Don't bleed to death. The Americans are going to be. I promised them Le Chiffre. If they'd wanted his soul they. Going to check the perimeter Ma'am. Vesper's boyfriend, Yusef Kabira,.

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Quantum of Solace is a spy film and the twenty-second in the James Bond series produced by Eon Productions. In the film, Bond seeks revenge for the death of his lover, Vesper Lynd , and is assisted by Camille Montes , who is plotting revenge for the murder of her own family. Producer Michael G. Wilson developed the film's plot while the previous film in the series was being shot, and Purvis, Wade, and Haggis contributed to the script. Although Craig and Forster wrote some sections themselves during the screenwriter strike , [5] they received no writing credits in the final cut.

The title was chosen from a short story in Ian Fleming 's For Your Eyes Only , though the film does not contain any elements of that story.

Forster aimed to make a modern film that also featured classic cinema motifs: a vintage Douglas DC-3 was used for a flight sequence, and Dennis Gassner 's set designs are reminiscent of Ken Adam 's work on several early Bond films. Taking a course away from the usual Bond villains , Forster rejected any grotesque appearance for the character Dominic Greene to emphasise the hidden and secret nature of the film's contemporary villains.

The film was also marked by its frequent depictions of violence, with a study by the University of Otago in New Zealand finding it to be the most violent film in the franchise. Whereas Dr. No featured "trivial or severely violent" acts, Quantum of Solace had a count of —the most depictions of violence in any Bond film—even more prominent since it was also the shortest film in the franchise. After evading pursuers Bond delivers White to M , who interrogates him regarding the then unknown organisation, Quantum.

M's bodyguard , Craig Mitchell, is a double agent and attacks M, enabling White to escape. Bond chases Mitchell and kills him. Bond learns Slate is a hitman sent to kill Camille Montes at the behest of her lover, environmentalist entrepreneur Dominic Greene.

Observing her subsequent meeting with Greene, Bond learns Greene is helping exiled Bolivian General Medrano, who murdered Camille's family, to overthrow the government and become the new president, in exchange for a seemingly barren piece of desert.

Bond infiltrates Quantum's meeting at the opera, identifying members of Quantum's executive board, and a gunfight ensues. M assumes Bond killed him, and she has Bond's passports and credit cards revoked. They are greeted by Strawberry Fields, a consular employee who demands Bond return to the UK immediately. Bond seduces her, and they attend a fundraising party Greene holds that night. At the party, Bond again rescues Camille from Greene.

After Bond and Camille leave the party for Camille to show Bond the details of the Tierra Project, Bolivian police conduct a traffic stop. Mathis and the two policemen are killed in gunfire. The following day, Bond and Camille survey Quantum's intended land acquisition by air; their plane is shot down by a Bolivian fighter aircraft. They skydive into a sinkhole and discover Quantum is damming Bolivia's supply of fresh water to create a monopoly. At an eco hotel in the desert, Greene tells Medrano that he now controls the majority of Bolivia's water supply, and Medrano must accept a new contract that makes Greene Bolivia's sole provider of water at significantly higher rates; if Medrano refuses, Greene will deprive the country of water until it collapses.

Bond infiltrates the complex, kills the chief of police for betraying Mathis, and single-handedly assaults the hotel. After killing the security detail, he confronts Greene. Meanwhile, Camille kills Medrano, avenging the murders of her family. The struggle leaves the hotel destroyed by fire. Bond captures Greene and interrogates him about Quantum.

Bond leaves him stranded in the desert with only a can of engine oil. Bond travels to Kazan , Russia, where he finds Vesper Lynd 's former lover, Yusef Kabira, a member of Quantum who seduces women with valuable connections and is indirectly responsible for her death. Bond tells Kabira's latest target, Corrine Veneau, a Canadian Intelligence agent, of Kabira's true intentions, thus sparing her Vesper's fate.

