Kate Mantilini in Beverly Hills is not just another diner it is a local landmark. Proprietors Harry and Marilyn Lewis established Kate Mantilini in after selling their first foray into the restaurant business, Hamburger Hamlet, which the couple opened together in The menu at Kate Mantilini is extensive, with deli classics, gourmet diet fare, mountainous salads, and refined entrees like pork chops and frog legs. Open from early morning to late at night, and always packed with celebrities, wheeling-and-dealing producers, post-theater diners, and retirees, this upscale yet casual joint has something for everyone.

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For Businesses. Write a Review. I went before that, too. Like the British have a "local," this was my "local. I had a job interview here, too. I knew the names of my favorite servers. The cafe mocha was as good as any coffee establishment and if I had a special request, it was met. I came here through good times and bad times because I felt "at home" and not rushed.

Twice, I left The Grove with their variety of restaurants to go to Kate Mantilini for a craving I had for clam chowder, cinnamon ice cream or an apple pancake.

Harry and Marilyn Lewis always stopped to talk and sometimes told me how an item got on the menu: "I made that tuna sandwich and cut it up like that for Marilyn in the middle of the night.

Architect Thom Mayne has won many awards for designing buildings, and this place still holds up 25 years later. Hadn't been for years ?

A lot of the same people on staff not just "older", but "old" , and the menu still contains a great selection for an upscale diner -- ie. I was surprised that the prices seemed so reasonable. After all, the location is in the thick of Beverly Hills. Tasty real fresh meat, not frozen , it was charbroiled and had a great brioche bun. But, still, no wonder it was priced so low. Very disappointing in, again, the amount. No beers on draft, but several goodies by the bottle. I don't know. I suppose I wasn't crazy about it before, and that hasn't changed.

It's one of those places that is 'okay', and perhaps maintains it's place with older and regular clientele, business lunches, and the occasional late night diner This place is a bit of a sleeper, despite being on a busy corner of Wilshire. It's got its own parking lot, which is valet only, but you can find 2 hour street parking within reasonable walking distance. I walked in and was instantly greeted by the hostess.

She was very nice and seated us immediately it was pretty empty inside. We started with an appetizer order of calamari.

It was cooked well and wasn't overly fried. My fiance ordered the meatloaf, and I ordered the white chili. He loves meatloaf and thought his plate, complete with mashed potatoes and kale, was great. I was not a huge fan of the meatloaf I generally do not like it , but I thought the kale was well done. My white chili was great! The serving size was a bit much, but that is definitely better than the alternative.

I was able to eat the other half for lunch the next day! We would have spent quite a pretty penny without the Groupon, and I'm not sure I would eat here at full price. Still a meh place for me to eat but they've shrank their menu options and eliminated a bunch of options! Well, their menu was ridiculously varied anyways, but did they have to get rid of the portobello mushroom sandwich??

It was my favorite thing : They also no longer have the fusilli salmoriglio with seafood. Maybe they have a pared down lunch menu now and still serve the old menu at dinner I tried the Signature While Chili today with brown rice and it was pretty delicious! I wish it was less homogenous in color, but otherwise tasty! The service was just okay and the food here seemed a bit overpriced.

I had the calamari app. Nothing special.. I would probably not come here if I did not have a free groupon. I'll be honest, I came here for one reason, and one reason only: the memorable scene from Heat, where Neil McCauley and Vincent Hanna stopped to have coffee and finally confront each other, face to face.

If you're a fan of that amazing movie, you owe it to yourself to come here at least once. When I walked into the restaurant, the lady who greeted me at the counter happened to be no one other than Lisa Glucksman, who is prominently named and featured in "Return to the Scene of the Crime" mini-documentary detailing pivotal locations where Heat was filmed.

She was quite the bubbly and charming hostess, and was more than happen to happy to point out the iconic blown-up photograph above the restaurant entrance of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino staring each other down across the table.

Anyway, onto the more pedestrian part of the review I ordered the fish and chips. The staff of the restaurant provided decent service. The restroom was luxuriously decorated and maintained. I'd probably rank it somewhere amongst the top 3 nicest restaurant restrooms I've ever been in. Parking appears to be strictly valet-only. The original Kate Mantilini is closing forever in just a few days. Head over soon if you need to bid farewell! I so wanted to try their chicken pot pie, but alas it was the wrong day.

My dish came with two big hunks of halibut. There wasn't much of a crispy exterior, but the fish was good as were the battered fries. The meatloaf was juicy! It's such an interesting space The menu also offers a little of everything, but is more comfort food stables than fancy fare.

The service -- I braced myself after reading the complaints -- was great. No rushing us to leave even as we sat with our cocktails three hours later. It's a fine place for HH, with a few caveats. I had to call to confirm that the Beverly Hills location of Kate Mantilini had a Happy Hour, because they don't advertise it on their website.

Probably a good reason for that, because their bar area is super tiny. And that's a shame, because they have a really interesting HH menu and the food is actually quite good. Again, the bar area is tiny so if you want a seat, get there early.

Also absolutely loved the deviled eggs - three different kinds and each one more interesting and flavorful than the one before. These were my two favorite dishes. We also got the "inside out" chicken wontons, which were interesting -- not bad, just probably not something I'd order again.

But OK. Service was friendly and helpful. But again, this place isn't really set up for a busy HH. The bartender is alone behind the bar there isn't much room, remember? And there is no dedicated area for the wait staff to call in bar orders so they lean over customers sitting at the bar. Not solid. But here's why this place only got three stars despite some really good food and prices -- I was actually given silverware rolled inside a filthy dirty napkin.

Just gross. And when I brought it to the attention of someone working there not the bartender , he said, "Oops No apology. Also, when we sat down at the bar there were dirty plates and used glassware at our seats I smelled a strong odor of old ketchup coming from the bar top. Not impressive. So - this has great potential to be a HH star. But they need more help and more space in the bar area. With a few changes, this would be a real HH contender. Probably one of the worst I've had.

The inside was very watery and lacked flavor. I like to make my own chicken stock and theres was completely flour based with little flavor. The top crust was not yummy pie crust but more like a croissant.

Its didnt have that yummy crunch, but was instead very doughy. The way the dish was prepared was nothing remarkable and theres no reason for it to only be available on weekends other than to try and give it some undeserving hype.

We also had the pear and endive salad which wasnt bad but a little overwhelming with all the blue cheese, and I like blue cheese.

It needed more pears. Over all the prices are way over the top for the lackluster food. Wow this place is expensive for nothing really special, well at least for what i've ordered so far.


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For Businesses. Write a Review. I went before that, too. Like the British have a "local," this was my "local.


Kate Mantilini in Beverly Hills to close, ending a chapter in L.A. restaurant lore

Beverly Hills institution Kate Mantilini, opened by the late actor Harry Lewis and wife Marilyn in the s, has announced it will close June 14 after 27 years. There was nothing contentious, no conflict, they were sad and we were sad. The Lewis family opened a Woodland Hills location of Kate Mantilini in and has chosen to focus its efforts there. In they opened the Woodland Hills location. When the restaurant opened, it was referred to as a late-night hot spot in a Los Angeles Times article. Lewis says he has many memories of customers who have been coming to the Beverly Hills location since it opened. Hot Property.



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