly complex deformation patterns and higher topography to Maxwell Montes in the West.

These morphologic and topographic patterns are consistent with east-to-west convergence and compression and the increasing elevations are interpreted to be due to crustal thickening processes associated with the convergent deformational environment.

Using an Airy isostatic model, crustal thicknesses of approximately 35 km for the initial tessera terrain, and crustal thicknesses of over km for the Maxwell Montes region are predicted.

Detailed mapping with Magellan data will permit the deconvolution of individual components and structures in this terrain. Clotho Tessera, adjacent to southeast Lakshmi Planum, may provide additional evidence for lateral crustal motions, and a model for the origin of small tessera fragments.

Clotho Tessera and Lakshmi Planum are so noticeably different, and in such close proximity, it is difficult to derive a reasonable model of their formation in situ. Squeezing of material out from beneath Lakshmi has been suggested as an origin for Moira Tessera, which is also adjacent to Lakshmi and km west of Clotho. However, a logical model of juxtaposition of the two different terrains, originally from points once distant, can be made for Clotho and Lakshmi and perhaps other small tesserae as well.

It is suggested that Clotho Tessera was once part of Fortuna Tessera, but was cut off by a transcurrent fault zone the DLZ striking perpendicular to the Sigrun rift and carried westward where it collided with Lakshmi Planum forming Danu Montes.

A gravity anomaly along the southern border of Lakshmi, in the area of Danu Montes, was interpreted as indicating subduction there, providing additional supporting evidence for the collision hypothesis. Diffusion of the DLZ with proximity to Sigrun Fossae may be due to either higher ductility near the postulated Sigrun rift, or to burial by flows away from the rift nearer to Valkyrie Fossae. Other possible examples of migrating tesserae occur elsewhere: small pieces of Ananke Tessera can be fit back together as though they had rifted apart, and the spreading apart of Ananke and Virilis Tesserae has been suggested because of their symmetric locations about the axis of an inferred spreading zone.

Other tessera fragments appear to have been isolated by rifting, with little, if any, significant lateral motion e. The migrating terrain model for Clotho Tessera supports Sukhanov's interpretation of tesseral fragments as rafts of lighter crustal material. The majority of tobacco advertisement in Spain is directed at youth. This advertisement, carried out on several fronts, is particularly effective with young people. In the present work we analyze different advertising efforts involved in the ad campaign carried out by Fortuna -brand a product of the company Tabacalera S.

In terms of their marketing strategy, we can conclude that Fortuna 's principal commercial objective is presenting tobacco as intrinsically associated with being young. Both the indirect promotion of its products through activities and its commercials, are aimed towards developing the image that tobacco symbolizes the series of core values more appreciated by youth.

Relevant legislation will have to be adapted to this reality in order to control specifically the manner in which publicity such as that promoted by Fortuna is directed to the population. This perspective view of Venus, generated by computer from NASA Magellan data and color-coded with emissivity, is a look westward across the Fortuna Tessera toward the slopes of Maxwell Montes.

The Fortuna Tessera quadrangle N, E is a large region of tessera [1] that includes the major portion of Fortuna and Laima Tesserae [2]. Near the western edge of the map area, Fortuna Tessera is in contact with the highest moun-tain belt on Venus, Maxwell Montes. Deformational belts of Sigrun-Manto Fossae extensional structures and Au ra Dorsa contractional structures separate the tessera regions.

Highly deformed terrains correspond to elevated regions and mildly deformed units are with low-lying areas. The key feature in all of these problems is the regional sequence of events. Here we present description of units that occur in the V-2 quadrangle, their regional correlation chart Fig.

The Fortuna gold skarn, Nambija district, Ecuador - A mineralogical and fluid inclusion study. La Fortuna gold skarn is located in the nothern part of the Nambija gold district, southern Ecuador. As other Nambija deposits Meinert, it is an oxidized-calcic gold skarn. The skarn has developed on volcanic rocks belonging to the Triassic Piunza Formation and nearby undated felsic intrusions.

Garnet is the dominant phase at the Fortuna skarn, which displays two types according to garnet color and composition: a brown massive garnet Ad skarn and a green garnet Ad skarn. Garnets are strongly zoned and compositions out of these ranges exist too. Additionally, the correlation between color and composition is not always clear. Some honey-reddish garnet Ad Because of its position typically at the borders of open space fillings, this garnet is interpreted to reflect the composition of the fluid.

Pyroxene is present as a minor phase except in the northern part of the concession and around the presently mined site "mina 2" where pyroxene and pyroxene-garnet skarns are recognized, respectively. Increases in Mn 2. Pyroxene occurs mainly as small subidiomorphic grains, which in part appear to replace garnet mainly the green variety. In the northern part of the mine, epidote Epi9.

The small amount of amphibole present at Fortuna is attributed to the original scarcity of pyroxene of which amphibole is the typical retrograde product. As pyroxene, chlorite shows an enrichement in Mn up to 4 wt. We present here the results of a series of year atmosphere-only simulations at different resolutions, with focus on the behavior of the 1-degree resolution simulation. The details of the changes in parameterizations subsequent to the MERRA model version are outlined, and results of a series of year, atmosphere-only climate simulations at 2-degree resolution are shown to demonstrate changes in simulated climate associated with specific changes in parameterizations.

The geological features, structures, thermal conditions, interpreted processes, and outstanding questions related to both the Earth's Archean and Venus share many similarities and we are using a problem-oriented approach to Venus mapping, guided by insight from the Archean record of the Earth, to gain new insight into the evolution of Venus and Earth's Archean.

