Download full text Bahasa Indonesia, 17 pages. Khairunas, Khairunas. Jungle is heritage for offspring as well as God blessing that we always take care, because it existence is very important for life in the world. Jungle must be kept and be continuous. Indeed, we realize that jungle or trees is water reservoir and air neutralizer, but actually most of jungle is cut without good planning. In today contexts, disaster such as flood, landslide and poor air are back grounded by jungle destruction and its ecosystem.

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Toggle navigation. Home Vol 3, No 2 Dr. Yahya, M. Abstract This study aims to determine the efforts of teachers and school growing interest in entrepreneurship to students, and knowing the interests of students majoring in Kriya Logam at SMK 8 Padang to entrepreneur. Metodologi in research is descriptive qualitative research methods.

Source of data obtained from structured interviews with teachers and students in Kriya Logam department at SMK 8 Padang. The data obtained were analyzed by using the model of Miles and Huberman. For student interest in entrepreneurship is seen that the class X students do not have a picture of entrepreneurship and venture what will be done, on an existing class XI student interest in entrepreneurship and in class XII students have a high interest in entrepreneurship and already have a picture of the business to be done.

Benefits of research for teachers in order to motivate students to do independent business activities, guiding, and involve students in the production unit in turn. Open Journal Systems. Journal Help. User Username Password Remember me. Subscription Login to verify subscription. Notifications View Subscribe.

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Bonggol Kayu sebagai Media Ekspresi Kriya Logam

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