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This product uses updated material from the v. No portion of this work may be reproduced inany form without written permission. Box Renton WA Questions? All Wizards characters, character names, and the distinctive likenesses there of aretrademarks of Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

Distributed to the hobby, toy, and comic trade in the United States and Canada by regional distributors. Distributed in the United States tothe book trade by Holtzbrinck Publishing. Distributed in Canada to the book trade by Fenn Ltd. Distributed worldwide by Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Thismaterial is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. Any reproduction or unauthorized use of the material or artwork contained herein is prohibited withoutthe express written permission of Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

This product is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual people, organizations, places, or events is purely coincidental. Printed in the U. Visit our website at www. From haunted catacombsto the city necropolis, undead are something every adventureris likely to encounter, again and again.

In the face of such certainty,it is best to be preparedwith knowledge of unlife. Tales of the walking deadhave entranced and horrifiedlisteners, readers, and watchersfor hundreds, perhapsthousands of years. Almostevery culture on the planethas its own legends of restlessspirits, blood-drinkingfiends, and the animate corpses of beloved relatives comingback to haunt their unsuspectingrelations.

Hundreds of books exist describingencounters with vampires,ghosts, and ghouls, and themotion picture industry hascontributed an enormous list of new and old versions of these stories. Withinthese covers the DM can findnew horrors to include in his game, ideas for how to incorporatethe undead in his campaign world, tips and tricks forrunning undead encounters, and a range of sample undeadand undead encounters to drop right into his game.

Also includedare optimal tactics for battling the undead, new toolsfor the fight—including equipment, magic items, spells,feats, and prestige classes—andeven some guidelines for playingan undead creature as aplayer character. A wordto the wise, though: You mightwant to leave the lights on whileyou read. Although possession of any or all of these supplements will enhance your enjoyment of this book, they are not strictly necessary.

The book is required reading in most drow academieswho collected the information from a variety of other sources clerics as well. Most sages find this The Book of the Dead also known as the Necronomicon.

Thoughwork too detached and clinical to be very useful, but it has its this work is perhaps the most well-known of any source materialshare of supporters. The ir most notable contribution, Tsabal Gulstrae attempt at disinformation, created by some necromancer or lichinformed on the topic.

Lukacshis chapter presents the truth about undead—theirorigins, habits, physiology, and worldview. Moreover, itattempts to ascertain the nature of undeath itself, presentingseveral theories concerning the energies that give riseto unlife. Eons of cold servitude, yourflesh but a memory, your every tortured thought focused on one thingonly: to feed on the living.

Why are they not all alike? Although extreme and rarecases have seen small bits of the energy of unlife itself negative energy take on terrible form and purpose,almost all undead once had breath in their bodiesbefore gaining their feared title. While these conjectures may not agree onthe origins of unlife, most of them at least assert that thiscondition is generally visited upon the bodies of recentlydeceased creatures.

Below are some of the more widelyaccepted theories about the origins of this affliction. Haunting presences can occur either spontaneously seeAtrocity Calls to Unlife, earlier in this section or as a result of the spell haunt shift see page Tied to particular locationsor objects, these beings may reveal their unquiet natures onlyindirectly, at least at first.

As a haunting presence, an undead is impossible to affector even directly sense. A haunting presence is more fleetingthan undead that appear as incorporeal ghosts or wraiths, oreven those undead enterprising enough to range the EtherealPlane. In fact, a haunting presence is tied to an object or location,and only upon the destruction of the object or locationis it dispelled. However, despite having no physicality, eachhaunting presence still possesses the identity of a specifickind of undead.

For instance, one haunting presence may besimilar to a vampire, while another is more like a wraith. The Haunting: Whenever an undead appears as a hauntingpresence, it haunts an unattended, mundane object orlocation. Using the same decision-making process that heuses to populate a location or area with a standard monster,the DM simply chooses an unattended mundane object orlocation as the subject of a haunting presence. The DM alsodetermines the variety of undead skeleton, zombie, wraith,or other kind that serves as the source of the haunting presence.

An undead may haunt a discrete object of at least Tinysize and no larger than Huge size. Items both magical andmundane currently in the possession of a character of tenreferred to as attended items cannot be haunted. A haunting presence becomes a part of the object or locationhaunted. Haunting presences are always aware of whatis going on around the object that they haunt. The y can seeand hear up to 60 feet away but do not gain blindsight. Ahaunting presence cannot be turned, rebuked, or destroyedwhile the presence remains immaterial but see Exorcisinga Haunting Presence, below.

Normal vulnerabilities of aparticular kind of undead do not apply to the haunting presence of that undead. For instance, the haunting presence of a vampire haunting a fire poker is not destroyed if broughtinto sunlight.

Effects of a Haunting: A presence haunting an object maydo so in a couple of ways. Undead of fewer than 5 Hit Dicemay use only one form of haunting, but undead of 5 or moreHD can make their presence known using either of the methodsdescribed below impermanent home or poltergeist. Nomatter the way the haunting presence makes itself felt, thehaunting presence of a sentient undead can always choose tospeak to nearby creatures, usually in a whispery or incoherentvoice that seems to come from the air.

However, hauntingpresences are usually not much for conversation. The presence that takes form does soanywhere within the location it haunts, or in the closest emptyspace adjacent to the object it haunts. A presence that takesform can remain so for up to a number of minutes equal to itsHD. An undead that takes form can always choose to return toits haunting presence status earlier, but it must take a moveaction to do so.

