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It would probably be easier to sell the H here locally, but this is a small issue. I'm interested in doing up a sub with EQ and want to do down to 30Hz as it won't be for home theatre. My room is small 5m by 3.

Thanks and Merry Xmax, oppss The 18LW is an excellent driver by all accounts and the best value out of this bunch. It is cleaner at high excursions than the and likely slightly better than the For the levels you are after you would be better off looking at a driver like the 15NLW, this will give you all the output you require, with very low distortion and thermal compression.

The 18" driver will deliver much more than you need. Cheers William Cowan. Find More Posts by cowanaudio. G'day again Don't underestimate the size of port required when trying to minimise compression when using these drivers. Many people ruin a great sub with a port that is just too small. Here's an internal picture of one of my 18LW subs. Attached Images sub1. Attached Images sub2. Hi William, are the 18sounds easily obtainable here in oz? Hi there William, You are so very right about vent port sizing.

I use the Flare it program as a rough guide. So flaring is definitely needed, i am not sure if my local carpenter knows how to flare a rectangular port slightly. The port is now tuned to 34Hz L box so that i can utilise more of the 35Hz region for high SPL, as the vent speed is the limiting factor for 25Hz region.

Apologies for the rant William, I guess you know this like the back of your hand! I'm just putting it down here for the benefit of anybody who's trekking the same path in the future, as its not documented here or speakerplans. Power compression specs are very similar too. Both have reinforced pleated cones, the H uses fibreglass and the 18Sound i believe is just paper but treated both sides weather proof , which probably improves the self damping properties and plup strength also.

Thanks a lot for sharing bro, I shall go for the 18LW The fact that you recommended the 18Sound as its better at high excursions than the 7. Easily can hang around the The H2 and H3 curves are amazing.

I figured i'd go for 18" instead of 15", just do it right once and for all. Merry Xmax! William, one last question. How would you find the "musicality" of both the and 18LW, from Hz? I'm looking for the tone of the bass, as in enjoyability of the music. G'day They are both very clean drivers, and properly implemented will blend seamlessly with your top end. Ken Contact me when you're ready to go. Attached Images sub3. Freddi, I see no technical advantage using a Karlson type enclosure.

They are a relic of a time gone by that was devoid of any accurate computer based modeling. If you want high efficiency, start studying horns or direct radiating driver arrays. It is relatively easy now to achieve an excellent result on the first cut of a loudspeaker enclosure, assuming your models reflect what you build. Accurate computer models are your friend. BB code is On. Smilies are On.

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JBL 2242H 18" Woofer

It would probably be easier to sell the H here locally, but this is a small issue. I'm interested in doing up a sub with EQ and want to do down to 30Hz as it won't be for home theatre. My room is small 5m by 3. Thanks and Merry Xmax, oppss


JBL 2242HPL 18″ LF Transducer

ProSoundWeb Community. Please login or register. I have pretty much made up my mind to purchase a number of the JBL H 18". Before I spend the 3 grand I would like to know if anyone has used these in the past or is using them now. The roar of the grease paint, the smell of the crowd. Member Offline Posts: We have been using these drivers in a couple of different designs for about 10 years now.

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