The author endeavors always to be in communion with the Catholic Church and its teachings. This book has inspired me to the extent that it has changed my image of God from a stern judge to a loving friend. I'm on my 12th reading of the book and each time there is something wonderful that keeps me hope-filled in this difficult time - mainly His closeness, His caring and the intimacy that brings to me - a 66 year old widow. It is nice to meet you.

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August 22, On a ship. During the classical concert I offered him, like sheaves, the sounds with his sweetness. He told me softly, as he had done again: "My daughter, My little girl. August The altar-shaped piano was fixed. I thought about seagulls, about the planes that land on some ships. He told me: "For this time, the next is Christ. I said, seeing the turmoil of the sea: "Lord, you know that all this I do for you; then, why do I tell you?

Tell me often. Isn't it true that when you know someone loves you, you like me to tell you? September 2, It was His right hand. Blood came out abundantly from the Wound; Red blood, alive and fresh, that came out almost gushing.

I seemed to be all behind that Hand, so that no one could see me. And while I kissed the Hand, my lips felt purified. I would have wanted the Blood to wash me all. He told me: "Believe in the infinite purification of My Blood. September He told me: "Smile at everyone. I will put a Grace in each of your smiles. October 3. In the Saskatchewan region. He: "Lock me in your heart with a sign of the Cross, like between two bars", 7.

October 4. In Montreal He: "When you lack recollection, he who suffers deprivation is Me. October Christ the King. This morning the priest consecrated me to God during Mass.

He put my offering in the pallia, under the host. Jesus told me: "Take care of My Love. There is no orphan who is more helpless than I October, near Quebec. The children had finished singing, and I would say: "I no longer speak to you in music. November 3, At Mass, on the ship that brought me from America. Return aboard "L'Ile de France".

Go to My Love, with your eyes fixed. If you fall, get up and look at me again. He said: "Can you give it to me forever? November 4, upon return. Last Mass, on the bridge of the ship. Distracted after communion, I heard her gently say: "I'm waiting. December, in France. Down the street. Me: "I'm walking by your side. December 13, In France.

During the procession, Jesus told me again: "My daughter. Then I thanked him. December December 15, in France. Me: "Lord, I adore you. Love me more. Love me tirelessly, as I love you. One afternoon. December 18, at six in the morning minus ten minutes.

But, is it that you and I are not one and the same? I asked him to give me, and me, all those Graces that are rejected by so many souls. He told me: "My Thanks are without measure, but I am rich enough to give you others. Am I not, the Infinite? This morning at five minutes to six, I was forced to pray quickly the Via Crucis. He told me: "Think of the rush I had to travel the Painful Way to die for you.

Feed the world with your sufferings, for this is how you can be My wife. It is the dog of the house that lurks around. Can you perhaps recriminate a dog that is loitering? Do as if you had always been attentive. That way you will give Me pleasure. But if you don't want to pray Can I perhaps make a plant bloom if you don't plant it? January 1, May it be enough to offer me the present moment every time, so that your whole year will be Mine.

January 3, January 4. How is it possible that you do not understand what I care that you think of Me My creatures? January 5. Get out of yourself and enter Me. Do you know, perhaps, his soul? Me first, you later. January January 29, February 7. Let others become famous with a lot of noise on stage; you remain hidden.

February I know all your miseries perfectly, you are for me a little daughter. February 14, aboard a car. Always be like that yourself.

If My faithful were good to each other, this would change the face of the Earth. February 14, Do what you must do and do not take care of what is said. But it is essential that you open it. February 19, in the castle of C: "You cannot come to receive me during these three days, as far as you are from a church; but I give you an appointment for each day, upon waking up.

The next day I was going to forget the date, when a little bird came to sing at my window with a voice so insistent that I ended up remembering it Angers, in the chapel of the Alliance Square, where the Blessed Sacrament was exposed. My Love is here: make up. March 1. At the station, on the banks of the Rhone. Similarly, I have My Eyes fixed on you, waiting for you to come to Me. On the train.


Gabrielle Bossis & the Intimate Life of the Soul

August 22, On a ship. During the classical concert I offered him, like sheaves, the sounds with his sweetness. He told me softly, as he had done again: "My daughter, My little girl. August The altar-shaped piano was fixed.


HE and I Gabrielle Bossis Complete

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