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Our mission is to help willing individuals Experience More and reach their potential, which includesbetter health, more wealth, and living a great life. The following pages will step you through each of the different areasof the compensation plan. Understanding the compensation plan is important but becoming a master of the plan will not bringyou the financial freedom you desire. In choosing between complete knowledge of the plan andhard work, hard work will win every time.

Then as you work on building your business, take a little time to get into the details of theplan as covered in this document. We look forward to working with you for many years to come. Togetherwe will build a living legacy and touch the lives of thousands of people. Legs occur inboth the Sponsor Tree and the Placement Tree. If you have three individualdistributors on your first level, you have three Legs. Autoship — Product automatically billed and shipped every month.

This can be for either adistributor or a customer. There are multiple options of autoships to selectfrom depending upon which market you are in. Autoships can be set up throughyour BackOffice or by contacting Customer Service. BackOffice — The secure internet program that allows you to view and control yourbusiness. You can view reports about your team, order product, set up newcustomers, recruit new distributors, obtain training, and control your Autoship.

Generations aredetermined individually on each Leg. This rank will vary with your team volume. Lifetime Rank — This is the highest rank you have achieved. Preferred Customer — A Customer who sets up their product orders as an autoship. Thisalso entitles them to a discount on their product purchase. Retail Customer — A customer who purchases their product one order at a time. If theywant product, they can contact the distributor directly, contact customerservice, or go to the corporate website and log in to purchase the product.

It does NOT include your personal volume. It is the Group Qualifying Volumeof each of your front line distributors. You have a Leg volume for each Leg. Total Leg volume would represent the total volume from all Legs notincluding your personal volume. It does not include your own personal purchases. It is the GroupCommissionable Volume of each of your front line distributors.

Youhave a Leg volume for each Leg. Total Leg volume would representthe total volume from all Legs not including your personal volume. Sponsor TreeThe Sponsor Tree is like a family relationship tracker. Everyone you personallyrecruit is positioned directly under you on your first level.

When your personallyrecruited team members recruit someone, they are then placed underneath them onyour second level. This placement is automatic and directly determined by whorecruited the new distributor. The width of your Sponsor Tree is as wide as thenumber of people you personally recruit. Unlike the Sponsor Tree, youhave the freedom to place your personally sponsored recruits anywhere you desirein your downline. There are different reasons why leaders place newly recruiteddistributors in different positions of the Placement Tree.

These include A synergyof building a team; B geographical considerations; C personal relationshipconsiderations.

Proper placing of new distributors in your Placement Tree isimportant and helps you build a wider, deeper, and more profitable organization.

When you personally recruit a new team member, you have up to 72 hours to placethem in the Placement Tree. If you do not place them, the system will automaticallyplace them on your first level in your Placement Tree. To be eligible for allbonuses, you only need to have three legs. In the illustration below, you will notice that Kare was placed below Mary.

The sameorganization is represented in both the Sponsor Tree and the Placement Tree. Because you can qualify for PayGate Accelerator Bonuses the first four PayGates with just two legs,moving Kare may be a possible approach. The first is reached with 25QV per month. At this level, youare considered a Distributor.

At QV per month you are considered a Qualified Distributor and are eligible for all bonuscompensation. Qualification is required monthly. To qualify, you can either purchase adequate volumes of productto generate the QV, or secure enough personal customers to generate the QV requirement,or a combination of both.

Upon sign up, you are given 31 days to obtain your first rank. This rank is called the Grace PeriodRank. You are given this rank for the balance of the month, plus the entire month following.

Day one is May The 31 st day is calculated as June 12 th at Hawaii Standard Time. You would keep this rank for the rest of June and through the entiremonth of July unless you achieve a higher rank during this period, then that would be your newrank. Rank IllustrationIf February had 28 days and yousigned up on the 15 th ofFebruary, you would havethrough the 18 th of March toreach your first rankFebruary March April MayYou have 31 days fromsign-up to reach your firstrankAt the end of 31 days, whatever rank youreach you keep for the balance of thatmonth, plus the entire next month.

Grace Period Rank provides 31 days from the day of sign up to attain your first rank. On the 31 st day, your Grace Period Rank is calculated. You receive thisrank for the balance of the current month on which day 31 falls, plus you receive that rank forRecruiting Bonuses calculations for the next month as well.

Whenever you reach a higher rank, you immediately qualify for the next level of Recruiting Bonusfor the next pay out.

In addition, you receive that Recruiting Bonus rank for the following month aswell. In the event you reach a higher rank, you would receive that rank immediately, then keep thenew rank for the balance of that month, plus the following month. Ranks and Monthly Commission qualifications are determined using the same principle. Whateverrank or gate you qualify for at the end of the month is locked in for the following monthautomatically.

The one exception is if you break to a higher rank. Then at that point, you will beeligible for the next Recruiting Bonus cycle at your new higher rank. Residual PayGate commissions are calculated using the volume you reached during the calendarmonth. So if your monthly volume for March qualified you for Gate 9, you would be paid on gates 1through 9 on your March volume.

MQV forrank qualification will be capped under leg rules. Ranks up to and including Pearl require two legswith at least QV in each, and Sapphire and above require three legs with at least QV in each. To reach the Sapphire rank and above, you must meet certain volume requirements from legsoutside your first two legs.

Rank Determination ProcessUse the following process to determine rank. Calculate total GQV and compare to chart for possible rank. Does the QV volume from Leg 3 include volume from Legs 3, 4, 5, etc. If no, restart with next lower rank. If yes, you have reached that rank. If no, move on to Step 4. If this total still equals or exceeds the TotalVolume Requirement, then you have reached the rank. ExamplesBelow are two examples to illustrate calculation of rank.

Example A: You have three legs. Take the volumes through the calculation process. Total volume of all legs equals 53,QV. Comparing this to the chart, you may qualify forEmerald Senior Executive.

QV from Leg 3 equals 3, That requirement is met. You reached the title of Emerald Senior Executive. Example B: This organization has 4 legs. Run the volumes through the questions.

The total volume of the organization is ,QV. This is in the category for DiamondSenior Executive. The volume of Leg 3 and Leg 4 total 3,QV.

This is less than the minimum requirement. Go back to step 1 at the next lower rank. Because the requirements of Diamond Senior Executive were not met, go to the previousrank and recalculate. The volume from Leg 3 and Leg 4 equals 3,QV.

This exceeds the 2,QV minimumrequirement. The Power Leg exceeds the amount allowed from the chart. Step 3 shows that 30,QV can be used toward the rank.





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