JazlerRadio is one of the best radio automation systems for the medium market. JazlerRadio belongs to the Jazler family of products for music automation. Why does this document not contain any screen shots? JazlerRadio releases a new update every 3 weeks.

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JazlerRadio is one of the best radio automation systems for the medium market. JazlerRadio belongs to the Jazler family of products for music automation.

Why does this document not contain any screen shots? JazlerRadio releases a new update every 3 weeks. This means that lots of features, buttons and screens may change frequently.

This help file is intended to change periodically when there are major changes made to the program. Most features stay the same, but the buttons and the environment may change, so we will not include screen shots to differ from the help file. How do I use the Help File? Every screen contains a help button. Just click the help button and the help file will appear with the corresponding topic for that screen.

What other versions of Jazler are available? Jazler is available in 4 versions. It supports music categories, scheduling, play lists, sweepers, commercials, jingles, RDS and much more! These sections are locked out from the registration code. Show also supports touch-screen monitor systems. Please feel free to contact us and make new suggestions on our software!

The Jazler programming team. Jazler is a fully integrated radio automation software which turns your PC into a fully automated radio station. The only thing you have to do is to import your audio files into the correct database and Jazler will play them in minutes. Jazler can play a 24 hour automated radio station program with play lists, sweepers, jingles, music packets etc. You can program it to play specific music categories for each half-hour set for each day of the week.

You can also safeguard your database by making easy database backups by simply clicking. Also, you can easily edit your database and settings files from remote computers over your local area network LAN. This gives program directors, technicians, etc. Jazler works in three modes. Automatic mode. Click the Auto Mode button in the studio screen and Jazler will start playing a fully automated - walk away - program based on category criteria you set and adjust in the auto program structure section of the auto program menu in the control panel.

You can even program to have a scheduled rebroadcast. Live Assist Make your own dynamic play-lists for your show in real-time. Jazler will also inform you when you have a commercial break and you may then decide when or what time you want to play it Rebroadcast mode Jazler will play the line in all day and interrupt it only for the commercial breaks programmed from the spots database.

Jazler fades in and out the line in so the transition to the local audio can be as smooth as possible. If you cannot find your language included, contact us at and submit a request to translate it. If we accept, you ll have a full working version for FREE. The interface looks like the commercials but it also selects songs. So, now you can broadcast a song packet whenever you want.

You can even program a spot to be played before and after the songs. Here it is. You can also play music in percentages. The quick audio files finder wizard has improved with smarter gadgets like check-boxes and dialogues.

You can also import the ID3 tags of the songs so you can save time editing the songs titles. If you import songs from another Jazler 2. Jazler remembers the last direcory you visited when you loaded an audio file and shows this directory everytime you go for browsing. It also broadcasts the title of a song when you enter the SONG!

Now jingles start faster, cross fade, the user can have unlimited palettes, every button can have a different colour etc. Now you can find it very fast in the new browser of Jazler. You can even see the songs broadcasted the last X minutes or hours so you wont play them again in a small period these songs have a line on them and have a dark-red background. You can also adjust Jazler to refuse to play these songs if asked from the producer.

At last Jazler has a minimize button in all major screens. Now you can minimize the program, do other tasks and then go back to Jazler. You can set whatever color you want for background, foreground, button colours etc. This system is reliable and guarantees artist repetition in the limits you set in the general properties of the program. Just dont get carried away and set big values because you will run out of songs. Rebroadcast couldn t work properly on windows in another language because it couldn t find the line in where it was called Lijn In in other languages etc.

There is also a new internet utility that helps you upload your xml or txt file to the server every time your song changes. And much more This database is consisted of the songs, jingles, spots and sweepers you will play on air. Each database contains each of the audio files and their attributes example.

Is there an easy way to mass-import my audio files? This wizard is a user friendly dialogue asking you where your files are located and in what database to store them. Another great feature is that when you drag audio files into the various directories you setup on your system, Jazler will only show files that are new when using the Quick Audio Files Find Wizard. This makes it very simplified and convenient when adding new songs, spots, jingles, etc.

You can import them using the disable command, and then easily find all your new audio files you ve added for editing que points by selecting the category, and simply clicking on the disable songs, jingles, etc. Using these tools, Jazler gives you great power when adding or editing audio files to your databases! I want to have different categories than Jazler has by default. How do I change them? At the control panel, click the options tab.

You will see three icons representing the song, jingle and spot databases. Click the desired icon and edit the categories. You cannot delete a category that is used.

So it is better to add your new categories, convert the tracks categories to the new categories using the mass category change feature. You can then delete the old ones once your categories are converted to the new ones. This database consists of two screens: The songs index and the song analysis sections.

The songs index In this screen you can see all the available songs and their attributes. To access a songs attributes, doubleclick on it or click on it and press the analysis button. The songs filter On the upper left side of your screen you can see a group of buttons that help you view only the songs you want. By writing in the text box the initial letters of the field you want to find and pressing the desired button, Jazler will filter and find the matching songs.

You can also filter by song categories, subcategories and priorities. Just select the desired category from the combo boxes and you will have the desired results. All these filters can be also combined together. I want to find the songs that their title starts with You are : Type You are in the text box and press the Title button. Jazler will return songs like You are my sunshine, You are not alone etc.

Jazler will return songs like Sunshine on a rainy day, When the rain begins to fall, It s raining men etc ex. I want to find all the 80 s songs by George Michael: Type Michael or Mich in the text box, select Eighties from the subcategory combo box and press the Surname button. Previewing the songs Jazler has a player underneath the filters. With this player you can preview the songs before you go into their analysis. Just click on a song and press play.

You can navigate through the song with the scrollbar. Press the AutoPlay button to start playing a song as soon as you click on it. Songs without mixtime button By pressing this button, Jazler shows you all the songs that do not have mixtime. This means that you might have forgotten to adjust the mixtime and you might have an instant on-air silence at the end of these songs if you don t correct them. Press this button again to disable this view. The Print button With this button you can print the view of the songs affected only by the combo boxes.

The printing will not be affected by the Name, Surname or Title filter. How do I add a new song Just press the Add button.

When you add a song, you will be forwarded to the song analysis screen. You can also click on the Add songs button at the control panel. Can I import lots of songs together? This wizard is a user friendly dialogue asking you where your files are located and in what category to define them. It can also get the filename of the song and categorize it to the desired name, surname and title fields.


Jazler RadioStar 2

Manual zz. Jazler RadioStar2 is very easy to learn and very powerful with features that will simplify your work and life! This manual has the purpose to explain everything to the user so as after the manual is over the user will be familiar with all the features and capabilities of the Jazler RadioStar2. The procedure is pretty easy and straightforward: Step 1. Step 2. Install the Jazler RadioStar2 Studio version and run the software. Step 3.


Manuals for Jazler RadioStar

In order to achieve that, you have to give some instructions on which category you want to play, either there are songs or jingles, sweepers, spots etc. You set a roadmap of categories and then assign it in a timeslot to have it repeated continuously. This roadmap is the Clock. Figure On the main screen we have some options about the time slots for a specific day and the current clocks assigned in the time slots. Later, we will see more.


Jazler RadioStar 2. User Manual. Clocks


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