We believe the time has come to rebalance the hard and the soft. Hardball players are taking their places at an unprecedented rate. Companies join and fly off the Fortune list faster than ever before. In this quicker, tougher world of business, playing hardball is not an option; it is a requirement for winning. Ready to relearn the fundamentals of winning and losing?

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Posted by: Kim Warren. I am reminded of what may be one of the most dangerous articles on competitive strategy I ever read. Now the article is correct to highlight the competitive strength and commitment of powerful firms like Toyota, Wal-Mart, and Dell.

But to reduce their highly sophisticated strategic management to a fatuous list of bullet points is an insult to these mighty industry leaders. Worse still is the danger that lesser organisations will take these headlines and try to implement them with the minimal information and resources more usually available.

We can just imagine the annual Strategy conference:. With luck, they might even get the authors to come and wind up the level of inspiration. The troops leave the event fully energised and equally determined to start — and win — a huge competitive battle. Unfortunately, virtually no organisation actually has the information necessary, nor the analytical skill, to work out how to turn these trivial phrases into reality. Nor do they have anything like the resources required or the management capacity to make it happen.

The audience will walk off with only the vaguest idea of what to do. They will initiate a lot of pointless activity amongst their people that would be better spent making sure they run their own business properly. If they actually get so far as to initiate this competitive warfare, they will burn huge amounts of cash, destroying profitability in their markets, and doing irreparable harm to their reputation with customers. Your Comments. Candidate for the most dangerous strategy article ever?

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Five Killer Strategies for Trouncing the Competition

Pulchowk Campus, Nepal. Hardball Management thinking has gone soft, with its emphasis on squishy things like corporate culture and the coddling of customers. We will the playbook for a dog-eat-dog world. Winner in business play rough and dont apologize for it. The Hardball Manifesto Focus relentlessly on competitive advantage. Strive for extreme competitive advantage.


Hardball: Five Killer Strategies for Trouncing the Competition

Below are the available bulk discount rates for each individual item when you purchase a certain amount. Publication Date: April 01, The winners in business play hardball, and they don't apologize for it. They single-mindedly pursue competitive advantage and the benefits it offers: a leading market share, great margins, and rapid growth.

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