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Site Search User. Thread information. PDF Integration Navision. Share More Cancel. Click here to login or become a member to ask questions and reply in our fourms. What a great piece of software, shame their technical department are not very responsive :x Has anyone integrated this with Navision of ANY version or does anyone know where I can lay my hands on an integration manual so that I can try it myself.

TIA Dean. Meint Dijkstra over 16 years ago. Hi Dean, We have used it quite a lot for automatically sending PO's and Quotes to vendors and customers and it works a treat.

We can automatically populate the email address, subject line and body and attaching the. Just give me a shout if you would like some code snippets, I am sure our developer can give you a few hints and tips. Up 0 Down Cancel. Hello Meint, sounds very interesting! Could you share some knowledge about the integration? Thanks Pelle. DeanAxon over 16 years ago. Thats exactley what I need to do. Im sure there is some kind of ocx that allows me to integrate wth PDF mailer, but I cannot find any documentation and Gotomaxx haven't got back to me after 1 week [V].

Hi Dean and Pelle, The actual integration is really simple and does not require any OCX automation as far I can see but I am only the Project Manager and my development skills are limited. I will double check with the developer on Monday but think you just need to do the following: 1 Declare your variables email address, name, subject line, etc.

I will have a look this weekend to see if I can build a Cronus sales quote object that shows you how to do it. Once this is complete I will publish it on my website and let you know. Initially we had two different reports on the menu one for priniting and one for the PDF stuff , now we are dynamically checking if the user wants the PDF or a printed copy and show or hide the steering codes accordingly.

Hi meint, the steering commands is the bit I need. I will look forward to Monday and hopefully put an end to my misery of trying to get info from Gotomaxx [:D] Many Thanks for this. Meint, this is great stuff! I am reallly looking forward to your next move. Take your time! And please do not get offended by my bad English! Right guys here goes I have built a small small sample of what you can do with PdfMailer and uploaded it to my website.

Basically the sample allows you to send a PDF automatically from the quote screen. It will open your email client and populate the subject line and the email details of the contact that is on the quote. If there is no contact it will use the email address of the customer. It seems to work with most email clients apart from Netscape 7 which does some weird stuff which we never got round to sorting out. Have fun, any probs please let me know. Meint P.

Pelle, absolutely nothing wrong with your English [: ]. Thanks Meint, I simply love guys that do these things late Saturday evenings. It shows your priorities. But I think I'll postpone looking into your objects until tomorrow. Once again, thank you! Thanks Pelle, I suppose that working on this on a Saturday night either makes me very dedicated or very sad indeed [: ] I noticed from my weblogs that quite a few people have downloaded the files, did it work as expected and were the objects of any use?

Please let me know if you found any problems. We have done some more bits and pieces which might be useful for other users which I will stick up on the site at some stage in the future and maybe add some navigational links. We have had a lot of help from forum users over the last few months and it would be nice to be able to do something in return. Hi Meint, Dedicated - Maybe [; ] Sad - You would have to ask Pelle as his post was only was only 1 hour after yours [:p] The objects were a good insight, but the manual was worth it weight in gold [:D][:D] I have integrated quite sucessfully and used my own version of simple MAPI so that I can do batch runs where each individual customer statement can be emailed with the pdf attachment or printed dependent on a flag on the customer card.

Thanks for everything Meint. Copyright Dynamics User Group, all rights reserved.


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