The Earth's preserved and well-documented Archean record provides important insight into high heat-flux tectonic and magmatic environments and structures and the surface of Venus reveals the current configuration and recent geological record of analogous high-temperature environments unmodified by subsequent several billion years of segmentation and overprinting, as on Earth.

Elsewhere we have addressed the nature of the Earth's Archean, the similarities to and differences from Venus, and the specific Venus and Earth-Archean problems on which progress might be made through comparison. Here we present the major goals of the Venus-Archean comparison and show how preliminary mapping of the geology of the V-2 Fortuna Tessera quadrangle is providing insight on these problems. We have identified five key themes and questions common to both the Archean and Venus, the assessment of which could provide important new insights into the history and processes of both planets.

Development of the Tabaco Quest app for computerization of data collection on smoking in psychiatric nursing. For its development, we considered three criteria: data security, benefits for participants and optimization of the time of researchers. We performed tests with twenty fictitious participants and a final test with six pilots.

Its success may encourage the use of this and other computational resources by nurses as a research tool. Chronology of the late Turolian deposits of the Fortuna basin SE Spain : implications for the Messinian evolution of the eastern Betics. The magnetostratigraphy of the mammal-bearing alluvial fan-fan delta sequences of the Fortuna basin SE Spain has yielded an accurate chronology for the late Turolian Messinian basin infill.

From early to late Messinian at least between 6. Changing environmental conditions in the latest Messinian are illustrated by the retreat of palustrine facies. This study further provides improved age estimates for the late Turolian land mammal events in southern Spain.

The oldest MN 13 locality in the studied sections is correlated to chron C3Ar at an age of 6. The entry of camels and the murid Paraethomys in southern Spain occurs in chron C3An. Benammi, M. Calvo, M. The age of the studied sequences provides important constraints on the understanding of the sedimentary evolution of the eastern Betic margin, and shows that previous interpretations of the evaporitic-diatomitic sequences of the Fortuna basin, as being coeval to the late Messinian salinity crisis in the Mediterranean, are not correct.

The confinement leading to the emergence of the Fortuna basin occurred in the late Tortonian to earliest Messinian, similar to other intramontane basins in the Betics. Therefore, the. Groundwater use and management is subject to economic, legal, technical, and informational constraints and incentives at a variety of spatial and temporal scales.

Planned and de facto management practices influenced by tax structures, legal frameworks, and agricultural and trade policies that vary at the country scale may have medium- and long-term effects on the ability of a region to support current and projected agricultural and industrial development.

USACE is working to explore and develop global-scale, physically-based frameworks to serve as a baseline for hydrologic policy comparisons and consequence assessment, and such frameworks must include a reasonable representation of groundwater systems. To this end, we demonstrate the effects of different subsurface parameterizations, scaling, and meteorological forcings on surface and subsurface components of the Catchment Land Surface Model Fortuna v2.

We use the Land Information System 7 Kumar et al. Seasonal patterns and trends are examined in areas of the Upper Nile basin, northern China, and the Mississippi Valley. We also discuss the relevance of the model's representation of the catchment deficit with respect to local hydrogeologic structures. All rights reserved. Development of an open-source web-based intervention for Brazilian smokers - Viva sem Tabaco. Web-based interventions for smoking cessation available in Portuguese do not adhere to evidence-based treatment guidelines.

Besides, all existing web-based interventions are built on proprietary platforms that developing countries often cannot afford. We aimed to describe the development of "Viva sem Tabaco ", an open-source web-based intervention. The development of the intervention included the selection of content from evidence-based guidelines for smoking cessation, the design of the first layout, conduction of 2 focus groups to identify potential features, refinement of the layout based on focus groups and correction of content based on feedback provided by specialists on smoking cessation.

At the end, we released the source-code and intervention on the Internet and translated it into Spanish and English. The intervention developed fills gaps in the information available in Portuguese and the lack of open-source interventions for smoking cessation.

The open-source licensing format and its translation system may help researchers from different countries deploying evidence-based interventions for smoking cessation. The Tabaco anticline is a 15 km long, south plunging, east-vergent anticline in northern Colombia, close to the transpressional collisional margin between the Caribbean and South American plates. Coal seams and fault traces in these slices are used to construct a 3D model of the anticline. This 3D model shows tighter folds within lower coal seams, NW-vergent thrusts and related folds on the gentler western limb, and strike-slip faults on the steeper eastern limb.

Our preferred interpretation is that the anticline developed its eastern vergence during the early stages late Paleocene-early Eocene of tilting of the Santa Marta massif. These results contribute to the understanding of the structural evolution of the area.

They are also a good example of the complex interplay between detachment folding, thrusting, and strike-slip faulting during the growth of a km-size fold in a transpressive setting. Resumen Objetivo Evaluar el efecto de las advertencias sanitarias AS con pictogramas en las cajetillas de tabaco en adultos fumadores.

Raulin, J. Instrumentation optique pour l'identification per-operatoire des tissus durant les chirurgies de la thyroide. Cette these traite du developpement d'instrumentation pour l'imagerie medicale optique. Ces travaux sont centres sur une application particuliere ; faciliter l'identification des tissus durant les chirurgies de la thyroide et de la parathyroide.

La thyroide est une glande situee dans le cou, attachee au larynx a la hauteur de la pomme d'Adam. Elle est entouree de plusieurs structures importantes : muscles, nerfs et glandes parathyroides.

Ces dernieres controlent la calcemie et jouent donc un role essentiel dans le corps. Elles sont toutefois de petite taille et sont tres difficiles a distinguer du gras et des ganglions environnants.


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