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Log In Sign Up. Seweryn Rzepecki. Juliusz Twardy. Do we know all about them? On the fortieth anni- versary of its publication, we discuss the influence the book has exerted since the s, especially the effect it has had on the development of archaeology in Poland and in other European countries. The original element of this model of research into changes in prehistoric communities assumes active human influence on natural environment, with deforestation of quite extensive dry areas of loess uplands as its most spectacular form.

Among the authors of this volume there are eminent and acknowledged scholars as well as archaeologists from the younger generation. Polish researchers form the most numer- ous group; moreover, results of diverse archaeological studies are presented here by authors from other European countries and from the United States.

The mono- graph has been enormously influential and is one of the most significant publications in the history of Polish archaeology. The book itself and its propositions, developed consistently by the Author over subsequent years, have become an important source of inspiration for many researchers on the Neolithic of Europe cf. The significance of the book is also demonstrated by, not always entirely successful, attempts at copying the details of the method in other environmental or cultural and chronological conditions.

A gap between opposite modes of thinking has successfully been bridged, which is a very rare phenomenon. The Neolithic and earlier Bronze Age settlement and economy in the eastern part of the Polish Carpathians are analysed by Andrzej Pelisiak. The socio-cultural dimension of human development in prehistory is emphasised in pa- pers by Nadezhda S. Sprawozdania Archeologiczne 21, — Spra- wozdania Archeologiczne 21, — Sprawozdania Archeologiczne 21, 57— Sprawozdania Archeologicz- ne 21, — Archeologia Polski 14 1 , 95— Sprawozdania Archeologiczne 22, — Spra- wozdania Archeologiczne 22, — Archaeological abstracts The Neolithic of Middle-East Europe.

Sprawozda- nia Archeologiczne 22, — Sprawozdania Archeolo- giczne 22, — with J. Sprawozdania Archeologiczne 23, — Sprawozda- nia Archeologiczne 23, — The Neolithic of East-Central Europe.

Sprawozda- nia Archeologiczne 24, — Acta Archaeologica Carpathica 13, — Archeologia Polski 18 2 , — Sprawozdania Archeolo- giczne 25, 61— Sprawozdania Archeologiczne 25, — Sprawozda- nia Archeologiczne 25, — Archeologia Polski 19 2 , — Sprawozda- nia Archeologiczne 27, — Sprawozdania Archeologiczne 27, — Archaeologia Po- lona 18, — with S.

Proposed Model. Neolithic Settlement in Southeastern Poland. Archaeology 31 6 , 42—52 with S. Prace Komi- sji Nauk Humanistycznych. International Series Oxford: British Archaeological Reports Limited.

Zagadnienie struktury. Schild ed. Machnik eds. Konopka ed. Kempisty, S. Kurnatowski, R. Mazurowski, J. Okulicz, T. Rysiewska and S. Acta Archaeologica Carpathi- ca 21, — Germania 59 1 , 1—19 with S. Archeologia Polski 26 1 , 65— with S. Sprawozdania Archeologiczne 33, — with D. Germania 60 1 , — with S. Mili- sauskas. Polish Eastern Carpathians , Warszawa Acta Archaeologica Carpa- thica 22, — In Przewodnik konferencji nt. In Przewodnik Konferen- cji nt. Warszawa: PWN, — Archeologia Polski 28 2 , — with S.

Archeologia Polski 28 1 , 19—50 with L. Archeologia Polski 29 1 , — Sprawozdania Arche- ologiczne 36, 29—38 with S. Kossack, G. Harck, J. Newig, D. Hoffmann, H. Wilkomm, F. Averdieck, J. Reichstein, Arschsum auf Sylt. Teil 1. Moguncja Sprawozdania Ar- cheologiczne 36, — Germania 62 1 , 1—30 with S. Archeologia Polski 30 2 , — Sprawozdania Archeologiczne 37, — Sherratt red. Acta Archaeologica Carpathica 24, — Sprawozdania Archeologiczne 38, — Jersak ed. The Bronoci- ce Site. Germania 67 1 , 77—96 with S.

Neolithic economy in Central Europe. Journal of World Prehistory 3[4], — with S. Richter ed. Praha: Univerzita Karlova, — with S. Partyka ed. Informator krajoznawczy. Radiocarbon dating of Neolithic assemblages from Bronocice. Die Wirtschaft und die Besiedlungsorganisation an der Neige der Jungsteinzeit.


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