Intalio BPMS is a business processes management system with open source code and is considered to be the most frequently installed system around the world. The system is based on the Open Source technology with the possibility to purchase the highest level technical support that is an important feauture when choosing the corporate software. Citeck company is the official Intalio partner and provides services for Intalio BPMS implementation and technical support. Innovative Intalio BPMS software is capable to arrange effective correlation between a business-user and an IT-specialist, to improve the usage of the existing IT-systems and effective development of the new ones.

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Process Services. Data Governance. This project was part of the BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions transformation plan over the horizon , aiming to improve the operational efficiency and customer experience. Read More. After Intalio successful implementation of the archiving solution, Safran was able to access one governance reference for the entire group. They can now set rules for different company and group levels, all in one central location.

Safran can now access the requested documents for audits or litigation, and enhance its documentary heritage, while meeting legal, normative and regulatory obligations related to document retention. After the successful implementation of SHAMEL, GAB was able to achieve its objectives in improving and automating the services and procedures of the operations between them and entities under their control. Intalio provided MME with a fully automated system that streamlines the building permit and inspection process and completely answers all the MME business and technical requirements.

Intalio unified platform helped MME managers, with the adequate tools, to enhance their decision making, using more accurate and up-to-date data. The combination of AI and Big Data in Intalio Insight allows you to capture, organize, and process and visualize content to provide workers with valuable information.

Watch the video to discover how this can help you improve decision-making. What is Change Management? Leaving people behind while organizations design new work processes or implement new technologies is change gone wrong since people need to be taken care of as change is executed. As its name suggests, change management is the process of carefully structuring the change approach within an organization to create coherently implemented…. With the current pandemic affecting everything around us including the way organizations do business, Intalio took a new operational decision for working smarter and remaining safe.

Intalio was among the first companies to resume work from home before any official announcement was made. Intalio management was keen on ensuring employees safety. Our projects have not been affected…. Organizations in the Government and Public Sectors have also come to acknowledge the importance of automation to increase work efficiency and cut unnecessary costs, leaving more to invest on enhancing citizen experience…. Become a Partner. Skip to content. Contact Us Login Search:.

Use Intalio mobility and digital signature to boost your remote productivity. Read More '; document. Learn about the challenges and key solutions in a multitude of industries in a research conducted by the AIIM in partnership with Intalio. Discover Technology Sustainability. Content Services. Capture data digitally and. Learn More. Automate your workflow and.

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Intalio BPMS

Oct 02, 6 min read. Johan Strandler. The product is distributed in two editions, Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. The release is a milestone for Intalio in their effort to realise a complete solution for their BPM 2. It includes a process design tool built on top of Eclipse and allowing business analysts and IT people to collaborate on the development of executable business processes using the standard BPMN notation, a process runtime built on top of J2EE and supporting the standard BPEL 2. AB: This new release brings a lot of advanced functionalities to allow IT engineers to manipulate the data associated to a business process. The integration of forms within a process has been greatly enhanced and it is now possible to drag and drop forms in a process without requiring prior knowledge of any form technologies.


Intalio|BPMS 5.0 released - A full fledged open source BPM system

Tomorrow, Intalio plans to announce the availability of its Tempo workflow framework under the open-source Apache Software License. The project is hosted by SourceForge. It is not clear, for instance, whether Tempo implements all of the process-task configurations described by the white paper. Both of these donations are important, but in different ways, in my opinion. The modeler is important by adding to the momentum behind BPMN as a modeling standard that can be shared by business analysts and developers. There are a number of free BPMN diagramming tools, but this one is not only free but open source.

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