First Name. Last Name. There are many reasons for making rheology measurements. Often, the objectives of rheology testing or viscosity testing are to identify and quantify rheological properties that correlate to consumer perceived product attributes.

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This unit includes a PT temperature sensor, Fungilab's Datalogger software, 10 working memories, and a chemical-resistant touchpad.

This instrument provides optimal…. Related Products: Rotational Viscometers. Fungilab's low viscosity adapter is used with our rotational viscometers to provide accurate readings and shear rate measurements on materials with viscosities as low as 1 cP mPas. Note: Spindles are not included. Note: A temperature…. Fungilab's Thermocap is a high-quality, temperature controlled bath for glass capillary viscometers.

Related Products: Viscometer Bath. This viscometer is fully equipped with a PT temperature probe, 10 language options, Datalogger software, and Fungilab's FDB Software for additional customizable options and functions. Also available with a Push…. Related Products: Fungilab. Fungilab's high-quality stainless steel spindles are compatible the respective range of the user's rotational viscometer i.

L, R, H range. For tests performed with abrasive or highly aggressive samples, spindles…. Related Products: Viscometer Spindle. Offering temperature-sensing capability, Fungilab's Datalogger software, and a durable design, the Viscolead ADV is a reliable option for users seeking precise and accurate….

Related Products: Capillary Viscometer. Also used to study shearing stress and shearing rate. Related Products: Capillary Bulb. Fungilab's Viscoball is an accurate kinematic viscometer suitable for the testing of transparent Newtonian liquids and gases.

The Viscoball provides measurements for low viscosity substances in the food, chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical industries. The improved visibility of…. Related Products: Kinematic Viscometer.

Fungilab's silicone rotational viscosity standards are essential for the calibration of rotational viscometers. Related Products: Viscometer Calibration Fluid. The PT probe is applicable for rotational viscometers equipped with temperature-sensing capabilities. It is essential for applications requiring testing of varying temperatures. Related Products: Viscometer. Often referred to as Fungilab's "original viscometer," the Viscolead ONE Series is a durable, budget-friendly instrument capable of precise and accurate measurements.

Designed with a 6-button keypad and a 4-line digital display, the Viscolead ONE provides the essential features…. Included: Thermostatic bath, two beakers support, instruction manual, power cable, and recirculation hose. Related Products: Thermostatic Bath. All capillary viscometers are supplied with the cali- bration certificate issued in accordance with the conditions of accreditation granted by a National Metrological Register which has….

Sample volume: aprox. All capillary viscometers are supplied with the calibration…. Ideal for asphalt industry and high viscosity samples. Related Products: Brookfield Viscometer. The TOP viscosimeter from serie V, which has a smart and modern design, and a vanguardian technology that offers to the users some uniques and innovative options. The viscosimeter V-Compact, is controlled by a intuitive mobile application from an 8 Tablet.

One of the most innovative featurings of…. Fungilab's Thermosphere is ideal for users seeking a stable, temperature-controlled environment for consistent viscosity measurements. Fungilab's Thermosphere conforms to….

The V-series product range, with an extraordinary design and a state-of-the-art technology offers unique and innovative options for the users. The V-Pad is controlled through an intuitive App.

Fungilab recommends using the Heldal unit with T-Bar spindles for comparative measurements of non-flowing substances. A Fungilab viscometer is mounted on the Heldal unit. A spindle is simultaneously raised, lowered,…. Fungilab's small sample adapter consists of a cylindrical sample chamber and coaxial spindles, providing accurate small-volume viscosity measurements at precise shear rates. We also provide calibration services at our facilities.

Fungilab supplies durable and sturdy support for all Flow Cup viscometers. Related Products: Paint Viscosity. Related Products: Brookfield. High-quality, high-precision glass thermometers are designed for use with Fungilab's Viscoball viscometers. Innovative equipments with an advanced design and multifunctional viscosity measurements. Features Better accuracy 0. User friendly. To work with or without circulation jacket and with two optional supports for mL Beakers.

Related Products: Dv1. Fungilab's Thermovisc is a high-quality, high-performance thermostatic bath that provides enhanced temperature control for accurate viscosity measurements. Fungilab's carrying case provides a stable and protective enclosure for all scientific instrumentation. Fungicrom Separating Chambers are high-quality glass chambers available for single and multi-test applications.

Related Products: Tlc Chamber. Don't have a web profile? Create one now. Log In or Create a Profile. Check Out. View Shopping Cart. Cell Expression NEW! Gene Expression NEW! Home Customer Favorites Viscometer Fungilab. Compare Tool Select up to 3 products. Refine Results. Viscometer Fungilab. Sort Popularity Alphabetical. View Grid List. Show 16 items 32 items View All. Compare this item.

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Fungilab V-Pad Rotational Viscometer

Don't have a profile? Accessory to determine viscosity in products that do not flow easily. Silicone Standard Oils to check and calibrate rotational viscosity standrad oils. Fungilab Cannon-Fenske Opaque Capillary Viscometers are used for dark Newtonian liquids and to study shearing stress and shearing rate. Accurately measure viscosities with these stainless steel spindles.


Viscometer Fungilab

When testing in accordance with ASTM D and AASHTO T standards, the LP measurements can be used to determine mixing and compaction temperatures of asphalt and estimate binder flow, mix, and performance characteristics in varying climatic conditions. A rotating spindle is placed in asphalt binder heated to precisely controlled temperatures using the LPA Thermosphere Set. Real-time graphing of data is saved in a comprehensive database and can be exported in PDF or. The Fungilab App supports multiple languages and displays all test parameters and measured values for yield stress, viscosity, and temperature. User-defined programs include time to torque, time to stop, step, and ramp.


Fungilab ViscoLead ONE Rotational Viscometers



Fungilab Rotational Viscometer - Viscolead One


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