See our website for details. Depending on availability, a small number of tickets may be for sale at venues 30 minutes before shows start, but remember that this will not happen if the show is sold out so book in advance! In the event of a cancellation or a rescheduled performance, HIFA will exchange tickets for other performances. No refunds or exchanges will be issued once you have left the Box Office.

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It ran from April 29 to May 4. Our theme this year is an invitation to seek out the light in darkness, and to explore the capacity of each one of us to illuminate and enlighten through our commitment to the arts. The Festival has been struggling to survive and it is only through the passion, compassion and determination of the HIFA Team that it is still alive.

There is so much apathy around us and a real element of not caring about each other or important initiatives, such as HIFA, that are so obviously struggling to continue.

You can view or download the programme lineup here. The main act of the closing show scheduled for 4 May by a South African Afro-fusion group called "Freshlyground" was cancelled and replaced with an array of artists after the group was denied entry into Zimbabwe by the immigration authorities.

The immediate deportation of the group was generally believed to be the result of their song " Chicken to Change " which was critical of President Robert Mugabe's long stay in power. HIFA had already sold tickets for the show and insisted even a day before the deportation that everything was on course for the group to perform.

An opinion piece in government owned press Sunday Mail had indicated that HIFA's idea of bringing Freshlyground to the country was not a good one. Freshlyground later posted an official release to their Facebook page expressing disappointment at not being allowed to perform in the country, and said "It would seem the powers that be have yet to find a sense of humour.

According to the organisers the edition had 1, Zimbabwean artists and international artists performing at the event. Not logged in Log in Request account. Namespaces Page Discussion. More More.

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HIFA 2014 - Switch On

The Harare International Festival of the Arts theatre programme with 12 local productions and five foreign productions is greatly enriched by the DANIDA comedy programme under the theme "Combating Gender Based Violence" that features four foreign stand -up comedians and six Zimbabwean stand-up comedians who will present 18 shows during the 6 day festival. This bumper harvest of theatre will no doubt be one of the dominant features of this festival. The play which is "a story of two outcasts struggling to overcome their servile identity in a world that refuses to acknowledge them" will have three shows at Standard Theatre with an age restriction of no under The Zimbabwean man is not willing to go back home to Zimbabwe while his wife wants "a ticket to reconnect with her African roots. The play explores "all the aspects of the human existence and the raw emotions that often lead us to self-destruction decisions. The producer has declared that "Goodnight Harare" is a "laugh loud theatre guaranteed to wake up the neighbours.


Consequently, HIFA is a member of a number of networks that promote African artistic industry activities. Switching on Talent HIFA will again host a wide range of workshops, supported by the United Nations Zimbabwe, for the general public as well as master classes for creative industry professionals. The public workshops are important for the fostering of a greater appreciation of the Arts within audiences whilst they get an opportunity to interact more closely with the very stars they would be coming to see perform on HIFA stages. Artistic cross-pollination from master classes are another way in which HIFA fulfils its mandate of promoting greater cross-cultural interaction resulting in novel creative enterprises. HIFA also actively assists various Zimbabwean artistic endeavours throughout the year, particularly other festivals.





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