Gestisci e stampa gli eventi che hai segnato nella tua agenda personale. Pubblica gratuitamente tutte le informazioni riguardanti il tuo evento, sia sul sito che sulla guida per cellulare, previa registrazione al sito. Puoi inserire anche i comunicati stampa con relative immagini. Cerchi il comunicato stampa di un preciso evento? Cerca nel sito.

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Fantastico, molto interattivo, sensoriale, multimediale, poi prendete la navetta in piazza Bergognone e andate alla Triennale.. Cerca nel sito. Cerca nome evento. Leggi per giorno. Cerca nel blog. Come se i produttori di mobili di design pensassero solo allo show-room come unico canale.

Invece durante la settimana del design troviamo anche spazi in cui i designer e i produttori di materiali di mettono in gioco per inventare sperimentazioni e situazioni ad hoc. Il tutto animando la citte0 e il concetto di Made in Italy. Sono strapresa ma mi piacerebbe trovare il tempo di visitare qualche posticino nella incipiente settimana della Milano Food Week.

The best time to go is on a week night. When hubs and I were just out of college and getting ready to move in together we would go on date nights there. I think they're great for finding pieces when you have unusual spacial constraints and for organized storage.

I like to mix ikea in with other stuff and while i don't like their textiles I think they're great for kitchen, office and storage. My gateleg Norden Table is one of my favorite pieces in my house it goes from being 11" to 60" It used to be in our apt kitchen now I use it as a sewing table. My last kitchen was an Ikea kitchen and it was fabulous. I wish they had more of an online store though, because it's such a big deal for us to get there!

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Writing a list of the best Fuorisalone exhibitions is a monumental task because it requires trawling through databases that were built back in the Commodore 16 era or thereabouts, magazines yellowed with time at least, we hope its time and online archives with no punctuation or line spacing. It is impossible to guess which exhibitions will be the exhibitions to end all exhibitions, if you catch our drift. The choreography, usually reserved for the die-hard fans, was entrusted to Matthew Barney, Arto Lindsay, Jimmie Durham, Alejandro Jodorowsky and other star players. And there was dancing down in the garages in the meantime. Fluid space, futuristic labyrinth and iconographic kaleidoscope.


The best Fuorisalone exhibitions from 2005 to today

A brand-new film production company focused on the story of contemporary cities, architecture and sustainable development. DAC - Designers Against Coronavirus is a digital archive created and curated by Carosello-Lab which presents the current circumstances through the eyes of designers, illustrators,and creatives from around the world. We asked the protagonists of the design community how they are spending their time and what they can recommend to people. Here the digital formats conceived by Fuorisalone.


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