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Quick Links. Table of Contents. Sony operating instructions fd trinitron wega tv kvfs, kvfs, kvfs, kvfs 48 pages. Sony operating instructions fd trinitron wega tv kvxbr, kvxbr 89 pages.

Sony fd trinitron colour television instruction manual 28 pages. Refer to them whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product. Carefully observe and comply with all warnings, cautions and instructions placed on the set, or described in the operating instructions or service manual. WARNING To guard against injury, the following basic safety precautions should be observed in the installation, use, and servicing of the set.

Page 4 Ventilation The slots and openings in the cabinet and in the back or bottom are provided for necessary ventilation. To ensure reliable operation of the set, and to protect it from overheating, these slots and openings must never be blocked or covered. Page 12 Blinks when the TV is turned on, then shuts off when the picture is displayed.

Page Rear Panel Rear Panel Have a cable and an antenna. Do This Use the cable box Tune the TV to the channel the cable box is set to usually channel 3 or 4 and then use the cable box to switch channels. Features With this connection, all channels come into the TV through your cable box and only one unscrambled signal is sent to the TV, so you cannot use the dual picture features.. Features With this connection, you can use all the dual picture features. See page Page 24 Watch cable channels Press illustration.

Activate the TV remote Open the outside cover, as shown on page Activate the remote control to By connecting them as shown below, you can view monitor what is Editing being recorded. Page 28 Press recorded illustration above. Page 30 Do This If you have a non-Sony satellite receiver, you must program the remote control.

Set up the TV remote control If you have a non-Sony VCR or satellite receiver, you must program the to operate the satellite remote control. Connect red to red, white to white, etc. To connect a camcorder See page In addition to allowing you to control multiple devices with one remote control, the CONTROL S feature allows you to always point your remote control at your TV, instead of having to point it at the other equipment, which might be hidden or out of direct line of sight.

The Auto Setup screen appears when you turn on your TV for the first time after hooking it up. If you do not want to set up the channels at this time, you can do it later by selecting the Auto Program option in the Channel Menu see page Insert two size AA R6 batteries supplied by matching the e and E terminals on the batteries to the diagram inside the battery compartment.

Press again or press restore the sound. For details, see page May not function with older Sony equipment. For a complete list of all Activate the remote control to the functions of the remote operate the TV control, see pages When you change channels or inputs, the Wide Mode settings revert to the Default setting in the Screen Page Changing The Picture Size Changing the The zoom feature lets you vary the relative size of the left and right pictures.

Picture Size When you adjust the picture sizes, the TV memorizes the change. The next time you use the Twin View function, the memorized sizes appear. Page Using Favorite Channels Using Favorite Channels The Favorite Channels feature lets you select programs from a list of up to eight favorite channels that you specify.

You can use this feature to write down information such as phone numbers, recipes, etc. When inserted properly, it should slide in with little resistance and click into place.

Press the button on the remote control. Activate the remote control to operate the VCR Display the Menu Move through the Menus Move through the Menu options Menus include navigation Select an option to change help text that appears at the Select to turn off the TV speakers and listen to the TV's sound only through your external audio system speakers.

Audio Out This option can be set only when the to Off. When you change channels or inputs , Wide Mode is automatically replaced with the Default setting. Move the joystick to scroll through the channels until you find the channel you want to skip or add. For Canadian models, see page Rating Viewing Blocked You can view blocked programs by entering the password. Press to select an option. Page 77 Option Video Label Skip label is useful for inputs that do not have equipment connected to them.

Normally, Tilt Correction Tilt Correction Vertical Correction only need to be adjusted the first time you turn on the unit and Vertical Correction after the unit is moved to a new location.

Demo Description Select to set the clock and to program your TV to turn on and off at two scheduled viewing times. Timer 1 You can use the Timers to program Timer Page Glossary Glossary analog signal A signaling method that uses continuous changes in the amplitude or frequency of an electronic transmission to convey information. This TV has a widescreen aspect ratio, as opposed to a aspect ratio. Page Remote Control There may be more than one code for the equipment that you are attempting to operate.

There is a possibility that some non-Sony equipment cannot be operated by your Sony TV remote. Call your local Sony Service Center. Make sure the power cord is plugged in. Print page 1 Print document 91 pages.

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Sony KV-34XBR800 Manuals

A68EKA Thomson van benne. If you get stuck in repairing a defective appliance download this repair information for help. See below. Good luck to the repair!


Sony FD Trinitron WEGA KV-34XBR800 Operating Instructions Manual

Disassembly Rear Cover Removal Chassis Assembly Removal Service Position Picture Tube Removal


KV-34XBR800 (serv.man2) - Sony TV Service Manual (repair manual)


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