Like the ivory-billed woodpecker, the center deal may be alive and well, comfortably living in secrecy. Dai Vernon was a magician, a fine hand at string and colored silks, cups and balls and coins, but he will be remembered for his finesse at cards, his astonishing, natural and casual grace. He was not a gambler, though, and spent much of his life working as a cutter of silhouettes, a pleasant art form affordable even in the Depression era. With Wichita for a hometown, the Vernon that Johnson reveals became a true obsessive: He would spend hours, weeks, years refining his magic technique—he never went in for smoke, mirrors and wires, preferring the sleight-of-the-unadorned-hand along with any psychological subtleties he might work on his mark.

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A professional-caliber mind-reading system that works through the internet. Top Inventors 1. Tony Anverdi 2. Dan Harlan 3. Colin Mcleod 4. Adrian Lacroix 5. Tommy Wonder 6. Bennie Chickering 7.

Paul Wilson 8. Max Maven 9. Larry Hass Jamie Daws Hondo Chris Funk David Jonathan Richard Osterlind Rick Lax Michael Murray Greg Wilson Robert Smith Chef Anton Peter Turner. A famous magician's journey to find the greatest cardsharp ever evokes the forgotten world of magic where Americans found escape during the Great Depression It has the nostalgic quality of an old-fashioned fable, but Karl Johnson's The Magician and the Cardsharp is a true story that lovingly re-creates the sparkle of a vanished world.

Here, set against the backdrop of America struggling through the Depression, is the world of magic, a realm of stars, sleight of hand, and sin where dreams could be realized-or stolen away. Following the Crash of '29, Dai Vernon, known by magicians as "the man who fooled Houdini," is tramping down Midwestern backroads, barely making ends meet.

While swapping secrets with a Mexican gambler, he hears of a guy he doesn't quite believe is real-a legendary mystery man who deals perfectly from the center of the deck and who locals call the greatest cardsharp of all time. Determined to find the reclusive genius, Vernon sets out on a journey through America's shady, slick, and sinful side-from mob-run Kansas City through railroad towns that looked sleepy only in the daytime.

Does he find the sharp? Well, Karl Johnson did-after years of research into Vernon's colorful quest, research that led him to places he never knew existed. Johnson takes us to the cardsharp's doorstep and shows us how he bestowed on Vernon the greatest secret in magic. The Magician And The Cardsharp is a unique and endlessly entertaining piece of history that reveals the artistry and obsession of a special breed of American showmen.

Pages - Softcover. You can spend it on anything you like at Penguin, just like cash. Just complete your order as normal, and within seconds you'll get an email with your gift certificate. Review Wishlist. Out of stock. Questions about this product. Have a question about this product? Write a review! Customer Reviews showing 1 - of 2. Showing the Most Helpful Newest. I really enjoyed reading this book.

I had it for a while before I decided to read it. Sorry that I waited. You will take a trip back in time and explore a portion of the life of the Professor.

This book is fascinating in many ways. I was hooked on learning card cheat moves after reading it and had to buy Volume six of Revelations by Vernon to learn more about the kennedy Center Deal. You will enjoy the read and things you will learn from this book.

Did this review help you? Do you want to respond to this review? This is one of those books that appeals more to Magicians than the public. It's essentially a biography of Dai Vernon, but for a younger audience in a way.

He Karl Johnson doesn't use insanely hard words to understand and the sentances are plain and simple. I really got hooked on gambling sleights and the various techniques used in the "underground" after reading this book. Not only did I get more of an interest in what Dai Vernon has done, but I learned a lot that I never knew before. I didn't know that he was in war and I didn't know he was a baseball player either.

I would easily tell you to pick this up right now because of how fun it was. I even did a book report on it and did great :D But in all seriousness, this was a very good book. Mental Dice by T.. Intersection by.. Crazy Cash by Da.. Virtual Out Of T.. Marked Cards reviews. Arrested by Adri.. Junky by Docc Hi.. Virtual Triumph..

Rubinstein Coin.. Bicycle Elite Ed.. Unmarked Miracle.. Lockdown by Mano.. Omega by Max Major 11 reviews. Revolutionary Ca.. Force-Sight by C..

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A professional-caliber mind-reading system that works through the internet. Top Inventors 1. Tony Anverdi 2. Dan Harlan 3. Colin Mcleod 4.



One rainy afternoon in January , Dai Vernon, the greatest sleight-of-hand artist in the world, sat in the Innes Department Store in Wichita, Kansas, bored out of his mind. The year-old Vernon had come to Kansas with his wife, Jeanne, and their young son, Ted, for the new year, lured by invitations from his friend and fellow magician Faucett Ross and the promise of work cutting silhouette portraits of customers at the store. Ross had helped the Vernons get settled, and the two men did nothing for several days but practice and talk magic. One of their sessions ran from 3 in the afternoon until 11 the next morning.

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