He allows MI6 to arrest Kabira. Outside, M tells Bond that Greene was found dead in the middle of the desert, shot twice and with engine oil in his stomach. M tells Bond she needs him back; he responds that he never left. Walking away, he drops Vesper's necklace in the snow. If you remember in Chinatown , if you control the water you control the whole development of the country.

I think it's true. Right now it appears to be oil, but there's a lot of other resources that we don't think about too much but are all essential, and they're very limited and every country needs it. Because every country knows that raising the standard of living and populations are getting bigger is the way we're all going. In July , as Casino Royale entered post-production, Eon Productions announced that the next film would be based on an original idea by producer Michael G.

In June , Marc Forster was confirmed as director. Born in Germany and raised in Switzerland, Forster was the first Bond director not to come from the British Commonwealth of Nations , although he noted Bond's mother is Swiss, making him somewhat appropriate to handle the British icon. Wilson, noting they only blocked two very expensive ideas he had. Because Bond plays it real, I thought the political circumstances should be real too, even though Bond shouldn't be a political film.

I thought the more political I make it, the more real it feels, not just with Bolivia and what's happening in Haiti, but with all these corporations like Shell and Chevron saying they're green because it's so fashionable to be green.

During the Cold War, everything was very clear, the good guys and the bad guys. Today there's much overlapping of good and bad. It isn't as morally distinct, because we all have both elements in us. Haggis, Forster and Wilson rewrote the story from scratch. Michael G. Wilson decided on the film's title Quantum of Solace only "a few days" before its announcement on 24 January Bond is looking for his quantum of solace and that's what he wants, he wants his closure.

Ian Fleming says that if you don't have a quantum of solace in your relationship then the relationship is over. It's that spark of niceness in a relationship that if you don't have you might as well give up. Montes asks Bond to "let me know what it feels like" when he succeeds, the implication of the title being that it will be a small amount of solace compared to his despair.

Bond's lack of emotion when he does exact revenge shows this to be the case. According to a December interview with Craig, "We had the bare bones of a script and then there was a writers' strike and there was nothing we could do. We couldn't employ a writer to finish it. I say to myself, 'Never again', but who knows?

There was me trying to rewrite scenes—and a writer I am not. The rules were that you couldn't employ anyone as a writer, but the actor and director could work on scenes together. We were stuffed. We got away with it, but only just. It was never meant to be as much of a sequel as it was, but it ended up being a sequel, starting where the last one finished.

During filming, after the strike ended, Forster read a spec script by Joshua Zetumer, which he liked, and hired him to reshape scenes for the later parts of the shoot, which the director was still unsatisfied with. Quantum of Solace was shot in six countries. The Stage was used for the fight in the art gallery, [15] and an MI6 safehouse hidden within the city's cisterns , [60] while other stages housed Bond's Bolivian hotel suite, [61] and the MI6 headquarters.

The country doubled for Haiti and Bolivia, with the National Institute of Culture of Panama standing in for a hotel in the latter country. Forster was disappointed he could only shoot the boat chase in that harbour, as he had a more spectacular vision for the scene.

During filming in Sierra Gorda, Chile , the local mayor, Carlos Lopez, staged a protest because he was angry at the filmmakers' portrayal of the Antofagasta Region as part of Bolivia. He was arrested, detained briefly, and put on trial two days later.

Eon dismissed his claim that they needed his permission to film in the area. Wilson explained that Bolivia was appropriate to the plot, because of the country's history of water problems, [67] and was surprised the two countries disliked each other a century after the War of the Pacific.

From 4—12 April the main unit shot on Sienese rooftops. Filming of the scenes was temporarily halted so that Italian police could investigate the causes of the accidents. Comninos recovered safely from his injury. For the role Craig trained to be less bulky than in Casino Royale and told Men's Fitness magazine "In fact, I was much fitter for this film compared to Casino Royale —I really had to be—and I was running a hell of a lot more in training, just so I could do these scenes, whereas last time I spent far more time pumping heavy weights to bulk up so I could look big.