While in physical form, the undead can take any actionsnormal for an undead of its kind. It can attack, take damage,and even be destroyed. Unless it is a ghost, lich, or some othersort of undead that is resistant to destruction, the hauntingpresence is also permanently eradicated, though most attemptto return to their haunting presence status if threatened withsuch destruction. Thus, a wagon can be made to steer toward a pedestrian ona street or roll out of a stable with no horse pulling it.

A clockcan slow or run backward. A crossbow can cock and fire butnot aim or load itself. No undead, no matterhow many Hit Dice it has or what its Charisma score is, cananimate an object that has a higher Challenge Rating thanits own. If a location instead of an object is haunted, the hauntingpresence can animate a number of objects equal to its HD atone time. Exorcising a Haunting Presence: No matter how a hauntingpresence chooses to reveal itself, it is subject to being discoveredand destroyed.

Something more is called for—an exorcist. Exorcism is a special ritual, involving a spoken formula callingupon one or more deities, used with the intention of drivingout haunting presences. Exorcism of a haunting presence isessentially a two-step process—forcing a presence to becomephysical, then destroying the revealed undead in the most expeditiousmanner possible.

First, the forced revelation can be achieved through the use of a special ritual, which is generally known to anyone withranks in Knowledge religion. It must be performed by an exorcistwho spends ten consecutive full-round actions chantingor speaking the formula that pertains to exorcism, at the end of which time the exorcist must make a DC 20 Knowledge religion check.

If the ritual is successful, the hauntingpresence becomes physical and must remain so for 1 fullround. Each successful check forces the undeadto stay corporeal or incorporeal for 1 additional round. Even undead of 5 or fewer HD that normally haunt only aspoltergeists are forced to take form by the exorcism ritual,as well as haunting presences that have already used up alltheir chances to take form for the week.

Undead forced totake form usually use their actions to attempt to slay theexorcist before they themselves are destroyed, so exorcistsgenerally bring along companions who can physically attackthe revealed undead.

Atrocity Calls to Unlife: Evil acts can resonate in multipledimensions, opening cracks in reality and letting the blightcreep in. A sufficiently heinous act may attract the attention of malicious spirits, bodiless and seeking to house themselves inflesh, especially recently vacated vessels. Such spirits are of tenlittle more than nodes of unquenchable hunger, wishing only t of eed.

The se comprise many of the mindless undead. Thus, some semblance of the original personality and memories remain, though the newlyawakened being is invariably twisted by the inhabiting spirit,resulting in an evil, twisted, and intelligent creature. However,this being is not truly inhabited by the spirit of the originalcreature, which has left to seek its ultimate destiny in the OuterPlanes. This amalgamation is something entirely new.

Other times, atrocious deeds call dark, reanimating spiritsinto the fleshy form of the newly deceased, leaving the originalspirit intact. This might happen if the person was alreadyevil, or was tempted to evil in life. Alternatively, some goodspirits might be unnaturally trapped within their bodies,slowly being perverted to evil as the dark spirits convert thebody to undead status.

Negative Energy as a Supportive Force: While atrocitymay serve as a trigger for unlife, it is not enough to bring abouta transformation of this magnitude on its own. It requires thevery energy that drives dark spirits and their unquenchablethirst for life. That which is dead has no vitality, so where doesthe energy of animation come from? Negative energy—a forcethat is marshaled, stored, and utilized mostly by evil creatures,malign deities, and their servants—provides the power for thismetamorphosis.

Just as blood suffuses living creatures, negativeenergy suffuses undead, providing them all their abilities, frommobility to sentience, from flesh-eating to soul-devouring. More precisely, they believe that undeadon the Material Plane are linked to the Negative Energy Planevia a conduit, just as life itself somehow partakes of positiveenergy. The Negative Energy Plane is the heart of darkness—thehunger that devours souls.

It is a barren, empty place, a voidwithout end, and a place of vacant, suffocating night. Worse, itis a needy, greedy plane, sucking the life out of anything vulnerableto its grasp. Heat, fire, and life itself are all drawn into themaw of this plane, which perpetually hungers for more. The very existence of even the weakest undead produces aconstant drain on the energies of the Material Plane, whichaccounts for sensations of cold of ten attributed to the unliving.

More powerful undead have a stronger connection to theNegative Energy Plane and are therefore able to siphon evenmore Material Plane energy for their own purposes before it isforever lost in the Final Void.


Libris Mortis

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ISBN 13: 9780786934331

This product uses updated material from the v. No portion of this work may be reproduced inany form without written permission. Box Renton WA Questions? All Wizards characters, character names, and the distinctive likenesses there of aretrademarks of Wizards of the Coast, Inc.


Libris Mortis - The Book of Undead

It includes information on playing undead characters and how to run or battle undead in a fight. There is new information on traditional undead creatures liches, zombies, and so on , as well as new monsters and information on customizing monsters to any adventure. There are new rules, feats, spells, and prestige classes, as well as ready-to-run undead characters for instant play. Extensive story and campaign elements and flavor information add interest and dimension to playing or fighting undead.


Libris Mortis: The Book of Undead

Libris Mortis: The Book of Undead is a book which is an official supplement for the 3. It was received positively by reviewers, with praise for its material for Dungeon Masters and its illustrations, but received criticism for its weak player-oriented content. The book was the second in the series of books about specific monster types, the first being Draconomicon. Similar books published since include Lords of Madness. Libris Mortis included content from older books, such as Tome and Blood and the Book of Vile Darkness , that had been reworked.

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