The main reason to use Perceptol is for exceptionally sharp negatives. You will get greater definition and detail than most popular fine grain developers. So, if you want extra fine grain and sharpness this developer is for you. Perceptol will get the most out of the superb grain structure of medium and slow speed films.

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According to the Ilford site the developer is a very fine grain developer with excellent image quality. While designed for the slower films in the Ilford line up it would produce noticeably finer grain with faster films. I also decided to help cut the grain and boost the contrast by pulling the film one stop. It worked, a bit, but the one thing that I really liked about this is that the developer did exactly what it said it would do, it reduced the grain to something a lot more pleasing in the film scans and produced a super sharp image!

I mean, razor sharp. But Perceptol really added something to the film. The grain was reduced to nothing which is going to make printing it all the more interesting while trying to focus it. But the grain that is there is oh so pleasing. And probably my favourite part of the film was the contrast, dead on, exactly where I like my contrast to be! With Delta Next film on the list is Delta and I was even more impressed with the results.

Contrast, Sharp, and next to no grain. Well the grain is still there, but the contrast has certainly improved. With Kodak Tri-X Having enough developer left over, I figured, why not give it a shot with a film other than Ilford to see what happens, and having a couple of rolls of Kodak Tri-X laying around, and Doors Open Toronto here…I thought…why not!

And well I was seriously impressed with the results of my beloved Tri-X in Perceptol, smoothed out the grain, kept the contrast and gave a very very very classic Tri-X look. Rolleiflex 2. But at least the cost is lower. Very interesting and informative post. Your email address will not be published.

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Exploring Ilford – Part 2 – Perceptol

Discussion in ' Black and White ' started by spanky , Oct 20, Hi Everyone, In a recent magazine article the author the name of the magazine and author escape me although I think it was a UK based magazine reviewed some black and white products. One of the developers he raved about was Ilford Perceptol which he described as being the best choice for an accutance developer, better then Rodinal. I thought I read in the archives that this developer was discontinued. So maybe these two are old stock or Perceptol is back on the market?


So Tell Me About Ilford Perceptol



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