Filming took place at the floating opera stage at Bregenz , Austria, from 28 April — 9 May The sequence in which Bond stalks the villains during a performance of Tosca required 1, extras. Originally, he would have emerged from the city's cisterns at Siena Cathedral , but this was thought disrespectful. Production designer Peter Lamont , a crew member on 18 previous Bond films, retired after Casino Royale.

Wilson also called Gassner's designs "a postmodern look at modernism. Louise Frogley replaced Lindy Hemming as costume designer , though Hemming remained as supervisor. Hemming hired Brioni for Bond's suits since her tenure on the series began with 's GoldenEye , but Lindsay Pugh, another supervisor, explained their suits were "too relaxed. Pugh said the costumes aimed towards the s feel, especially for Bond and Fields. Prada provided the dresses for both Bond girls.

Jasper Conran designed Camille's ginger bandeau, bronze skirt and gold fish necklace, [84] while Chrome Hearts designed gothic jewelry for Amalric's character, which the actor liked enough to keep after filming.

The film returns to the traditional gun barrel opening shot , which was altered into part of the story for Casino Royale where it was moved to the beginning of the title sequence. In this film the gun barrel sequence was moved to the end of the movie, which Wilson explained was done for a surprise, [87] and to signify the conclusion of the story begun in the previous film. The opening credits sequence was created by MK Having worked on Forster's Stranger than Fiction and The Kite Runner , MK12 spontaneously began developing the sequence early on in production, and had a good idea of its appearance which meant it did not have to be redone when the title singer was changed.

MK12 selected various twilight colours to represent Bond's mood and focused on a dot motif based on the gun barrel shot. MK12 also worked on scenes with graphical user interfaces , including the electronic table MI6 uses, [88] and the Port-au-Prince , Haiti title cards. Six 'hero' cars, needed for close-ups and promotional work, all survived filming unharmed with four more cars used for special effects and stunts. Fourteen cameras were used to film the Palio di Siena footage, which was later edited into the main sequence.

Aerial shots using helicopters were banned, and the crew were also forbidden from showing any violence "involving either people or animals.


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What do Million Dollar Baby and Crash have in common? Apart from being Oscar winners as Best picture, these two films share another trait- Paul Haggis wrote the screenplay for both these Film. He became the first screenwriter since to write two Oscar winning movies in Best film category back to back. Million Dollar Baby was the first released feature film that had a screenplay written by Haggis whereas Crash was his directorial debut. Before starting his silver screen affair, Haggis wrote scripts of various TV series for more than two decades. His vast and diversified experience explains how he managed to write scripts that are totally different in terms of genre or structure.


Marc Forster Reflects on ‘Quantum of Solace’; Says He Wanted to Pull Out over Writer’s Strike

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Daniel Craig: ‘I wrote ‘Quantum Of Solace’ script myself’

Chasing a release date, Quantum of Solace entered production without a finished script and with no writers, leaving the crafting of the movie in the hands of Forster and Craig. The resulting film failed to earn the praise that Casino Royale garnered, and the production was a stressful one for Forster. During the course of their lengthy conversation, Steve asked Forster about his experience on Quantum of Solace , and the director was candid about the experience of entering production without a completed script, admitting that at first he considered dropping out of the project altogether:. And so filming began. Knowing full well the strike may not end before production was completed, Forster said he went in with the mentality that he could craft Quantum of Solace like a 70s revenge thriller:. To disguise it.

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As soon as I evade these random, nameless pursuers, I can have Judi Dench interrogate you! Great, I have some questions for her, too. For example, why is she the only person willing to be in every single one of these dumbass movies? Who are you working for? And please don't give some vague bullshit answer about working for an all powerful secret agency with spies everywhere, I'd really rather not waste the audience goodwill we earned with Casino Royale. I work for a powerful secret agency with spies everywhere. For example, your bodyguard!

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